Rogers to Offer iPhone Exclusively in Canada

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I have wasted an entire week lusting over Apples iPhone, and plan to waste a lot more time researching and reporting on the iPhones launch and availability in Canada. I finally heard back from Rogers (Canadas largest wireless carrier) and can relay that Rogers will in fact be offering the iPhone in Canada.

Apple and Rogers have already had talks over the iPhone and must have already come to some sort of agreement for Rogers to boldly state it will be the exclusive carrier in Canada. Here is the interesting part of the email Rogers sent to me:

  • The iPhone will first be introduced in North America
  • Cingular is the only wireless carrier to launch the iPhone in the United States
  • Rogers is actively working with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada as soon as possible and will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Canada
  • Apple is planning to introduce the iPhone in Europe (Q4 2007) and Asia (2008)
  • Please be advised that Rogers will be offering the iPhone exclusively in Canada
  • Launch date and pricing for Canada are not yet available
  • Other Canadian wireless carriers will not launch the iPhone, Rogers will be the only Canadian wireless carrier to offer the iPhone

Of possible significance is mention of the iPhone being introduced first in North America, and not specifically just the USA. The line though is still as general as stating that it will be introduced first in the northern hemisphere would also be true.

What is clear from the above is that Apple and Rogers have talked and that the iPhone is coming to Canada, but that much has already been assumed. Im still clueless on when the iPhone is launching and how much it is going to cost me. Knowing the way Rogers operates, availability in October 2007 for CND$699 with a 3 year contract would be disappointing but it would not surprise me.

Chief operating officer at Rogers, Nadir Mohamed, had this to say to the Globe and Mail, on January 15, 2007:

Im not saying whether we have agreements or anything [with Apple], but given the iPhone was launched on GSM, were in good position to reinforce that were the first and have the best-feature devices.

He also adds that when consumers are considering wireless devices its not about a particular device, its about personalization.

Wrong. Maybe that wasnt the case before, but now its about a particular device: the iPhone. People are going to demand an iPhone.


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  1. 1George
    Im so happy about the iPhone. I wish it was smaller though. Even if the screen was smaller, so long as it kept the proportions. I wish it was released sooner. Ill have to wait till December (supposedly) for it to be released in Europe.
  2. 2Behzad
    Yah, the iPhone looks amazing for $699. Id would imagine to be sold out the first week its out, but when has Rogers ever sold a phone for $699 anyways? Now, I would be interested to know if its coming out in US and Canada simultaneously or if Cingular going to get it first.
  3. 3G. Funky
    Being from Canada, this news really disappoints me. In the past I have worked in retail selling different cellphone services from different providers, and from the experiences Ive heard – and Ive heard quite a few – Rogers has terrible reception. People of all sorts had nothing good to say about them.The next question is; If your assumption of $699 for a 3-year contract is correct, will a 2-year contract (if offered), be $799 or more? Thats ridiculous.
  4. 4B
    For reference, when Rogers first launched the Treo 650 here in Canada (March 2005) it was CND$550 with a 3 year contract. That was a half year after the US launch. Recently it seems new phones are coming out here closer to the initial US launch, so maybe theres hope for iPhone in Canada before year-end.One thing: cellphone number portability is finally (!!) coming to Canada in March 2007. Im assuming that should heat up competition here – perhaps not for the iPhone, but rather for the Canadian wireless market in general.By the way, Im a long time Rogers subscriber and have zero problems with reception, I guess it depends where you live & travel. On the other hand, I hate their horribly expensive data plans (using an iPhone here will be expensive, never mind the $699 up front cost).
  5. 5Andrew
    G. Funky,

    Knowing the way Rogers operates, availability in October 2007 for CND$699 with a 3 year contract would be disappointing but it would not surprise me.

    Obviously this part is just a guess on my part. My reasoning; 3 year contract seems to be the norm with Rogers, and ven then there cell phones and smart phones are more expensive then the prices of carriers in the US.

    I would never sign a 3 year contract with Rogers, though Id commit to 2 years. Ive been with Rogers forever but that extra year to my commitment would make me uncomfortable.

    Regarding reception: in Toronto, Montreal, Kingston, Barrie and Muskoka reception has been fine. Though when traveling between these place, service can be spotty.

  6. 6Harzinder
    Hi AllIts good to know that Rogers is planning to launch iPhone in Canada. I am a Rogers user for the last 5 years. Their networks have problems (atleast here in lower mainland) but not terrible.If iPhone is going to be launched in Canada in 2008, what are the chances to get an unlocked version of iPhone from US.

    I guess its better to buy ulocked (if available) at higher price rather than get yourself locked for 2 or 3 years expensive data plans from rogers.

