Change iPhones Wi-Fi DNS Settings to Connect to the Internet

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If your iPhone is having trouble connecting to the Internet using your home or office Wi-Fi wireless router, the solution may be to change the iPhones DNS settings.

Quickly Fix DNS Settings on the iPhone

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Chose a network.
  • Select the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to.
  • Select DNS.
  • Change the IP Address to

The Trouble with DNS Settings on the iPhone

You can only connect to a website if your computer knows its IP address. When you enter a websites domain name, your computer or router uses a Domain Name System (DNS) server to search for the domains IP address. For example, when you enter, the DNS server reports the IP address as If there is no working DNS server, domain names become useless.

In some cases, when connecting to a wireless router the iPhone incorrectly selects the networks broadband modem to act as the DNS server. The broadband modem will not work as a DNS server with the iPhone though. In these cases the following error message appears:

Safari cant open the page because it cant find the server.

Technically though, the iPhone is connected to the internet. By entering (the correct IP address for into Safaris address bar, the iPhone bypass the domain and does not need a working DNS server . While this will verify that the iPhones Wi-Fi internet connection is working, it is still nearly impossible to use the internet without domain names. To correct this problem, the iPhones DNS settings must be changed.

Fixing DNS Settings on the iPhone

Default DNS settings (using your modem as the DNS server)

When conncting to my Linksys router, my iPhone automatically set the DNS settings and selects my SpeedStream modem to act as the DNS server . The following are the default settings for my Linksys Network, but the setting listed on you iPhone are probably similar.

IP Address
Subnet Mask

The DNS address needs to be changed to either the IP address of your router or a public DNS server.

Correct DNS settings (using your router as the DNS Server)

To use your router as the DNS server, change the IP Address to match your routers IP Address. In my case my routers IP address is, so I change my DNS server to

IP Address
Subnet Mask

Correct DNS settings (using OpenDNS)

If using your router as the DNS server fails, or if you prefer to use a public DNS server, I highly recommend using a DNS server hosted by OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a safer, faster, and smarter way to navigate the internet. To use OpenDNS as the DNS server, change the IP Address to or


By changing the DNS settings on your iPhone to point to either your router or an OpenDNS server, you should able to use your wireless network without any problems.


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  1. 1John Muir
    Nice info, well put. Worth a bookmark just in case. (On my Mac that is!)
  2. 2Andrew
    This happened again today when trying to connect to a friends network for the first time. In this case though the wireless router and ADSL were one device. The Router and DNS address were already set to the same IP address, but domain names did not work. Switching to OpenDNS worked, so Id recommend just using OpenDNS.
  3. 3Mike Robbins
    OpenDNS was the solution to my iPhones connectivity problems. Thanks very much for this solution.
  4. 4rock
    Tried all of these and still no luck. Im using the D-link dir-625. The only way I can connect is to turn of security, but I dont like doing that. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. 5Brian
    FWIW, I had similar problems and none of these solutions worked. However reducing the list of DNS servers provided by the DHCP server to one (instead of the usual three I have) seems to have eliminated the problem.
  6. 6Jason Fields
    You have affiliation or connection to OpenDNS or just use them cause they are a free DNS service? I am just curious.
  7. 7Andrew
    Im not affiliated with OpenDNS. They just offer an amazing and free service.
  8. 8larry2375
    Thank you so much. Ever since I got my iPhones Ive been having problems with wifi. Its working now thanks to you. I tried every suggestion but nothing worked, until I read about your suggestion on again
  9. 9Simon
    You absolutely rock! Your answer was the only one that worked for me. Ive share your link on apple support forum. After days of troubleshooting this finally worked!
  10. 10Marco Vargas
    Your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks so much
  11. 11Jim Tolley
    Most wireless access points serve up addresses and DNS via DHCP. Shouldnt the information they serve to other wireless devices be sufficient for the iPhone?
  12. 12Andrew
    Jim,Yes, the DNS address issued by the router to the iPhone over DHCP should be sufficient. For some unknown reason though, the iPhone is having troubling handling DNS automatically through DHCP and manually entering a DNS address is necessary for some.
  13. 13Monte
    Still does not work!!!
  14. 14Vincent
    Im able to use Wi-Fi for Safari, but I cant get any of my four pop email accounts to work. Theyre fine with Edge. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. 15sailomb
    I had an old Dlink router model DI-514 (802.11b only) that had issues with internet connectivity on the iPhone. I tried all of the trouble shooting steps:
    1. Hex/Acsii
    2. $ in front of password
    3. DNS settings deleted and/or with
    4. reset the devices
    5. update firmware on router
    6. no secruity setting
    7. and on and onI would get one or 2 webpages and then it would not work on iPhone anymore. I have 5 computers and a Wii running off the D-link router and all seems ok (although my work VPN did not connect wirelessly only works when I hooked up directly to the router). So I thought it was time to replace the aging thing. The local Officemax had the Dlink WBR-2310 (802.11g) for sale for $40 so that is what I went with. And after the install, the iPhone worked perfectly. I did not change my settings from previous so I am still using as the DNS setting though. I am also using the exact same security settings WEP 128 bit hex password. Since it works great for the last 2 days, I have not mess with the settings. Ive just been enjoying youTube and sufing the web on the faster connection. I love the iPhone even more now.Thanks for all for the troubleshoothing steps. I am surprise that apple has not release any official word on this issue. So if all else fails, replace your router.
  16. 16Eric
    No ones found a way to change DNS settings for the EDGE connection, have they? (even after using jailbreak?) My router at home works fine, but Id like to use OpenDNS when Im away from my network, too.
  17. 17Victor
    The DNS at the top of this article worked like a charm. Thanks!
  18. 18Claudia
    Hi Andrew,Ive tried all of your steps above but my iPhone is still not connecting to my home network :-(Im using OpenDNS after your advice, still nothing.
    Do I have to change the IP address AND the DSN address?
    And where should I do it? the iPhone only allows to edit the information under the Static page. Is that correct?Also what is the difference between: DHCP, BootP and Static?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!
    Id love to be able to use my iphone thru my home wi-fi!! 🙁

