How To Install Apples Front Row 1.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.8

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Using Enabler 1.3.5, the latest version of Front Row can be easily installed on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.8. This Front Row update (version 1.3) provides for improved iTunes compatibility.

Disclosure: This website ( is not authorized by nor affiliated with Apple Computer, Inc.

Download Enabler 1.3.5


  • Mac OS X 10.4.8
  • PowerPC based Mac
  • iTunes 6.0.4 or later
  • iPhoto 6.0.2 or later
  • Core Image capable graphics card

Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may result in unintended damage to Mac OS X.

1. Download Front Row from Apple

Download Front Row 1.3 from Apples website.

When the download completes, open the disk image (FrontRowUpdate1.3.dmg) and copy the file FrontRowUpdate1.3.pkg to the Desktop. This file must be copied to the Desktop. Dont run the installation just yet. At this point if you try running the Update Installer package, youll get this error:


This software update requires a Macintosh with a built-in infrared (IR) receiver running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later.

Front Rows usability is not dependent on an infrared receiver, and in fact runs well on recent Macs (past 3 years or so). If you are confident your system is capable, you can chose to skip the hardware check using Enabler 1.3.5.

2. Enable Installation

Download Enabler 1.3.5

Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. Some users who have not followed these instructions carefully have had there toolbar items temporarily disabled and unavailable.

  • When the download completes, open the disk image (Enabler_1.3.5.dmg).
  • Next, run Enabler from the disk image. (That is, dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Enable Installation button and authenticate with you password.
  • Front Row can now be installed
  • Open FrontRowUpdate1.3.pkg located on the Desktop and proceed with the installation.
  • When the installation completes, restart.

3. Enable Front Row

Though its been installed, Mac OS X checks to see if your Mac has a built in infrared receiver. For Front Row to launch, two of Mac OS Xs system files must be patched. Even without an IR receiver, Front Row still runs fine because it can be controlled with the keyboard in-place of the Apple Remote (other remotes work too).

  • Having restarted, again open the Enabler1.3.5.dmg disk image.
  • Run Enabler from the disk image. (That is dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Patch Mac OS X button and authenticate with you password.
  • Restart.

4. Set Front Row Preferences

Enabler provides for a fully working version of Front Row. Open System Preferences to have a full control over Front Rows preferences.

Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Keyboard & Mouse preference panel. Under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, ensure that Front Rows shortcut is check-marked. The default keyboard shortcut to Hide and show Front Row is command-Esc but you can change it by double-clicking on it. I have it set to F11 along side my Exposé and Dashboard keys.

Sound Effects
Open the Sound preference panel. There is a new option under the Sound Effects tab to enable or disable playing Front Row sound effects. (While most are all great, the silly flute sound when you select Music from the main menu drives me insane.)

5. Enjoy Front Row

The default keystroke to launch Front Row is command-escape.


  • Command-Escape – default to show and hide Front Row
  • Option+Up/Down – set volume
  • Enter or Spacebar – select menu, playlist, song, movie, etc.
  • Escape – go back to previous menu/screen
  • Tab – quickly return to desktop (or any other keys really)


Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row
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$30.99, free shipping, save 22%

Besides the Apple Remote, the Keyspan RF is the only remote of those Ive tested that requires no installation and is completely compatible with Front Row.

Review: Keyspan RF, Front Row Remote Solution

Price: $30.99, free shipping


Highly Recommended



Manually Uninstalling Front Row:

  • Delete Front Row (/System/Library/CoreServices/Front
  • Download Mac OS X 10.4.8 Update from Apple.
  • Open the disk image
  • Download Pacifist and copy it to the Application folder.
  • Use Pacifist to open the Mac OS X Update Installer package file (which ends in .pkg).
  • Search for bezel and install only these two specific files folders:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/ /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/
  • Restart.

Tips On Using Pacifist

  • Mount/open the MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.dmg disk image.
  • Open the package file MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.pkg with Pacifist.
  • Select the Find button and enter BezelServices.
  • Under the Search Results panel, select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin.
  • Select the Install button located in Pacifists top-right corner.
  • If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files.
  • Restart.

MD5 Checksums

Befor patching the needed system files Enabler checks to insure that:

  • the system files are the update version included in the Mac OS X Update 10.4.8
  • the system files have not already been patched by Enabler

Enabler performs an MD5 Checksum for verification. The following are the correct MD5 checksum for the unpatched Mac OS X 10.4.8 system files

[].loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices = 6b1107b5c975237980098f5d119887da

[].framework/Versions/A/BezelServices = abfb6f3a4e374e15b18ae3c88df97653

To verify these MD5 checksums, in Terminal enter:

md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

Apple Store

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  1. 1sagat
    Hi i cant enable FrontRow with newest enabler (after system broke with enabler 1.3). Ive installed 10.4.8 update from another hardrive as a target for my broken system. Now i have recovered system (so i think) that bezelservices should be unpatched but my md5 sum is:sagat-g5:~ sagat$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    24f06a79fca3e20ebb8942c75ea8a3fasagat-g5:~ sagat$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

    any ideas ?