  7. 7Luke
    Ok, we got it, its gonna be Rogers but since they acquired Fido, will Fido also offer the iPhone?
  8. 8Geoff
    It will be hard for me to pull the trigger on a $700 phone (which was my guess also). Yes it has a built in iPod but as with other products i.e. pdas, cell phones I doubt if it will last two or three years.
    On the other hand I am due for a new Palm and the treo doesnt do it for me because the screen is too small. I use my Palm for GPS navigation in the car so anything smaller that the T5 wount cut it in my books.What to do?
  9. 9Steven Fisher
    Although Fido is owned by Rogers, Rogers already has different phone offerings than Fido. I dont think its likely that Fido will offer the iPhone.
  10. 10Trev Page
    I recently switched to Rogers after 12 years with Bell and I must say so far Im happy. Yes, Rogers customer support is not the best but at least I can understand them as Bell hires call centers in India for their support. In any case, I work in the Toronto area and my reception is exceptional with Rogers. Bell was horrible especially out in the country where I live. I can see cell tower 1 KM from my house and Rogers owns it. When I was with Bell my phone would never ring and customers would get angry. Now I my phone rings, I dont miss calls and my phone bill is much lower then Bell because of the new package I got.Now, I predicted to all my customers that Rogers would have the iPhone since theyre the only Canadian carrier with a GSM network. Ive been telling them not to expect anything up here for at least 9 months.
  11. 11Phil Gauthier
    Well that it for me. I will not be getting one. Rogers plans suck, and Im quite happy with not having a contract. If I change providers I would be locked in for 3 years. Rogers service is spotty at best as well. Ill stay with Bell and pine for an iPhone.
  12. 12Andrew
    Phil,Compared to carriers in the US, I would agree: Rogers plans are not great and their data plans are horribly over-priced for the pathetically low data usage they allow.But this is the case with all Canadian carriers. Bell and Telus are just as bad. While Americans do have to put up with expensive monthly plans at least they get more minutes and very good data plans.
  13. 13Rogers Insider
    Being fairly up the food chain at Rogers Communications I can assure you that NO definite contracts have been signed with Apple to bring the highly touted iPhone exclusively to Canada. Although our infastructure is capable of supporting this device at present due to the U.S configuration. The International roll out MAY have some slight changes to it. I do know it is expected Q1-2008. Dont read into all the speculations.
  14. 14Blair Thornton
    Exclusive deal with Rogers sounds like a translation of a locked iPhone in Canada. Im with Rogers already, and am satisfied with reception, but my Sony Erricson is unlocked and I like it that way. My phone must be able to switch SIMS chips ! I want the freedom to travel to Europe and put in a local provider when travelling. Are you listening Rogers?
  15. 15Garett
    Does Rogers still allow people to spend $200 to get out of a contract?
  16. 16Tom Parker
    I dont have many reception problems with Rogers but I wish they could get all their cell bases in the correct timezone. I had to take my treo off network time sync because it would freak out switching to mountain time and back as I changed cells while driving. The offender is somewhere on the Sea to Sky on the coast here in BC. Not worth reporting to them, customer service always assumes people idiots.I hope the iPhone is less buggy than the Treo, I can make the Treo reboot so easily.
  17. 17David Tyler
    Yes, as of March 14, 2007 you will be able to bring your cell phone number with you, heres the announcement made December 20, 2005:
  18. 18Asif Bashar
    Hope no one has to line up for 3days to get that like what happened with PS3
  19. 19Blackfish95
    Ive been with Rogers Wireless since it was called Cantel. ALL new phone plan renewals they do are for 3 years (if you dont want to pay a fortune for the new phone), so I think Andrew is right.
    I have no issues with their service, customer service, anything. My plan is dirt cheap, but I dont have data. Thats expensive.
    However I would buy the iPhone and not miss the data plan. It has WIFI for all its fancy connectivity features. You dont need to be always on, just on whenever you are in a hotspot. And with a full browser you can even log in to those hotel and conference center hotspots that need a web page check in before they work.
    Plus WiFi will be so much faster than any EDGE based data plan. Its not that big a deal 🙂
  20. 20B-man
    Since I am from Canada this is the most disapointing news I have ever heard. Rogers **!! Horrible reception even in large cities. Since I switched to Telus, my cell phone life has never been better. I am a huge Apple fan as I just spent $6000 on my new mac pro setup and I want that iPhone more then anything but I will never give Rogers a single penny again no matter how cool of a new phone they get. This is when I wish i lived in America.
  21. 21Daniel Millar
    Enough already – Rogers has not officially landed anything. Yes, its very likely they will end up with the iPhone, but NOTHING official has been announced – there was no e-mail to customers, this whole story is fabricated. Yes, Nadir Mohamed said Rogers is the most likely candidate, and that Rogers would love to get the deal, but they just HAVENT. AppleInsider, and any others who have reported this nonsense should shake their journalism 101 textbooks for the missing pages on verifying sources. You need at least one direct source, and one corroborating source before you should go to print, and no one has either. Shame on MacRumours for carrying this rumour, and Andrew Escobar who is quoted as the authority- I wont be visiting this blog in the future.I realise this is, after all, a rumour site – but fabrications (read lies) are not a defining charcteristics of a good rumour.
  22. 22Andrew
    Dear Millar,You seem to be speaking with a lot of authority too.Yes, there was no email to customers. But I did receive this email and I only know of a few people who received this. Some of the news sites reported this as if very many people received this email, which is not the case.

    Rogers has said nothing official, but I stand by this email, even if it was a mistake or error on the part of a Rogers rep. to have sent it.