  19. 19altima
    OMG Thankyou
  20. 20Greg
    Still not working. I even went out and shelled out a wad of cash on an Airport Express. It picks up my IP address, Subnet, Router and i tried changing my DNS to AND Now when i bring my phone over to second cup (im from canada), as soon as i walk in there, BAM, im online in seconds. Just here at home where i have 3 routers going, im not getting anywhere. My current models are an ancient Linksys 802.11b, a brand new Dlink EXTREME N and the Apple Airport Express (gotta love that wireless music setup, i know i do)any answers? Im getting very frustrated
  21. 21larry2375
    my two phones work when using the router as the DNS Server. which is they do not work when using open DNS. so for the ones who keep having problems, try first.
  22. 22dennisk
    the OpenDNS and router addresses trick did not work for me at first, probably because I was changing all kinds of different settings before I came to this page.After resetting the iPhone network settings (Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings), reselecting the wireless network (Settings/Wi-Fi), and changing the DNS to the OpenDNS and/or router address it worked for me.
  23. 23Claudia
    Dennisk, that did the trick for me!!! thanks a million!
  24. 24Fabio
    It didnt function for me =(
  25. 25Ken
    Thank you!!! It worked.
  26. 26Sanchezino
    Thanks a lot. You truly know your networking. I had tried everything else until I tried the second open DNS address (220) and got it working. This shouldnt be so hard to do. Apple needs to take care of this ASAP.
  27. 27hillyhi11s
    It worked!!!! Thanks.I tried everything too from other forums. It could had been a combo of things, because i just updated my iPhone too, but it did not connect until i reset my network settings. I did not have to enter in any DNS or IP info either, i just typed in my WEP password (normal not hex) and BAM im on. This is so much better, edge network blows, especially when you know you can get wifi.
  28. 28Kyle
    WOW! i was so worried my wifi sucked or something! adding the IP worked like a charm! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  29. 29Annette
    Thanks! I could connect to the internet, but was getting a lot of cannot connect to the server. I changed the DNS and now it flies.
  30. 30Wil
    Andrew, thanks. Setting DNS to match the router did the trick for my iPhone. Didnt try OpenDNS though. Is Apple aware of this bug? Anyways, thanks much. Please continue to post iPhone troubleshooting tips whenever possible. After going through lots of useless postings in other sites, I really appreciated that you went straight to the point. Thanks!
  31. 31wagwag
    Just got back from Panera Bread and after changing the DNS Settings to anIP address to as perAndrew Escobars Site, – solved my problem. able to connect to Wi Fi and stay on – switched off the iPhone and tried again – perfect reception – didnt have to change the IP address.

    Thanks so much to Andrew Escobar

    Will check other locations later.

    Do let us all know if there are any other successes or failures.