  2. 2Alex
    Did not work for me. I was also one of the unlucky ones to have there computer corrupted by the old Enabler.During the Patch Mac OS X step, it says the files are already patched and restart to make changes effective. After restart, no Front Row. 🙁
  3. 3Andrew
    Keep posting your MD5 Checksums. I posted this to encourage people to send them in.
  4. 4Romain
    Exactly the same for me
  5. 5Richard
    Same problems here./System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    aa0c21f4723cfd81c09f5ac093c93c75eMac 1.0GHz 10.4.8 Just reinstalled Tiger and updated everything so it should be a perfectly clean install.
  6. 6Nic
    Well I have a Bluetooth MM so it didnt work at first. But what I did was took the original 10.4.8 Bezelservices files (framework and login) and installed those in via pacifist. Those override the Bluetooth MM ones and then installed Frontrow via the regular instructions. Works like a charm. The only side effect is that when you connect your MM, the bezel saying that its connected does not show up. The disconnected bezel does though.Some of you will remember the fix for the 10.4.7 w/ Bluetooth MM and this works exactly the same.
  7. 7Nic
    Oh yes, the 1.0.6 Airclick update works fantastically with Front Row for those of you with an Airclick. You can get it off of Griffins website.
  8. 8Alex
    md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    6b1107b5c975237980098f5d119887damd5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  9. 9Tim
    Mystery-Machine-2:~ tg$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    Mystery-Machine-2:~ tg$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  10. 10Alex
    Its all good now.I replaced BezelService files via Pacifist, and everythings A-OK! 😉
  11. 11Andrew
    As some of you may recall I added an MD5 checksum to a previous version of Enabler. Unfortunately it was pulled because the checksums were not consistent. If you can quickly write up a better solution in AppleScript, please email me.
  12. 12sagat
    me too :] BezelService via Pacifist did the job
  13. 13Justin
    Similar problems as those exprienced by Adam (2, above). Uninstalled old Front Row according to provided instructions after 10.4.8 broke it. Re-installed following all directions, with Enabler 1.3.5 and Front Row 1.3. After enabling installation, restarting, and then opening Enabler and clicking Patch OS X files, it says it cannot becuase they are already patched, and tells me to restart. Unfortunately, they cannot be patched already, because I just installed them fresh via Pacifier from the Combo update!Awaiting a fix to get my Front Row back..Other than this small hiccup (and one a few versions back), excellent work.
  14. 14Luis S
    Thanks for all your help Andrew. It didnt work for me either but Ill be patient. Thanks again.
  15. 15Wade Moline
    This is what I have found, if you used the FrontRow Enabler previous to 10.4.8, when you install 10.4.8 it does NOT update the patched bezel services that were changed by the enabler.To get FrontRow running after upgrading to 10.4.8 do the following.Get enabler 1.3.5, get Pacifist, get the 10.4.8 update.

    Click on the 10.4.8 DMG and using Pacifist extract the mentioned bezel files from the 10.4.8 package and replace the files that are in your system.

    Reboot, and run the Enabler again and click to patch the files. Reboot again and FrontRow is now usable.

    Remember, this is only if you had FrontRow previously installed. For some reason the 10.4.8 updater does not replace the patched bezel files and this is why the Enabler will not patch them.

  16. 16M
    I installed a fresh version of Tiger, then installed the 10.4.8 update. I followed the above exactly, and it did not work. The patch tells me that its already been applied (when it hasnt) and frontrow never launches, even after a restart. This was done on a powerbook G4 1.5, on a fresh install of tiger. I think theres something fundamentally wrong with the process.
  17. 17Nic
    What Wade Moline describes is exactly what I did and it works like a charm. It even works for us Bluetooth MM users. Only side effect if you are a Bluetooth MM user is that the Bluetooth MM connected bezel no longer shows up though the disconnected one still does (thats the important one right :D)
  18. 18Eric
    Hey Wadeworked perfectlyfirst time doing something like this..went totally fineThanks! And Andrew..thank you for the hardwork budappreciate you making Front Row even possible.
  19. 19M
    Ok- what the hell is going on? Im trying to follow wades instruction, but pacifict cannot FIND ANYTHING with bezel in the package contents- and yes, I downloaded the right package (10.4.8, PPC, 31MB). Even manually, I dont see anything like that in the package contents. Im stumped- what could be amiss here?
  20. 20Peter
    I think the reason md5s are not consistent is because of prebinding. This seems to put a header into binaries specific to each individual system for optimizing performance. I believe there are digest / checksum alternatives to md5 which address this but Ill have to search them out. Will let you know if / when I have a concrete suggestion.btw you can determine whether a binary has been prebound by using
    /usr/bin/otool -hv filename
    Also you can force your system to redo the prebinding of everything with
    redo_prebinding: watch the md5 of standard binaries like ls and mv change each time you do this.
  21. 21davide
    I have installed front row in my powerbook 10.4.8 but the second restart front row dont work.
    With previus verson of mac os, Front Row and Front Row Enabler worked with no problem
    Any news ??
  22. 22lik™
    Help, too, please:During installation everything is fine, just enabling brings up a popup window:Error: 1. sudo: /private/etc/sudoers is zero length
    sudo: /private/etc/sudoers is zero lengh

    YES, my system has been patched previously but FR wont work anyway. After I unpatched my system via the method described above (DL 10.4.8, Pacifist, etc) — same. Ill reboot now, see if this helps.