  23. 23Mike
    Fk Rogers!! I cant believe that Fido customers are going to be out in the cold on this one! Im going to buy one unlocked as soon as it comes out anyways. But for setup and support its so much nicer to get your phone from your provider, especially with a phone as featured as the iPhone.ARRRGGG!!!
  24. 24Jeff
    Im also a Canadian. Nobody else has pointed this out yet, but since the iPhone is only available as a GSM phone, the only two providers that have the technology to support it is Rogers and Fido. Although with Fidos merge with Rogers has extended Fidos network coverage, they still dont operate in as many regions, especially in Western Canada as Rogers does. I live in the British Columbia Interior reigon and have Rogers coverage, but do not have any Fido plans available to me.
  25. 25Diane
    As a Canadian, I find this to be terrible news.Rogers is well-known for their spotty reception, terrible customer service and punitive plans. The only way to get rates even approaching reasonable is to bundle your Rogers cell plan with Rogers cable TV, Rogers cable Internet service and Rogers landline phone service all of which are equally over-priced, poorly implemented and unsupported by their untrained customer service reps.Knowing Rogers, theyll just use this excellent phone as bait to sucker more customers into their awful plans.
  26. 26Mauro
    You know, sometimes I wish that American wireless companies took over Canadian ones so we here in Canada would get better service, prices and devices to use. It s- to know that the USA has it better.
  27. 27James
    I too think that the US phone companies sould take over Canadas. it would be so much better for us all. Rogers really should not get this deal (iPhone). It s entirely (Rogers, that is). I tried Rogers a couple years ago and they had the worst reception I have ever had to deal with, and they had the most dropped calls. Its just so ridikulous! haw haw Everyone I know who is currently with Rogers reminds me how terrible Rogers service is every time one of their calls are dropped. (quite frequently, by the way)
  28. 28Moofo
    Im tired of my country and even more of my province. In Quebec we are the most taxed people of all North America. Even with this, there are still stupid laws (for language and others) that will probably slow down the arrival of this cool device here.I-Want-This-Phone-as-soon-as-the-US.There is no reason, except bad faith from some government or company for us not to have it.

    If the french speakers (Im one) are not happy with the phone being in english they can just as well leave it on the shelves.

    Im tired of this language faschism where if there is no french, itS no good for anyone. I say, let the people mke the choice !

    The Rogers network will be perfect for that phone. I dont imagine Bell, a carrier locking bluetooth to headsets only on their phones to increase cell network usage, to carry the phone.

    Lets pray someone will sell unlocked iPhones !

  29. 29Kev
    Rogers has great reception here – even places where bell cant get through, which is why we moved over to Rogers. Their plans are good value, and customer service is at least comparable to bellthey even let us get a new deal when wed committed to one over a year ago.
    Ill get an iphone – wouldnt care what it cost. Dont forget people, its not just a phone, it is a pocket mac.
    Ive been dreaming of this for a long time!
  30. 30Michael Kalus
    Rather than US companies taking over Rogers or Fido Id rather have a European or Japanese company do this.Why? Because they know the GSM (and 3rd Gen) a LOT better than the US carriers do.I am still sad to see that Virgin Mobile rather signed on with Bell than with Rogers or Fido (Fido would have been my preferred option, it may have saved them from the buyout), but thats how it is.

    As it stands I am with Fido and I wont switch unless a new GSM player comes onto the field, I have no use for CDMA that limits me to North America and essentially require me to buy the phone from the carrier I am with.

  31. 31Oceanblue
    After getting a mac, Im hooked and cant wait to get the iPhone. However it seems that Rogers Wireless has the exclusivity with this product and good on them, it will cost them millions to aquire!Everyones ranting about Rogers! Listen, Ive been with Telus, Fido and Clearnet (now Telus) and one mobile phone company is no different than the other. Infact I live on the westside of Vancouver and my reception with Rogers is excellent compared to my previous three providers.I have a corp. plan through my company and it is the best price Ive ever seen until we have more competition in Canada were stuck with what we have!
  32. 32Mikeinyvr
    If Rogers gets the iPhone I will be lining up like many others to get it.I cant speak for everyone else, but I have had cellular plans with all the major Canadian providers and I have found Rogers to be the best of a bad bunch. Thats why I signed up for the 3-year contract and got a great deal on the phone.The phrase customer service with all cellular providers has to be used in its broadest sense – i.e. we have agents who answer phones – as their motto seems to be aim low and nobody will be disappointed.

    I recently travelled across country and I didnt encounter any bad reception or dropped calls even in somewhat remote parts of BC and AB.

    iPhone: Bring It On!