  32. 32ben
    Worked! Thanks a bunch. I was about to go crazy trying to figure this out.
  33. 33Joel
    I tried the open DNS thing, tried a manual IP address to no avail here at work. I finally tried resetting my network as described by dennisk in comment 22. Somehow, after it prompted me for my password (which is literally 64 characters of gibberish), everything in the info area (when you hit the blue arrow button next to the WiFi network name) was different, but it worked. So my advice is: try the manul IP address, try putting in all the manual settings as described in the Correct DNS Settings portion at the end of the article, reset the network, youll have to put in the password again, and somehow it works. I dont know if the first part of manually inputting all those numbers matters at all (seems like it shouldnt) but thats what I did, so why mess with what worked in one case? Go figure.
  34. 34Joel
    PS: thanks Andrew and everyone!
  35. 35Todd K
    Thanks, Andrew. Changing the DNS setting worked for my roommates iPhone. I have a D-Link 614+ router and assigning the same static IP and the OpenDNS info to both the router and the iPhone fixes the problem.
  36. 36Peter
    Im having a problem similar to this, but using WPA/WPA2 on an Airport Extreme – cant find the hex entry option on the iPhone so I assume its not viable for WPA passwords. tried manual setup, tried no password. wifi setup thinks things are good, no network connection.Anyone seen this problem? Anyone fixed this problem??
  37. 37TechLoop
    Where do I change the passkey from ASCII to Hex ?
  38. 38steve
    Thanks dennisk (comment #22), Ive been going insane trying to connect through wifi. This is the only thing thats worked.
  39. 39Andrew
    I am having problem connecting to wireless network (2WIRE). I have set the encryption password and know what it is, but the Iphone seems not to receognize it and was unable to connect. What did I do wrong and what can be done to fix it? Thanks!!
  40. 40Clayton
    Thanks for the info. I had not been able to get on my wireless network at home, it works great now.
  41. 41Ajay
    As I read the title of the article and details of the tip, I thought this was the solution Id been waiting for. But, my problem is slightly different. I can connect to the web from my home wifi, but NOT to my outgoing mail server. I can only send outgoing mail on EDGE.Then, last week I was in Houston and passed an Apple store so I signed in for some support. Lo and behold, there was no mail problem when I was hooked up to the Apple Stores wifi.Do you have any ideas?Thanks
  42. 42Kevin M.
    Thank you so much! I was trying to help my friend get their iPhone to browse using their wi-fi home connection and your advice worked like a charm. I did have to reset the network settings, and THEN put on the OpenDNS address, and it worked! Were so happy! Thanks again!
  43. 43Adal
    Wow, finally! This is the only tip that has worked for me!Thanks a lot!
  44. 44Shaolin Chamber
    This finally fixed my problems. Correct DNS settings (using your router as the DNS Server)I have tried so many things, read so many post regarding wi-fi connectivity problems with the iPhone, and this finally did it! I went to and was getting a little over 200k with EDGE. Now I am averaging over 1200k with my wi-fi. Thanks again! Love to see those youtube videos load up and play as soon as I select one.
  45. 45Christine
    Thanks! I managed to get the Wifi working and found another way to get the maps, stocks, etc. workingNow if only someone can tell me please how to make youtube work without me going through techy talk.
  46. 46Christine
    THANKS! I managed to get the Wifi Working and found another way to get the maps, stocks, etc. workingNow if only someone can tell me please how to make youtube work without me going through techy talk.
  47. 47Felipe
    Gracias amigo! Me solucionaste el problema.
  48. 48Ja110
    This worked wonders on my iPod Touch. I couldnt get on the free Wifi at several of my favorite coffee shops. Thanks!
  49. 49PeterP
    Thanks for the info.Didnt work for me, as I was sharing my datacard through my MacBook Pro WiFi (airport) connection.Found a reference to post through further searching which now has me up and running.
  50. 50Sacha
    I have tried all the tricks from this forum and others. Basically what i have found is that nothing gets me to the WiFi bars on the phone until enter Router info in the phone. But, i enter what i think is the right number, and the bars come up, but actually i cant access the internet. Its like i am receiving a signal but cant access past the modem.I have a PC and a b/g westell router (netgiar). What am i doing wrong and how do i find the correct Router # to enter in the phone. I have connected both with regular WEP password and the HEX style. Thats not the problem. Oh, and when i do connect to the network no numbers come up automatically for the IP, Subnet, Router, and DNS.
  51. 51John
    This worked for me as well! Thanks!
  52. 52Jack
    Andrew,The iPod touch was released this weekend here in Hong Kong. Bear in mind were not going to get the iPhone for another year or so. As such the iPod touch is our consolation prize. At home, I was a bit petrified when I saw the dreaded message Safari [chokes]. I must say, I dont understand the rationale or whatever, but you really know your stuff. Apple should pay you a percentage of every iPod touch sold (based on restocking fees). I was on the verge of tossing the thing back to the shop but realized I had tossed most of the packaging.Thanks again, as I mainly purchased the device for the surfing function.
  53. 53Peter

    Correcting WEP Password Problems

    If you have trouble connecting to a Wireless Access Point that uses WEP, edit your WiFi settings to forget your presently stored connection, then shut down the iPhone by holding down the power key until you see the shut-down option, and then restart it.