  23. 23lik™
    Okay, after reboot still no Front Row. :-(G5 Dual 1.8
  24. 24Stijn
    Hi Andrew, (Or maybe someone else knows the answer?)I installed Guillaumes 1.3.1 version after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.8 on my wireless mighty mouse enabled 🙂 imac G5 (Needless to say PPC). And it seems to work correctly (except for some strange behaviour of scroll bars in some apps). Should I upgrade to 1.3.5? What is the difference between the 2 versions?Regards,
  25. 25Andrew
    I never used the rogue 1.3.1 but I read the breakdown, and it should be the same. However, Enabler 1.3.5 currently employes a checksum to verify its patching the correct file.
  26. 26Damien
    Ive upgraded my PPC Mac Mini as described by Wade, worked like a charm.
  27. 27Dennis Metzcher
    I previously had Front Row enabled using 1.0.1 of enabler. I followed the instructions to uninstall Front Row, and also installed the Mac OS X 10.4.8 Combo Update by booting into a clone of my drive and installing to the regular startup volume. I booted back into my startup volume, and followed the instructions above in this post, but it doesnt appear that Front Row works for me. The keyboard shortcuts do not appear to be defined in the Keyboard preferences, either.Is there anything that I can do? Is this what others are seeing?
  28. 28Craig P
    After having to reinstall Tiger ofter the fatel blue screen insident after upgrading to 10.4.8 and then trying to get Frontrow to work again. I used the enabler 1.3.5 all went well until clicking the Patch Mac OS X button I get this message like previous people have described Enabler cannot patch the system files. These files may have been updated or previously patched by Enabler. The verify Front Row has been enabled, restart your ststem to make the changes effective. I have a newly installed OS and this would be the first time of installing so this message doesnt make sense. I been using enable since it was coded and look forward to the fix if possible. Could someone tell me if I would need to uninstall Frontrow before patching in the next release of enabler?
  29. 29Dennis Metzcher
    Ignore or delete my comment at 2:50 pm today. I forgot how to properly follow directions for about an hour. Duh.Anyway, I didnt need to install the combo update, but I did anyway (because I didnt follow directions, obviously). The instructions for removing Front Row on this post worked, and I followed the instructions for enabling and then installing Front Row on this post, and they worked as well. Front Row is back!Thanks, Andrew, for all your hard work on this. Wed not have Front Row on our machines without you!
  30. 30John
    Gotta say thanks again, Andrew! Worked just fine on my iBook after updating it to 10.4.8 (via the combo update). Will you be making an enabler for users with the updated BezelServices (due to the WMM)? Perhaps you could make to versions, one for WMM users and one strictly for 10.4.8 (non-WMM).
  31. 31Lars
    Well, first I have to thank everybody, and especially Anrew of course, pushing this whole thing forward. I am one of those who broke their systems. In the meantime I made a clean install. I run 10.4.8 on a 1 GHz eMac (poor student 😉 ) with a Mighty Mouse BT (nice birthday present for poor students ;-)) ). So, could somebody be so kind and write a step-by-step instruction how to get Front Row back on a 10.4.8-system with MM BT? I guess the complete answer lies in this thread, but I am afraid missing a step and being forced reinstalling again. If there´s somebody out there doing this: Thanks in advance!
  32. 32David Miller
    Like M, Pacifist turns up nothing after searching for bezel in either the update or combo for 10.4.8. Am we missing something here (brain cells maybe?)
  33. 33Scott
    David, when you download and open the 10.4.8 .dmg it shows a volume on your desktop called Mac OS X 10.4.8 update. Its this you need to open with Pacifist to find the Bezel files.
  34. 34John
    Lars: I posted an updated version (almost the same as the previous one) of my guide on how to install front row + WMM. Good luck. Just click on my name to link to my site.
  35. 35kyro
    So is this enabler safe to use, or will I need to fix my corrupt hard drive as I did before?Thanks for your help, Andrew.
  36. 36Dave Morgan
    Question: If I have 10.48 and had previously used Enabler 1.3.0 fine with 10.47, do I need to remove Front Row, reinstall it with the Combo Update from Apple and use enabler 1.3.5
    Can I just use 1.3.5 to patch my current 10.48 system? Since I actually READ instructions, I knew not to try to patch my 10.48 with Enabler 1.3.0, and dutifully waited for Mr. Escobar to work his magic(gracias Andrew)
  37. 37George
    Hey, I found myself in the s**t when, after updating the OS, I tried reinstalling Front Row and my PB didnt start up. I took advantage of my external HD with a bootable Panther to fix my internal Tiger OS. And this was done before Andrew posted the solutions. Im happy to see that more and more Im not a rookie, although still far from being as good as Andrew for instance.Anyway, Im happy to see that, after 10.4.8 we still have Front Row. Ive become addicted to it. For a moment I thought that Apple had decided to leave us (law-breakers) without the chance to enjoy it till we got the 10.5.Thanks Andrew.
  38. 38Willis
    I believe it is just as Wade Moline said. I followed his directions exactly (though it seems intimidating it was fairly straightforward to use Pacifist to patch the files, etc.) and Front Row is back in action. I did not have to uninstall Front Row and reinstall it, though I was not one of those that broke my system trying to use Enabler 1.3. Thanks so much guys.
  39. 39Mike Morey
    Worked fine for me. Took me 2 trys but, now it works! :]
  40. 40eXcelzus
    Had some trouble initially, but followed Wades instructions and it worked perfectly!Was rather hesitant as I never used pacifist before but it is really easy!Thanks Andrew and Wade!!


  41. 41Ottoman Empire
    Thanks Wade.. It worked just fine..
    Its very simple actually..
    Front Row is awesome. hell yeah..
  42. 42Martin
    I have a 17 Powerbook 1Ghz which was running very nicley Front Row 1.2 on OSX 10.4.7Now i have upgraded to OSX 10.4.8 Front Row doesnt work so I tried the 1.3 upgrade which seems to install the Front Row 1.3 ok (its found in Sysyem/Library/Coreservices/) but it doesnt run. I didnt run the Patch OSX as i had previously done this with 1.2One thing i did notice is that Front Row 1.3 requires a Graphics Card with Core Image support. Which my 17 Powerbook doesnt have. Was this the case with Front Row 1.2? and was i just lucky that it worked or is front row 1.3 updated to only work with Core Image supported graphics cards?


  43. 43Richard
    Just wanted to say thanks – Ive always used enabler (I used to have an iBook G4 that needed Frontrowing :-DBut yesterday I just switched to a new Core 2 Duo iMac, so I wont be visiting all so often anymore. Nevertheless – good luck for the future, and I hope you can keep cracking this thing.Cheers
  44. 44Michael
    If youre using Pacifist to fix a previous installation and replace the old Bezel frameworks with new ones from 10.4.8, you need to turn off the automatic Pre-Binding option in Pacifists Preferences. It WILL change the MD5 checksum for BezelServices.framework.Good luck, all.
  45. 45Sundayman
    I have same problem like Craig P – on fresh 10.4.8 Frontrow cannot be enabled – “Enabler cannot patch the system files. These files may have been updated or previously patched by Enabler. The verify Front Row has been enabled, restart your system to make the changes effective” – so, have somebody idea how solve problem ?Bye
  46. 46Ottoman Empire
    I have Front Row 1.3 running on an iBook G3 700Mhz, thanks to Wade 🙂
  47. 47TFS
    I got it to work thanks to Wades suggestion 🙂
  48. 48Angelo
    Macmini G4 1.42 1GB System 10.4.8First installation of FrontRow following instructions on 1.3.5, FR 1.3)

    Didnt worked

    Console returns:

    Oct 6 10:05:46 MacMini FrontRow[449]: Message Handler Installation Failed: bootstrapcheckin(): 044c: Bootstrap not privileged\n
    Oct 6 10:05:46 MacMini FrontRow[449]: No Remote Present – Exiting

  49. 49Will
    10.4.8 knocked out Front Row on my iBook G4, tried re-installing it with Enabler 1.3 big mistake, cant seem to get it working following Wades suggestion cant find the Bezel files.Ah well, Ill wait till the next release
  50. 50Gav
    md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
    f72343f419c8991a13c36db8c4c034edotool -hv /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
    Mach header
    magic cputype cpusubtype filetype ncmds sizeofcmds flags


  51. 51john
    Andrew,I re-installed tiger fresh, and let it upgrade to 10.4.8. I ran Enabler 1.3.5 from your web site. FR installed fine. When I went to Patch in th enabler after re-boot, I got the these files have already been patched message, which I believe is a false indication. Per your request, please find below my MD5 checksums:buddy:~ john$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    buddy:~ john$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