  33. 33Josh
    From what I hear, Rogers wants you to purchase a dataplan with it and thats usually a stack of money and probably you may have to pay for some little extras the folks in the US get for freeI hope that they come up with something good, for $700 is a lot of dough – on the other hand Id be getting an ipod with that phone.Not sure though, was it Telus or Bell with the free internet plan? Who ever it was, that would be pretty neat free internet with the iPhone? Just hope they have the bandwith to carry the sudden surge of datatransfer..
  34. 34wpg
    If the iphone will cost 700 and with rogers rip off pricing i cant imagine how much it will be for the data to take full advantage of the iphone. And not to mention that the wi fi in canada is so so poor for coverage.
    i live in winnipeg and coverage here is horrible or so much that u would have to me a millionaire to afford the service. we just recently got hotspots from mts for laptops which is not even close to being good at all. i should be able to take a laptop anywhere in the city and be able to connect i know i could if i lived in the USA. i think the usa should just take over canada.
  35. 35nog
    No they should have BELL.. i never liked Roggers phones
  36. 36Joey
    People, dont worry. theyll have the iPhone unlocked on eBay and ready for any gsm network Rogers or Fido in no time. no worries about contracts.
  37. 37Stephy Graff
    I noticed lasnight on CP24 that Rogers will be receiving their first shipments of the iPhone at the end of June 2007!!! Yay so soon! cant wait! I hate my Blackberry and cant wait to have one of these iphones in my hand!
  38. 38fabia
    !?!?! what is CP24? are you sure its not only the states they were talking about, stephy? but if it really is i am so lining up for it
  39. 39King Chung Huang
    CP24 is CablePulse24, a cable news channel owned by CHUM. I suspect Stephy is just referring to the June 29 US launch. Though, Id be very happy to see the iPhone launch in Canada at the same time as the US!
  40. 40John Leighton
    Sure would be great to see an unlocked iPhone offered here in Canada – now, not in the next millenium. Why must we always be treated as second-class vs a vis the USA?
  41. 41JF
    Oh.. why oh why.. why rogers Im with Fido, and have the old City Fido in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, (ie: unlimited calling anytime). But since Fido got bought by Rogers, the handset selection has gone right down the shitter. The -only- thing that could make me entertain the thought of switching to Rogers would be a cheap unlimited data plan with the iPhone. I just wish Fido could get the iPhone and bundle a $20 or even for the iPhone $30 unlimited data plan, and Id be all over it like a fat kid on smarties. I just wish I had gotten a hiptop with the $20 unlimited data, then I could of kept the unlimited calling and unlimited data, get an unlocked iPhone and id be an iPwn.45$ -Unlimited Talk-iPwn

    oh, then I go get the fido ambassador plan (courtesy of my employer) and take %50 of the price. 😀

    $32,50+tax for unlimited everything uber iPwn. drool

  42. 42Elke Litke
    yikes!Rogers has horrid customr service. We had a sprint home/cell plan from Sprint/Fido and Rogers bought them out. When we switched the billing got mixed up. All we got were threatening calls, despite being A+ customers. A horrid textbook case of what NOT to do to your (new) customers. Then, for home service, they want prepaid months! Felt very good switching to shaw digital.I need a phone that works (my fido doesnt ring on occasion), and Im a mac girl an iPhone sounds like heaven, cant wait, so may bite the bullet, but dissapointing its not Telus, my 10 year provider.

    are there any Canadians debating getting a US provider with great plans?

  43. 43Anthony Pittarelli
    maybe our US phones will work in canada and canadians can just come across the border and bring them back
  44. 44Mitch
    If the iPhone is to be sold at $700 with a contract, how much should we expect an unlocked version to appear on ebay for?
  45. 45Johann W
    I cant believe my bad luck. I live in the ONE place where Rogers doesnt have service. GAHHH I want one. =(
  46. 46Anonymous
    My service provider is Rogers. I dont have any complaints about their service but the phones available in Canada suck. I bought the Nokia N73 music edition phone online last year. Its an awesome phone. Nokia N Series phones kick ass. If I had a choice between an iPhone and a new N Series phone, I would take the N Series phone (and probably for less money).
  47. 47Victora
    If I get the Iphone from the US will I be able to operate it here????
  48. 48DameonWakeUp
    The fact that people are spending more than an hour of their time drooling over apples new product is horribly sad. People really have lost touch with reality and are bending over for the corporations. In the 60s and 70s, people spent time trying to change the country for the better. Now instead of, at the very best war protests or at the very worst, star wars line ups you got people lining up for products that the corporations dangle in front of our faces like the carrot on the stick. People lining up a week early to spend $500.00 dollars only to be sucked into a 2 year contract that would end up costing them over $2000.00? So much indulgence only leads too catastrophy. Good luck to you all, your karma will bring you too interesting new lives. I hope you can redeem your self as a cochroach.
  49. 49sandor
    tsk tsk Apple. If I want an I phone, I have to use AT&T. I have a MacBook, are you gonna tell me which internet provider I have to use aswell. You little Apple pricks. Bad move Apple, bad move.Tsk Tsk
  50. 50Aaron
    iphone is cool and all, but I have used 2 full screen no button cell phones in the past, (HP Jornada 928 and a sony ericsson p900) and its just not practical. The lack of a tactile button makes interacting with the device such a pain, especially when you are in a car or doing something else. touch screen phones just dont work so welli am sticking with the purpose built blackberry 8800.
  51. 51john
    There is no deal with Rogers for the iPHONE so why your spreading this gossip is beyond me. I work for Rogers and we have been trying to deal with Apple. no deal there is no deal period. Apple is trying to do what starbucks is doing with music.. reinventing the wheel so to speak. I cant see the IPHONE coming to Canada any time soon and if your with TELUS.. your out of luck.. same with Bell.
  52. 52Colin
    Why is there so much crazy talk going on about the iPhone. Okay lets try and straighten a few things out. IF the iPhone comes to Canada, of course it will be on Rogers. The reason it will be exclusively with Rogers is because Rogers in the ONLY 100% GSM Network in Canada. Its not that Rogers and Apple made a deal, its that Bell and Telus and whomever else arent even able to take the phone on their networks. Bell and Telus havent joined the world standard yet.I currently am employed by Rogers and from what I hear, its not coming anytime soon anyway. If it does come to Canada it will for sure not be in 2007. Also, getting an unlocked version of this phone wont work. Apple was very, very smart about how they are setting the plans up. If someone in Canada buys an iPhone, it will be as good to them for making calls or accessing the internet as a rock is. You need to register with AT&T who is THE EXCLUSIVE carrier of the iphone. This registration is done through iTunes. And during this process is when you choose your plan for the phone. Without going through this process you cant use Wifi, make phone calls, or really do anything.Now about Rogers reception being the worst That is a ridiculous statement. Granted 100% of Canada is not covered, but no network covers everywhere. Rogers has The Best coverage, AND Reception due to the technology of our network. Bell may work in some places Rogers wont (because analog tower signals can travel farther than digital ones) BUT Rogers also works in places Bell wont. Ever seen the elevator commercials for Rogers? The reason we can talk in basements and elevators much easier than Bell is because of the network. The digital signal allows this.