    Once restarted and you are prompted for the WEP password; enter a dollar sign in in front of the wireless access points password.

    For example:

    0123456789 becomes $0123456789

  54. 54Vic, Aus
    Thanks a heap mate I havent been able to connect to a single WiFi network since I got my iPod touch but your OpenDNS tip did the trick Cheers.
  55. 55Carlos
    I had trouble connecting via WiFi. I spent all day looking for tips on how to fix the problem. The Apple web site is not very helpful. I used the OpenDNS solution and it is now working properly. Thanks!
  56. 56Niklaus
    Your recommendation to change the DNS settings worked perfectly in Switzerland. Thank you.
  57. 57Yolanda
    Worked for me in Mexico [with my iPod touch]. Thans!
  58. 58$lim
    Thanks saved me a lot of time!
  59. 59Steve
    I did everything here but it didnt help.I then went into my router setup and disabled automatic channel assignment and set it manually to 7. I also disabled multicast.Now have a much faster and more stable WiFi
  60. 60matt
    Thanks for the info! This was a 1 minute fix after I had spent an hour trying to reconfigure my router.The thing I couldnt figure out was why the DNS settings on my iPod Touch matched the settings on my router, but it still didnt work. Even more strange, my laptop DNS stopped working temporarily after I tried to connect my iPod.
  61. 61edblack
    im still havin trouble even after changin the dns settings. do i have to change any other fields eg router or subnetmask. any other ideas that my fix the problem?
  62. 62adizworld
    HI, i tried all the tricks but its still not working. my wireless works on my laptop and ma friends laptop but it doesnt workon my iphone i tried everything can anyone tell me all the steps in detail and how to do it. Help will really be appreciated. Thanks
  63. 63adizworld
    hi,the IP is
    and i entered the dns as
    but it still says tht safari cant connect to the internet pl help me with some solutions. thanks
  64. 64Tussilo
    Fixed my problem, though the solution didnt involve changing DNS.
    Skill wise im moderately good with computers, and this was easy enough to do. Anyways.For some people you may need to connect through a WEP connection. This involes:1) Making a WEP network connection on your iTouch/iPhone. (Settings -> Wifi, ( if your current network is selected, FORGET it, and restart your iwhatever) and then tap other. There, make a network with the same name as your current one, change the Security to WEP, and for your password enter your Hex code.2) To find your Hex code you need to log onto your Router. I have a SpeedStream router/modem in one, and to do so I found my base IP address, (Control Panel -> Network Connection -> Select Current Network -> look on the side option bar for View Status of Connection. Select that, and then hit the Support tab. Beside Default Gateway is the IP address used to log onto your router. Type that address into IE/Firefox ect. and you should get a Username/Password box pop up. The default username is admin, however most people change the password. (its probably the same password used to log onto your network) After, look around for a Set up Wireless option, in which case I set mine to 128-WEP, and after hitting continue found my Hex password (typically it looks something like a1 b2 c3 ect) and used that password to log onto my network.

    After doing so Safari and YouTube both worked perfectly. I spent endless hours searching for a fix that took no more than 5 minutes, so I hope this helps.

  65. 65Kevin
    Wow Ive been trying to figure this itouch wifi for hours now and nothing worked until I tried Tussilo suggestion. Worked like a charm. Thanks a million!!!
  66. 66Gene Gorter
    I just got a new ipod touch and had a similar problem. After trying solutions on the web and being on with apple tech support for 1.5 hrs I solved it in a fairly simple manner.I have a new Verizon DSL wireless router which the ipod would not work on so I connected my old NETGEAR router (piggybacking) to my new router. The ipod touch connected instantly and with no problems to my old router.Good luck!!
  67. 67Ian
    Tussilo, you are a life saver, I have tried absolutely everything in attempt to get my iPod touch to connect to my home wireless network. Your idea worked perfectly. Incase anyone is using a linksys router (mine is the WRT54G), The way to change your security to WEP is: Wireless/Wireless Security
    Default Transmit Key: 1
    Then type a Passphrase (Anyone word you want to use, Probably your common password) Click Generate, on your iPhone/iTouch Goto settings/wi-fi/Other then type the name of your network, select WEP for security, and use any of the 4 generated keys that linksys provides you as your password and you should be good.
  68. 68Max
    Thank you so much! This information helped me beyond belief! I was about to start pulling my hair out over this Wi-Fi business.