    Thanks for your help with a great product! I can tell you for a fact (because Ive seen it) that at least two folks from Apples software engineering group are running it, and are definitely pulling for you

  52. 52john
    PLEASE DISREGARD THE CHECKSUMS ABOVE!!! (helps to run them on the right mac.)Here are my real checksums:back40:md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    back40:md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
    8da9317373fb58161c9a436e045db5e0I see that the first checksum is the same as Sagats from Oct3, and the second is different.
  53. 53TT
    Hi everyone,Can you guys (Andrew as well) confirm if you have the following issue: after enabling, the font size on the song lyrics pane in iTunes (highlight any song file in iTunes > command+i > lyrics tab) is HUGE! Basically, its Frontrow size, but in the ordinary iTunes window. If you guys dont attach lyrics to your song files, and the lyrics tab is empty, just type anything in the window, and see if the font size is normal, or ginormous.I should clarify that I had updated m Frontrow to 1.3 using Pacifist when it came out last month, then re-enabled it with the rogue 1.3.1 enabler. After I discovered the huge font issue, I re-installed Frontrow per the instructions above, and enabled it using enabler 1.3.5.

    This is the first real issue Ive had on my PPC mini since I installed Frontrow on it 7 months ago.

    Let me knowI hope Im not alone.


  54. 54Joe
    Hi, just wondering whether its just me The dmg is failing to mount, whatever I open it with, and however many times I re-download it. Any help appreciated.
  55. 55Miro
    All this – my personal experience included – leads me to believe that the Enabler (1.3.5) doesnt need to patch the System any more. To enable the Front Row app installation – fine. But, Ive never gotten Enabler to successfully get its job done. It reported could not patch, etc., but the Front Row still worked great after the reboot.
    I installed FR 1.3 on a pretty fresh 10.4.8, which never had any Front Row installed. Enabler 1.3.5 didnt work. I still used Pacifist and replaced existing BezelServices.framework inside Private Frameworks folder (I did not touch anything in LoginPlugins folder!) – which may not have been necessary, since Enebler 1.3.5, as it reported, could not patch, etc…
    Go figure ?!
  56. 56testMonkey
    Andrew: thanks. Works great on my PowerBook. Awesome that you are able to post this for us.
    Wade: thanks. Your tips got me running.
  57. 57Fernando
    PowerBook:/ fernando$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    24f06a79fca3e20ebb8942c75ea8a3faPowerBook:/ fernando$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  58. 58Huck
    FWIW, Ive used virtually the same technique as Andrew did for 10.4 and got Front Row working on my 400Mhz G4 running 10.5. So Id expect things will work just as well when its final. 🙂
  59. 59Sam
    Hi Andrew,I tried to install 1.3 on my computer but have had problems with the fact that after installing and patching then restarting, nothing happens. So I then put the old Bezel files back in and deleted Frontrow and everythings OK. Will there be a patch that would make Front Row run on computers that dont support Core Image such as my Mac Mini G4 1.42?
  60. 60BD
    To answer Ms and Davids Oct 4th postings about not being able to use Pacifist to find the bezel filesI too couldnt find any bezel files and traced the issue to PEBKC me.Even though Pacifist can open a disk image file (.dmg) and see a package file (.pkg), it cant search it. One must actually open the .dmg to extract the .pkg file onto disk (or RAM). Then, using Pacificist on the .pkg file directly, one can search for the bezel files. (The instructions do say to open the .dmg image but I read right past that step.) Front Row again works for me.
  61. 61DigitalDren
    I was having some problems getting this to work with this new update. It kept telling me that it couldnt patch the files. So I downloaded the 10.4.8 update, uninstalled FrontRow. Then went through the install steps again. Install went perfect and FrontRow is a go again.Dren
  62. 62Rick Ross
    Hi Andrew,Here are my checksums from a new Mac Pro. The first matches what John posted above in #51, but the second is nowhere close:rick$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    rick$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

    Is there any reasonable way to proceed to get FrontRow working on this machine?


  63. 63David Miller
    Yes, that did it for me; thanks to BD for the tip and I have Front Row back now. Theres a useful command line fix for this problem on the Recovery thread that allows you to disable the corrupted files through single user mode, regain the GUI and then run the Bezel fix from from the update file without having to re-install the system software. The enabler can then patch the files successfully. Shows how the horrors of UNIX can be useful at times.
  64. 64Sankalp
    system crashed tryin to use the previous enabler..has to do a fresh install..this is wat md5 check shows on my mini .. after 10.4.8 ..its a fresh install.. not installed frontrow at all after formattingsankalp-aidoors-mac-mini:~ Sankalp$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices6b1107b5c975237980098f5d119887da

    sankalp-aidoors-mac-mini:~ Sankalp$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices


    shud i again take a risk and install front row ?

  65. 65Ryan
    Im getting the same results as Angelo, on the same kind of system. The Enabler wouldnt work to patch OS X.Console output:
    FrontRow[281]: Message Handler Installation Failed: bootstrapcheckin(): 044c: Bootstrap not privileged\n
    FrontRow[281]: No Remote Present – ExitingHere are the MD5 results:

    md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
    md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices

  66. 66Jean-Claude Jesior
    Perfect ! And Front Row is really a lovely piece of software. My PC friends are particularly impressed.
    Im running Mac OS X.4.8 and I had to uninstall first the previous version of Front Row Hack before installing Enabler1.3.5.
    I will buy today the Keyspan RF Remote.
    Thank you Andrew !
  67. 67Luis S
    Jean-Claude Jesior, how did your uninstall the previous version of Front Row? Did you follow Andrews instructions? I want to get front row back but Im afraid of messing with bezel files.
  68. 68Almir
    Same as the others, unable to patch the files, here are the checksums on my system:md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    24f06a79fca3e20ebb8942c75ea8a3famd5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  69. 69Almir
    There is a solution at hxxp://, it worked for me, even after the Enabler 1.3.5 gave the error message, and with no corruption of the files. There is a througfull description of the procedure by the autor in the above site, very interesting
  70. 70Julien
    Hello everybody !!Im french, so sorry if I say things that you cannot understand ;-)Ive installed front row, but I have also the error message : files cannot be patched Ive restart my mac, but it doesnt work and it make me crazy .. lol
    I would really make Front Row run on my mac mini G4, but I Cannot
    Anyone have an idea to resolve the problem ?? Ive read Almirs message, but I dont understand anything on the website