    Now onto Rogers customer service. From my experience ( I cant comment on everyones experiences obviously) I find Rogers customer service much more helpful. And as previously stated Bell uses some call centers in India which can be difficult sometimes. And theyre service is only open 9-5. (cept technical for sympatico which is 24/7). Rogers customer service is ALWAYS 24/7. And they use call centres in places like Montreal.

    Anyway thats just my two sense. Obviously Rogers is not the right choice for everyone. There are many variables. If they were the best there wouldnt be a Bell store right beside my Rogers store.

    Just trying to spread awareness.

  53. 53CM
    This sucks. Were I live Rogers only works in a few spots (one in the corner of my house and one about a 10 Min. Drive from here) The iPhone looks pretty cool but $700 is a lot of money. Hard desicion
  54. 54Tim
    A couple of worthy points:As per John Wiseman of the wall street journal he stated that the iPhone in the US is on the Cingular EDGE data network. I have a Blackberry in Ontario on the EDGE network and it is pricey ($95 for 25MB w/250min TT). This is a different data network than GSM which the rest of there line of wireless devices use.Also the iPhone auto switches to Wi-Fi once a signal is detected, you can bet that will be disabled on the Rogers iPhone. Got to love non-competitiveness.
  55. 55Danno Bonano
    Sandor you little prick, try not to be so blatantly stupid. Apple had to work with a provider who helped developed some of the specific technology. Obviously, the provider will require some form of exclusivity. Plus, and if you look at this closely using what little brain power you can muster, providers have long dictated how manufacturers build phones. They lock features on the handsets. What will be interesting is whether Apple uses only one carrier/provider in each country. If a carrier signs on, they will need to license technology from AT&T for some features like visual voice mail. Then, this technology needs to be built into their network. The provider must also commit resources to handle the huge increase in volume. Providers for cell service and providers of internet service is the same as comparing a house to a car. Completely different. One just accomodates the flow of data. The other has integrated services and products. Think before you type.
  56. 56Danno Bonano
    As well, I have spoken with higher ups at Rogers. They will neither confirm nor deny trying to work out an agreement with Apple. Dont listen to these Rogers employees posting on this site. They would never be in a position to hear about whether the iPhone is coming or not. Apple was most likely annoyed that Rogers made the statement back in January that they did. Apple keeps all parties under gag orders for good reason until they are ready to make an announcement. Rogers may not want to concede as much control as AT&T did. Apple has changed the provider/manufacturer relationship. To think that Rogers and Apple are not in current negotiations is ridiculous. Of course they are. An annoucement could be forthcoming in days or months, but make no mistake, an announcement is coming. Rogers shareholders wont allow Rogers to walk away from that much money! However, if Rogers entrenches themselves and refuses to negotiate like AT&T, then Apple simply will not bring the iPhone to Canada and we will be stuck with the WideScreen iPod (with WiFi) set to come out in the late summer/fall.
  57. 57Mike W
    Im currently living in Montreal, Quebec, but I am down in Pittsburgh, PA for 2 weeks to visit a client. I couldnt resist picking up an iPhone.When I activated, I just gave a bogus SSN (999-99-9999), and the ATT site let me sign up with a pre-paid plan instead since they couldnt do a credit check. I put in the address Im staying at down here as my billing address, but used my Canadian credit card to pay for it, and voila I got a local number and it was activated.The pre-paid plan is $20/mo for unlimited EDGE access, and $30/mo for 200 minutes. I can cancel anytime without termination fee (no contract, since its pre-paid), and it will still work as a WiFi device. Ill keep paying into it though since I come down here about once a month, and it would be nice to have a local number as well.

    I am following the hacking efforts by various groups on the iPhone, and they seem to think there is an excellent chance that they can remove the ATT SIM card lock, so if that is the case I can simply pop in my Fido SIM and use it as a regular phone as well while in Canada. Though visual voice mail wouldnt work, and data plans on Fido or Rogers are exensive as hell right now, so Id stick w/WiFi.. which is fine because Montreal is covered with them. If they are unable to remove the SIM lock, I will just use it as a WiFi device, and maybe get a Canada roaming option on my AT&T plan.

    Gawd bless the low USD$ right now, it was a lot easier to justify.

  58. 58Andrea M
    I found a site where they are tracking if/when someone gets ahold of news of the launch in Canada. While reading, some are going to Buffalo to get their iphone, and waiting for the unlock so to possibly work on the Rogers network. Here is the
  59. 59Charles
    Rogers is by far the most expensive carrier in North America, and maybe in the world. They don’t actually want to carry the iphone because of the wifi. Currently you have to pay through the nose for a Rogers’s data plan and each and every time you download mail or browse the internet, you eat up big chunks of your monthly data plan. With the iphone, the cost of operation would be unbelievable because of the intense graphics which eat up megabytes like crazy. What helps with the Browsing and emailing? Wifi. With wifi, you could access the web through hotspots or off your own network at home – this is Rogers’s dilemma. How can they continue to fleece the Canadian public when they have wifi as an alternative?Eventually this will be resolved but you can expect it will still cost vastly more to operate an iphone here than any where else in the world. Did you know that an “unlimited” data plan in the U.S. costs $20 per month? At Rogers its $80 per month and it’s not unlimited. After you use up the 40 or so megabytes you are charged a ridiculous amount per additional megabyte – and no apologies from Rogers. The costs here are far, far above the costs in the US or any where else I am aware of. Rogers only saving grace is that unlike the US, Canadians never complain.
  60. 60Danielle
    I want the iPhone so bad. I really hope that it will come out soon and that my parents will let me get it. Its hard to convince parents to buy such a expensive phone but I bet it will be worth it
  61. 61mike
    Ive traveled through the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (Im a musician). I bought a phone in Amsterdam. I have been amazed by how much more together and fair they are across the pond. I have a Rogers account here in Canada. We are being robbed, completely scammed. I love Canada but there is no reason for people to blindly accept what is going on with cell phone costs. Maybe this will be the beginning of change. I sure hope so. Wake up Rogers.
  62. 62Ray
    Im excited that the iphone is here. I put the exclusivity on Apple as well. I dont care what people say, Apple has always catered to a specific audience, and has an elitest attitude.They won the portable player game, and quite frankly, are closest in the integrated devices game (Blackberry would win this space if they had a better Media tools) in my opinion.They are smart marketing to sign exclusive deals. We are back in the times of the early 80s. Its all about the all mighty dollar. All decisions in todays market place are money driven. Why do you think the war on terror is still going on? it elevates oil prices. Why wont the government help the population out? They get MORE money from gas taxes. Why are the cell plans better in the US? More people, more competition. Why not in Canada you were locked to a provider unless you wanted to update your entire contact list. this will start changing.

    I like Rogers for the fact that they are GSM. This allows me to buy whatever unlocked phone I want and use it. I think Bell is in SERIOUS trouble. They are down 30% on new cell plans, their support sucks as much as anyone else, and their staff is a bunch of crusty, aging, lazy, union folks who dont strive for anything more than to get their paycheck till they can retire. We should all be happy that we have a Rogers in Canada to atleast enable the iPhone to come to Canada.

    Personally, Id like to see the cell market unbundled so ma and pop shops MUST be sold cell time at a discounted rate (much like the phone and internet markets) so we can spawn some healthy competition and features. There is no reason why there should be any minutes to a call phone at all. It will be comparable to landline shortly, Im sure. US first, then Canada 2 years later

    Anyway, cant wait to get my unlocked iphone (when they increase the capacity to 40G).

  63. 63Ryan
    Im dissapointed that Rogers will be the only carrier carrying the iPhone. Rogers should win a platinum medal for the worst customer support ever. Their customer support representatives are rude and arrogant. Now you may think that Im generalizing here but I am not. I believe, out of the ten times that Ive actually had to call Rogers technical support, I have encountered only one customer care representative who was polite and courteous. Ive worked helpdesk before and Ive seen some pretty bad service, but there is just no comparison to Rogers in my opinion. They certainly take the cake.
  64. 64Tammy
    I agree 100% Ryan. My husband and I have been dealing with Rogers for about 9 years now. We have several phones on both a business AND a family plan. In recent months we have seen our bills as high as $3000 per month. Its ludicrous. When my husband complained on the phone to a guy I was dealing with at an actual Rogers location, the employee decided to take it upon himself to change our plan so it cost us more. When confronted, he blamed ME. The lady (shes actually NO lady!) working at the Rogers location closest to me acts like I am inconveniencing her when I go there. She actually SIGHED at me one day! When I complained, the response was oh wow, sorry about that! I vote Rogers as THEE company with the worst customer service ever. And I am happily spreading the word. As soon as our contract is over – bye bye Rogers. They wont care anyway. I would even rather spend more money and get great customer service any day.
  65. 65Ash
    This is a comment directed to Colin and Ray (morons!);Colin quotes: I currently am employed by RogersFrom my experience, I find Rogers customer service much more helpfulBell uses some call centers in India which can be difficult sometimes Rogers customer service is ALWAYS 24/7. And they use call centres in places like Montreal.That wasnt biased! The plain matter is that Rogers customer service has to be 24/7 because it takes that long for anyone to talk to you. The automated voice response system is annoying, especially since you have to restate everything to a live person once you get through.

    The fact that call centres are based in India doesnt mean they are difficult to deal with! Have you ever spoken to a Quebecer? Id rather deal with the Indian! At least they speak better english!

    Granted, Rogers GSM system is a lot better for voice applications currently. Its a main reason as to why signals can pass through elevators and buildings. However, that will change when Bell uses WCDMA and more end users start demanding more sophisticated applications.

    As for Rayhe quotes, I think Bell is in SERIOUS trouble. They are down 30% on new cell plans, their support sucks as much as anyone else, and their staff is a bunch of crusty, aging, lazy, union folks who don’t strive for anything more than to get their paycheck till they can retire. We should all be happy that we have a Roger’s in Canada to atleast enable the iPhone to come to Canada.

    Your view of employees at Bell being crusty, aging, lazy, union folks who dont. Why are you singling out Bell when your complaint initially is against everyone? Truth is that every company has these types of personnel, but also have the ones that care and contribute (they are called shining stars and usually dont concern themselves with that issue). You probably are crusty and lazy since you can easily define them!