    Is there a more simple method to make front row run ?? Please


  71. 71Matthew
    back in action! The 10.4.8 update broke my front row and after reading through these comments and Andrews notes Im pleased to report that it is up and running again!!I followed Andrew and Wades steps to replace the BezelServices and then patched OSX with the enabler – done! Only minor hiccup in the process was pacifist not being able to find bezelservices but then I realised I was searching on the wrong file!Anyway – alls well and my friends coming over tonight will get the full frontrow effect as the music and slideshows play – thanks again Andrew!
  72. 72DualG5
    after ignoring all advice, and accidentally doing the 1.3 enable by accident, I VERY CAREFULLY FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS, and lo and behold, everything down to the Pacifist extract/reinstall worked as described. I was able to wipe, restore, and finally, I have front row 1.3 working on 10.4.8 for the first time ever on my mac.
    excellent.follow the damn directions.
    If I hadnt had an extra hard drive to boot under and do the 10.4.8, it would have taken me 5 hours instead of 3 too put humpity dumpity back together again.follow the damn directions. exactly.

    Dual 2GHZ G5 Tower


  73. 73Sankalp
    To start wid i had to format my ppc mac mini ..trying to use the 1.3 enablerAfter a fresh OS X install..i have updated it to 10.4.8 .. no front row installed yet..i have a few queries.. : 1. the normal procedure to install front row using the 1.3.5 enabler is not working.. it says the files are already patched.. even though its a fresh install.. my md5 checksums are :
    sankalp-aidoors-mac-mini:~ Sankalp$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices


    sankalp-aidoors-mac-mini:~ Sankalp$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices


    1. i guess the frontrow 1.3 is just and update.. ? or is the only thing needed if u dont have ne previous versions of front row installed.. ?? can the procedure mentioned by wade be used in my case.. ??

    kindly help me ne1.. miss front row..



  74. 74Sankalp
    ne ppl..after reading through all responses..finally got frontrow workingits god to have it back..thnx andrew..and others for posting these tips..
  75. 75Edward
    ATTENTION, MAC PRO USERS!By now, you all know that Front Row Enabler doesnt work on Intel Macs. So, is there a solution, apart from waiting for someone to disassemble the Intel BezelServices? You bet!Some time ago I encountered the indication found at, but, somehow, adding the custom-made FrontRowPass.kext according to the indications found at that site didnt work for me. This afternoon I began thinking that there might be some dependency between this kernel extension file and some other property that just didnt work on a Mac Pro. So I decided that the actual solution might be in fooling the system into believing that one of the already existent kernel extensions described a device that was a make-believe infra-red remote receiver. Well, what do you know? All Mac Pro owners have a keyboard and an optical Mighty Mouse. I did the trick with the mouse kext, called AppleHIDMouse.kext, but I guess I similar thing can be done with the Apple keyboard or with almost anything.

    Although there might be more elegant or efficient ways of doing it, these are the precise steps I took.

    1. Using the Finder, I navigated to Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions.
    2. After visually locating AppleHIDMouse.kext, I dragged it onto my desktop. As it is protected, it doesnt get moved; just copied.
    3. Once it was on my desktop, I right-clicked it and made a duplicate, just in case something went horribly wrong and had to manually restore my system after doing what I intended to do.
    4. I right-clicked the AppleHIDMouse.kext on my desktop and, on the pop-up menu, selected Show Package Contents.
    5. A Finder window opens showing a Contents folder. Double-click it. Youll see two folders and two property list files. Right-click on Info.plist. Although you can select Open and that would probably open the file with Property List Editor, your setup might be different and that might open it with OmniOutliner. If you are comfortable with OmniOutliner, youre on your own. In case you want to stay with me, however, when the popup menu shows, select Open With and then make sure you select Property List Editor.
    6. Info.plist will be opened by OmniOutliner. In the property list, click on the arrow to the left of Root. A tree of properties will appear. The fifth option from the bottom is called IOKitPersonalities. Click on the arrow to its left.
    7. Youll see six new properties. Click on the arrow to the left of M19-0a and click on the first property that appears, whatever it is. Press the button New Sibling, in the upper left of the window. A new model string will be inserted. Rename its content to HIDRemoteControl and press Enter. Locate the new HIDRemoteControl line (its in alphabetical order). Indicate that it is to contain not a String, but a Boolean value, which, by default, should be Yes.
    8. Navigate downwards until you see M19-0b. click on the arrow to its left and click on the first property that appears, whatever it is. Press the button New Sibling (same as before). A new model string will be inserted. Rename its content to HIDRemoteControl and press Enter. Locate the new HIDRemoteControl line (its in alphabetical order). Indicate that it is to contain not a String, but a Boolean value, which, by default, should be Yes.
    9. Navigate downwards until you see M19-1. click on the arrow to its left and click on the first property that appears, whatever it is. Press the button New Sibling (same as before). A new model string will be inserted. Rename its content to HIDRemoteControl and press Enter. Locate the new HIDRemoteControl line (its in alphabetical order). Indicate that it is to contain not a String, but a Boolean value, which, by default, should be Yes.
    10. Press Command-S so as to save the changes in the property list.
    11. Close Property List Editor. Close the Contents window.
    12. Now, for the really dangerous part. Move the just edited AppleHIDMouse.kext from your desktop to the Extensions window that should be opened somewhere in your screen. You will be prompted for authorizing the file replacement and probably for your password (one with administrative privileges).
    13. It isnt over yet. Go to your Applications folder and open Utilities. Open Terminal.
    14. Enter cd /System/Library/Extensions without the quotation marks.
    15. Enter sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHIDMouse.kext without the quotation marks.
    16. Quit Terminal.
    17. Reboot.
    18. The boot-up process will take a little longer than usual, since the change is detected and a cache needs to be rebuilt.
    19. Login if necessary.
    20. Press Command-Escape. Voilà, Front Row!

    This works perfectly on my Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.4.8 and Front Row 1.3. You may have noticed that Im not giving any indications whatsoever on how to install Front Row on a Mac Pro. Instilling isnt necessary because its already installed! Its always been! The only thing that I did install-wise a few days back was to use Andrew Escobars Front Row Enabler 1.3.5 for enabling the 1.3 upgrade, even though I know it would serve no real purpose. Now I guess an upcoming 1.3.x or 1.4 Front Row should work flawlessly on my system, or even be automatically updated by System Update.

    I dont suppose there are serious mistakes in the above-described process, but do everything with caution and, before doing it, make sure you know how to undo whatever goes wrong, just in case your system is somehow different from mine. If you have a wireless Mighty Mouse the above solution might not work, I cant be sure.

    So, my friends, enjoy! At least until Apple change AppleHIDMouse.kext. But, even if they do, you already know how to tweak it. And no enabler or BezelServices tweaking is necessary at all!

    All the best

  76. 76john doe
    If you have a non-iSight mac and want to use Front Row with the Apple Remote. Please check : Http://
    There you will find instuctions on setting up a keyspan receiver with the apple remote.
  77. 77nate
  78. 78matt
    hi, when i try to watch a slideshow of my pictures in Front Row, the background music chops up on my Powerbook. Anyone experience the same thing???
  79. 79Kevin
    I tried to install Front Row 1.3 using Enabler 1.3.5 for the very first time on my G5 running 10.4.8. Like several others I got the message that the system couldnt be patched. Eventually I used Pacifist to install the two Bezel files from the 10.4.8 combo load as if I was trying to back out a previous installation. The enabler then worked fine, I rebooted and now Im up and running. Presumably due to pre-binding, these files could not be patched until Id done this. Despite the instructions above, you might need to used Pacifist on a virgin system.
  80. 80Gil
    THANKS, Edward!I just succeeded in installing & running Front Row in my Mac Pro.
    Here is what Im doing.
    1. Install Front Row 1.3 via Enabler 1.3.5
    2. Follow Edwards instruction.
    3. follow instruction at, which is linked at Edwards Instruction preface.( recommand Mac Pro users to do No.3 before doing No 2.
  81. 81Martin
    Well, after getting the bezels from the x.4.8 combo I was finally able to enable frontrow again on my pb g4 1.67Ghz. Strange enough I wasnt able to install it on my freshly installed G4 AGP that I had just completely whiped and reinstalled to start using as a server.
    I was using it as a test-machine today and figured, clean as it was that it oughta work. Stil wondering why it didnt, could it have something to do with me using a logitech keyboard and trackball? Anyways, just wanted to let people know, its running on both machines after getting the clean bezels from the updater.
  82. 82Craig P
    Frontrow works if you use Pacifist and reinstall the BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin. files after you have installed Frontrow. DO NOT RESTART until you have replaced BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin. files or you get dumped on (i.e blue screen and unable to login to OS)! Then restart and then select the “Patch Mac OS X” button from the enabler. Works 100% if you follow this!Enjoy!(I have read that Frontrow will come standard with standard version of the new Leopard. Weither you have eyesight or not! So this wont be needed in the future.)
  83. 83Dan S
    Craig,Can you elaborate on how you got your Front Row installation working on 10.4.8? I had the same problem that you outlined before, but am unclear on how to use Pacifist to reinstall the BezelServices.framework and loginPlugin files.Thanks!
  84. 84Craig P
    Hi DanIts quiet simple really. It explains all you need at the top of this blog. But here it is anyway!1) Mount/open the MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.dmg disk image.
    2) Open the package file MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.pkg with Pacifist.
    3) Select the Find button and enter “BezelServices.”
    4) Under the Search Results panel, Search for: BezelServices. select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin.
    5) Select the Install button located in Pacifist’s top-right corner.
    6) If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files.

    Then select the “Patch Mac OS X” button from the enabler. And restart!

    I hope this makes sense!

  85. 85Hessel
    Yo, this was simple enough for me to follow!It worked!Thanx Craig!
  86. 86Paul
    My G4 733 with a GeForce 2 MX video card. Core Image Not Supported works fine with FR 1.3 using 1.3.5 enabler and the pacifist fix. Thanks for all the support guys.
  87. 87Glenn
    Hi, tried installing, didnt work. Gave up and turned off and now I just get the blue login screen and that spinning progress indicator. DO U KNOW HOW TO GET PAST IT?!?!?!?!?
  88. 88Dan S
    Craig,Thanks for the info. It worked like a charm. Im now lovin the Front Row-age. :)Thanks again. Its people like you and Andrew that make the newbs like us feel at home.


  89. 89Alos
    No go with Mac OS 10.4.8.any ideas?
  90. 90Tumme
    Followed hints from Wade Molie [15]. Several tries. Didnt work. (Front Row was previously enabled on this Mac with 10.4.7.)Discovered that the default keyboard shortcut in my case was COMMAND + POWER/SHUT DOWN.Changed to CTRL + ALT + COMMAND + F12.

    Now it just works.

    ( Powerbook 17, core graphics support, swedish keyboard layout, 10.4.8. No check sum problems. Noticed that they are different.)

  91. 91Andrej
    Same MD5 checksums here. And I cannot patch these files.
  92. 92Andrej
    Im realy an idiot. I read only 1st reply to this. Now working just fine.
  93. 93Elmel
    Wade Molines response (#15) worked for me as well. Thanks guys!
  94. 94John Ash
    I just installed the newest version on my PPC mini, didnt work, restarted, and now I have NOTHING. I have a light blue screen with the spinning gear. Tried safe boot, single user startup and everything else on the apple help page. Could someone please give me some advice how I can use my only compuuter again(typing this on my neighbors toshiba)? I have restarted numerous times in many different modes but can never get it past the light blue screen. Please, this machine worked perfect before I tried to update today.
  95. 95Patrick
    Follow Wades instructions and it will work worked for me! I fried my 10.4.8 OS with Enabler 1.3 – I followed the instructions and Front Row is working baby!
  96. 96Patrick
    Josh Ash Read the top of the site, there is a link pointing you to the fix.
  97. 97Will
    Finally set aside some time to give it another go and it worked, just use Pacifist to replace the Bezel files and then patch the Mac OS X files again and restart, it works!Thanks, Wade, Andrew!!!Will
  98. 98safri
    Yes, just use Pacifist and folllow Tips on using Pacifist and do the MD5 Checksums.Thanks Andrew. Youve done a good job.safri
  99. 99ibookG4
    Didnt work for me at all. iBook G4 and Mac OS X 10.4.8! Hmmm..
  100. 100James Longinotti
    Well, for those of you who cant patch the system, heres what you do

    1. Get your os 10.4 cd/dvd, archive and install
    2. install updates :10.4.6 , 10.4.7, and finally 10.4.8
    3. Re-do andrews instructions and there you go.