    P.S. none of these companies care about individual consumers! They make their money by bidding for deals with large corporate types, where rates and phones are negotiated! It is a classic game theory application, whereby these companies know they dont have to lower the rates for any of us!

    And Rogers doesnt enable Apple to do anything. It is the other way around. Apple enables Rogers to carry the iphone. I could explain further, but if you really need to, just ask and I will submit you an answer.

    I am not an employee of any communication company, and agree with all of you with regards to being ripped off as a consumer. Cell phone plans are nowhere near competitive and we should be leading a revolt!

  66. 66samso
    IPHONES EFFING RUUUUUULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. 67samso
  68. 68pissed off
    Keep dreamin folks1-there is no such thing as unlimited data in Canada that i know of.2-the type of plan needed for an iPhone could in theory by over a grand a month

    3-were screwedand were not getting the iPhone

  69. 69Guy E
    I am in Canada and have the iPhone. It is unbricked at the moment. I have cell accounts with both Fido and Rogers. I enjoy the iPhone as a wifi wireless device and video iPod. The biggest hurdle for Canadian consumers is the ridiculously high cost if data plans. I feel that unless rogers comes up with a formula like att (59.99 & up) including unlimited data it wont fly. Working in the downton core Im better off keeping my iPhone unbricked and subscribing to OneZone wifi for 29.95 a month!
  70. 70Ruth
    If I have to sign a so called changeable without notice on their whim contract with Rogers to get an Iphone then they can keep it. Rogers is the most unscrupulous company I have ever done business with and it s too bad Apple has associated themselves with them at all.I will try to get an unlocked iphone and I am buying out of my Rogers contract as of now. I was supposed to be on a 200.00 buy out but, Rogers without notification has upped the price to 400.00 now. If you DO sign with them be aware that they can shift the rules of the contract at any time and call this living up to their end of the agreement.I am seeking a U.S. provider as even with roaming charges its STILL cheaper than any company here and ROGERS customer service is joke and the closest thing to a scam I have ever had to deal with when doing business with ANY company. Ask around, youll find their reputation is growing all over the net and its not good.
  71. 71drew
    why would u want it to be smaller ??? then u would need a pen to use it i played with one its the koolest phone out there ,, its just like apples laptops and desktops pushing there products ,, the screen is nice i seen ppl try to scrach it with a key and no damage was done to it
  72. 72Nick
    There is unlimited plan on fido on the hiptop2. 😀
  73. 73Brad
    Im a Canadian currently living in Texas where the Iphone has been released. I havent made the purchase yet but all my co-workers made the switch from blackberry. Its a super cool phone but it does have a few problems that are going to be fixed on the next generation being released sometime in the fall i think. Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out in time for the canadian release.
  74. 74josh
    i think the iphone is wesome and ive seen one here in canada that my friend bought in buffalo. i would like t get one too but when does it come out in canada and when will it work as a phone in canada cuz my friends iphone bought in buffalo doesnt work as a phone yet
  75. 75josh
    i think the iphone is wesome and ive seen one here in canada that my friend bought in buffalo. i would like t get one too but when does it come out in canada and when will it work as a phone in canada cuz my friends iphone bought in buffalo doesnt work as a phone yet
  76. 76Chris
    I feel Sorry for BELL!! 🙁 and those poor beavers, why does apple go for thee crappy cell phone companys (rogers, At&T gone canadian!)
  77. 77tracy
    I hate Rogers and will never be their customer for wireless. They harass people for payment even before the bill is due.Ive used bell for wireless for 5 years and I dont want to have to change just to get an iphone. I hate this monopoly that exisits in canada.
  78. 78Rod
    Everyone assumes that just because the iPhone is GSM phone now that it always has to be. Not true. In order to successfully launched in Asia it will have to be CDMA (or is it CMDA?) because that is what is dominant in the region (or so Im told). Same with 3G. Anything slower would be laughed at. (China is already deploying 4G.) Im positive that the second version already exists in Apples R&D labs. The only question is if the Asian iPhone would be tooled to run on Bell or Telus in Canada or would they use the US CSM version on Rogers.
  79. 79Rick
    Oh why would anybody wait for ROGERS to release the phone? Are you brain dead? The phone is now unlockable within seconds. The geeks that found the code have released the code to the internet. Go buy the I-Phonefucke the contracts – leave the contracts to the stupid people. Im waiting for my I-phone to be deliveredI have the code.See ya suckers!
  80. 80Justin
    The only available unlimited data plan in Canada is the Fido $20 hiptop plan. No caps, no limits. But its GPRS-only, no EDGE, and you must use a Fido hiptop in order to get the plan. Of course, Rogers has cancelled the Fido hiptop line and the only way to get one and get the unlimited plan now is to find a used one.The main reason that the very much wanted Fido hiptop3 isnt here is the same reason the very much wanted Rogers iPhone isnt here: THEY DONT WANT US TO HAVE AFFORDABLE UNLIMITED DATA.So I have preparedand got myself a new backup hiptop2lol.
  81. 81Not FSJ or Mr. Rogers

    I hate Rogers and will never be their customer for wireless. They harass people for payment even before the bill is due.

    I’ve used bell for wireless for 5 years and I don’t want to have to change just to get an iphone. I hate this monopoly that exisits (sic) in canada (sic).

    In your comments, you mention both Bell and Rogers. That indicates at least two choices (you can add Telus and others). I can only assume that you dont understand what a monopoly is. Perhaps you meant to say I hate powerful companies that exist in Canada (and elsewhere, I might add).

    No one likes the wireless carrier theyre with. Everyone thinks the grass is greener elsewhere. In any event, Ive been with Clearnet, then Telus and now Rogers and have found that Rogers has been the least problematic and has the best coverage. Moreover, Ive never been harassed by them before the bill is due. I pay the bill on time all the time and give them no cause for a pre-emptive accounts receivable call. Bring on the iPhone. Ive got mine already and waiting for the day when I can activate it.

  82. 82VictorTarsus
    Ive wanted an iPhone since seeing it unvealed by mr. Jobs, but there is no way in hell itd be fair to give it to us Canadians at 699. That would be just bullshit.
  83. 83Sheriff
    Im using the iPhone in Toronto now Unlocked of course!Ive heard other rumors that the creeps at Rogers plan to disable to the WiFi on the iPhone to force you to pay for they already crazy overpriced data should they ever actually release the phone here.I would think that Apple would force Rogers to offer an unlimited plan just like at&t.
  84. 84Rob
    Sheriff,What unlock method did you use? Do you like it? Im thinking of making a run for the boarder. No, not Taco Bellany feedback would be welcomed.
  85. 85Michael
    Hey Sheriff, Im also thinking of doing what Rob is going to do. Rogers has two HTC phones right now that have WiFi and are not forcing people to use their data plans. Does the wifi work fine on the phone now and can they really disable it when they start to carry the phone? Can you also provide more information about the phone as in do all the services that you used on your pervious phone work on the iphone? Any other insights would also be welcomed by yourself or anyone using an unlocked iphone in Canada.thanks.
  86. 86Daniel
    Ooooh Sheriff, please give us more details on what works and doesnt work on your unlocked iPhone. Im running to the border next month for some cross-border shopping and so wanna get one instead of waiting for that annoying Rogers to give us a fair data plan.
  87. 87Grrr Baby Roar
    Fido dealers were just sent a memo banning them from selling unlocked iphones in their stores. Probably Rogers dealers got the same memo. To me it seems like a sign that Rogers or Fido will start carrying it officially soon.
  88. 88Emmet
    It is Fido and Rogers policy not to sell unlocked phones in their stores, Im fairly certain we wont see the iPhone in Canada before Spring 2008. This week it was the UK, Germany and France getting the iPhone (in November) and next up will either be some other big European countries, or Japan. I would guess the release will closely mirror the way that the ITMS was rolled out. Canada will get it around the same time like smaller countries in Europe get it.
  89. 89sabrina
    when is the iphone gonna be available at rogers, in canada??
  90. 90melissa
    when is the iphone gonna be available at rogers, in canada??
  91. 91Jay
    Does anyone know if the iphone will be available in Canada before Christmas?
  92. 92Elbarto
    I just hang up with a guy who owns a Rogers store, he said the iphone will be available in Canada for mid-end Nov. Anyone have heard anything like this? Not sure if he is speculating or he knows for a fact.
  93. 93Searayrob
    I have heard from a Rogers representative just 2 nights ago that the iPhone will have either a December 20 release date in Canada, or it will be early January. The only hangup is the data plan (no surprise). I heard this at a Costco kiosk as another guy was showing off his iPhone.
  94. 94Penny Squires
    If I buy an iphone in the US – will it work in Canada when Rogers gets everything in place?
  95. 95Faisal
    I just got off the phone with a rogers rep (I am a client). She said its hush hush and we have not been told the details. Then she said, would you like to be informed once it is available?
  96. 96R3load
    I’m using the iPhone in Toronto on the Rogers Network for 2 weeks now.Well everything works fine including WI-FI, Text Message, Voice Mail and the Reception is great.
    It sync beautiful with Itunes on my Pc including songs, videos, contacts etc….
    The only thing I was not able to figure out yet is the settings to browse the Internet using the Rogers Network.
    It’s a nice looking phone and I love it.
  97. 97Fido Sales Rep
    the iphone will not work on either the Rogers or Fido networks ( which are essentially the same) until they release their own version of the iphone. Also its not guaranteed you will ever be able to use your iphone on those networks as the IMEI, or phones serrial number will not match Fido or Rogers inventory.I have heard from company sources that Fido will supposedly launch the iphone in January of February 2008. It has not yet been confirmed but the iphone released in Canada will likely be 3G, which means iphone users will be able to make video calls to other 3G phone users. This is a first for any Canadian telecommunications company. When released the iphone will be the most expensive handset in Fidos line surpassing the Nokia E62 and LG TG800.
    The iphone can work on Fido networks or Rogers networks if unlocked but the internet services only work if you are in a Wifi zone. As no companies support it as of today. It works very well but has some software glitches within the programming which should be fixed in Fidos version.
  98. 98some guy
    its shameful how things move slow here.. its because of monopoly that rogers has.. If there was on more GSM provider with an independent network we would have had iphone and gphone and kphone and whatever much faster..Right now its ridiculous, they (rogers) can cheat as, ring up as many dollars and get away with it For the kind of service they provide the cost is very high..esp data users, its absolutely ridiculous to pay so much for data access .. bandwith and wireless .. costs everywhere are reducing except canada.. thanks to rogers..