    Oh, I finally fixed my PB after the safe sleep ordeal.

    any questions, email me

  101. 101Lanz
    Well I did the reinstall after 10.4.8 on my poor little 1.25 GHZ mac mini after upping my ram to 1GB and adding a 7200 rpm drive.what a difference throwing in a little hardware makes!!!! Front Row seems quite snappy now. But I do have a problem with iPhoto under Front Row. Whenever I start a slideshow the first slide will appear, music starts and then I am transported back to the finder for a few seconds. After that I am back at the main Front Row display which looks like it has reinitialized itself. I have reapplied the 6.05update, but no joy. Anyone have a clue what may be happening?ps: Thanks Andrew!!!
  102. 102digibit
    Merci, ca marche!!!
  103. 103Nicholas
    Guten Tag! Ich möchte mich für deine Mühen sehr herzlich bedanken! Du bist einfach SPITZE!!! Liebe Grüße aus Wien (Vienna)!!!
  104. 104Khan
    Hey Andrew!You have messed up the whole thingWhen I install frontrow it doesnt work on my ibook and I tried everything

    Before it worked because you had the older version of the enabler which didnt require the core image graphics thing

    Can you send me the old stuff??

  105. 105Jim Roberts
    Pain in the ass just make it easy sheesh.
  106. 106Loïc
    wouahou !!!! merci beaucoup pour ce trick. Cest du tonnerre.Hi,
    Wonderfull, it works so good. Tks for these tricks. Quiet simple to install and efficient. Nice job, go on.
  107. 107Jes
    Thank you so much!! It runs so smoothly! Thank you Craig for giving those detailed steps. Thanks to you, and the rest of the great people here, I can now use my mac mini as the multimedia machine it was built to be! Thanks again!
  108. 108Andrew
    Awesome! Thanks for these instructions, especially the troubleshooting using pacifist, which allowed me to installl on the second try.
  109. 109Tibok
    an easy solution is to enable installation with Enabler 1.3.5 and then to enable Front Row witn Enabler 1.3.1.Ive tried it, it works
  110. 110germain
    please help me
    i wanna know how can i format the harddrive ibookG4
  111. 111osxwinkle
    md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    24f06a79fca3e20ebb8942c75ea8a3famd5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  112. 112jimeeg
    After hacking around for a few hours with Enabler and Pacifist, I finally was able to get FR running on my decrepit old titanium G4 PB. At least I think its running. Im not sure because the screen is blank, but the apps seem to be making all the right sounds. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It is not my display, because I hooked up an external display that does the same thing.
  113. 113René
    I finally got it working!
    (Powerbook G4, MacOSX 10.4.8, no previous Front Row installed.)I had the same problem as lots of people where, in step 3 when I tried to “Patch Mac OS X”, I got the message that the files were already patched.However after following the instructions under Troubleshooting using Pacifist to replace the 2 Bezel folders, then restarting and repeating step 3, it worked fine. One more restart and voila – Front Row!

    It would be great if this problem could be fixed in Enabler though cause it was a bit of a hassle but a great result in the end.

  114. 114Chatur
    I followed the thread no 84 by Craig P and it was installed successfully after wondering for patch already applied problem.
    Thanks a lot Craig. I could see that beautiful frontrow on my screen.
    And Thanks to Andrew for giving such a beautiful gift to all mac users.
  115. 115Titoo
    G5:~ Alain$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    G5:~ Alain$ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

    G5:~ Alain$

    System broken i followed the thread 84, and Andrews one

  116. 116michael hillerup
    It seems that the latest version Enabler 1.3.5 is corrupt, since the disc image fails to mount :(Im using Mac OS 10.4.8 and have tried downloading Enabler several times, but to no avail
  117. 117Ecking
    I followed all the instructions and it didnt work. My 1.5ghz PPC mini was already at 10.4.8 but never had frontrow on it before 10.4.8 and it still doesnt work. It says:
    Enabler cannot patch the system files. These files may have been update or previously patched by Enabler. To verify Front Row has been enabled restart your system to make the changes effective.Then I restart and it still says the same thing. Before this I have NEVER run enabler and was ALREADY using 10.4.8 so it cant be from a previous installation and I cant use pacifist because I didnt download 10.4.8 as a package, it was already installed through software update.What should I do?
  118. 118René Bonvanie
    Everything went OK during installation on my dual 2.7 G5, but after the reboot the keyboard preference pane doesnt show the Frontrow keyboard shortcuts, nor does the Option-Esc work. Its there, but I cant enable it 🙁 Could this be because I use an external wireless Logitech keyboard?
  119. 119John
    When I open the Enabler 1.3.5 i get this message The Following Disc Images Failed To Mount tried it several times.
  120. 120Steve
    Im having the exact same issue as Ecking. Running 10.4.8 which was installed through software update. Ive never installed Front Row before and upon trying to patch the system files with Enabler it tells me “Enabler cannot patch the system files. These files may have been updated or previously patched by Enabler. To verify Front Row has been enabled restart your system to make the changes effective.”Any suggestions?
  121. 121Paul
    I have a Powerbook G4, 10.4.8 – downloaded Enabler 1.3.5 and Front Row 1.3 – followed the instructions to the letter Enabled installation, restarted, installed, patched etc. No luck – no Front Row.I checked the md5 – it seems most of us have one number the same and another different.Was going to do the Pacifist/Bezel fix when I got to Post number 69 above. What is it with that number? 😉

    Anyway, I went to the link – obviously substituting http for hxxp – and read through the guys notes. He didnt seem like an idiot or hacker or bad person. So I downloaded the FIX that he posted. Ran it.

    Voila! Perfect!

    Not sure why there are so many posts after that one!?

    Thanks, Almir. And for those of you still struggling, Id strongly suggest you go there too. You may have the same luck!

    Peace! And thanks, Andrew

  122. 122Luis S
    I just did what paul recommended and it worked great. Go to post 69 and download that enabler. After that you follow Andrews original instructions and there you go. Now I have Front Row back and I can use my remote again. Thanks Andrew, Amir, Paul and the person who created that enabler. Happy Holidays!
  123. 123JJL
    Problem. Got Front Row installed on 10.4. 8 on a g5 system. Problem is while FR works for music, photos, etc. it does not play movies. Odd. It will play sound but no video. The preview does not work either and in iTunes store teh trailers no longer work. I can still play DVD with DVD player but I cannot with FW. I can play mpeg with quicktime but not FW. Any ideas?
  124. 124nucwings
    this is really stupid, but i accidentally installed it on my intel imac, now the computer doesnt work. everytime i boot it up it goes to the desktop for a few seconds then goes back to a blank blue screen. my computer was messed up by this program. any suggestions on how i can fix it? thanks
  125. 125muuz!
    Great, its works again on my Mini with these instructions! Thankx Andrew and Wade Moline!
  126. 126Rhino
    im not entirely sure if this has been mentioned before but does anyone know how to get rid of the menu bar while watching dvds through front row?
  127. 127fred
    front row wont come up. installed and restarted. really annoying, help
  128. 128Ted
    Just updated to 10.4.8 and ran the 1.3 Enable. Wade, youre the best!
  129. 129iBook G4 & iMac G4
    Hi, tried workin on imac & iBook but didnt work, just says somethin about a previous installation??? Tried erasing HD but still doesnt work!!!! 🙁 Previous version DID work on iBook but this one doesnt!?!?!? HELP!!!!
  130. 130Klaus
    Hi,I am running on a G5 iMac (old model w/o iSight), 10.4.8 with all available security updates and was not able to run front-row:
    Enabler cannot patch the system files. I checked the md5 checksums of the two files to be patched by front-row. They are as follows:$ md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    $ md5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

    Thats different from the description. I have a MightyMouse (cable version).


  131. 131Alex Mason
    Yay for Andrew, love you again my friend 🙂 thanks you so much, been wanting my Front Row back for agesAnyway, drop me a line some time eh? make me feel special and part of something cool.Al.
  132. 132bob is your uncle
    doesnt work on my ibook the cant patch files error.what should i do?
  133. 133Joey Lange
    Hi all, I have an update for all you folks with 10.4.8 and latest updates
    Andrews Patcher seems to not work. One of the new security updates must have modified the bezelservices files, because Guillames 1.3.1 updater works, but Andrews does not. Why is this important? Andrews checks the checksums of the bezelservices files, while Guillames does not. So, Andrews stops, thinking that the files have already been patched, when in reality they have not.As far as Mighty Mouse goes I have a bluetooth one running on 10.4.8 (I didnt install any software, the drivers were already there), and it works fine. Dont know what sort of problems I should be running into, but they arent happening.If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask here or visit my site and comment one of my posts or something 🙂
  134. 134CEO
    Could anyone post the download of the bezelservices packages so that we dont have to get the whole big combo updates and using pacifist. Just download the bezel and overwrite before doing a patch OS from Enabler for
  135. 135fiona
    hey folks,
    i istalled FR1.3. an patched it with enabler1.3. but as it didnt work i tryied several times and now my ibookg4 freezes at startup.i get the bluescreen after maybe 2-3 seconds after loading.
    can anybody help me out new in this osx stuff and dont really have a plan on what to do.mail at: fmores(at)internet.luthx a lot!
  136. 136Romain
    Hi Andrew,I had installed 10.4.8 and my previous version of Front row stopped working. Then, I made it work with your procedure using pacifist. Today, Ive bought the mighty mouse wireless and I lost Front Row. I know youve made a procedure for both of this problem but now I dont know what to do, using front row under 10.4.8 with the mighty mouse. Please help me!
  137. 137Sean
    md5 -q /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    24f06a79fca3e20ebb8942c75ea8a3famd5 -q /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
  138. 138Alex
    I can not boot after installing Front row 1.3 with enabler and following the instructionsI did the
    mount -uw / and so on but the g3 pb doesnt start!?
    How can I fix this in the terminal!
  139. 139Craig P
    Wow so many people still having problems with installing front row. Its very easy to install if you just take a few breathes between blinking. Youd be surprised. Here are the steps again. The are no different from the explanations given before. But please take your time. And enjoy the results!Please note: Frontrow works if you use Pacifist and reinstall the BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin. files after you have installed Frontrow. DO NOT RESTART until you have replaced BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin. files or you get dumped on (i.e blue screen and unable to login to OS)! Then restart and then select the “Patch Mac OS X” button from the enabler. Works 100% if you follow this!Heres the steps:
    1) Mount/open the MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.dmg disk image.
    2) Open the package file MacOSXUpd10.4.8PPC.pkg with Pacifist.
    3) Select the Find button and enter “BezelServices.”
    4) Under the Search Results panel, Search for: “BezelServices.” select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin.
    5) Select the Install button located in Pacifist’s top-right corner.
    6) If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files.

    Then select the “Patch Mac OS X” button from the enabler. And restart!

    Hopes this helps. And enjoy Frontrow!

  140. 140Sub
    Does anyone know where I can get Front Row 1.2.1/1.2.2?I have a Mac Mini 1.42GHz, which does not support Core Image, and I can find old versions to enableBah!

    Thanks for any help

  141. 141Ben
    For those of you who cant get the image to mount, try re-downloading it with Firefox, or something other than Safari. I tried using Safari to download it, and each time it would fail to mount. Downloaded it with Firefox, and it worked just fine.
  142. 142Marlon
    Hey Andrew sorry 4 bothering so much and thanks 4 giving us these cool ways to have these programs.
    Well, I have an iBook 1.42 OS 10.4.8 and I tried several times to install FrontRow now, cause before when I have 10.4.7 I installed from here and works perfectly, but I have to reboot my iBook for other problems, but now with the 10.4.8 update and all that I just cant installed now? :S I do everything you say here step by step, but nothing It just doesnt, if you can help me with this problem I really appreciate it ok, thanks 4 all, see u later
  143. 143JP
    For those who have the Blue Screen problem. It is due to the loginwindow crashing after the Bezel updates. I had this problem on an ibook G4. Boot into Single user mode with on boot up. At the prompt perform the following:1) mount -w / this will remount the drive read/write.
    2) cd /System/Library/LoginPlugins/
    3) rm -rf BezelServices.loginPlugin Removes the pluggin that causes the crash
    4) rebootAfter system reboots log in and perform the pacifist fix. I ran into this after using 1.3enabler instead of 1.3.5 like I was suppose to.

    Now that I have followed the correct instructions, I am running into the unique problem of everything appearing fineNo ErrorsReboots great butNo Front Row at all Oh well.

  144. 144Greg
    Hello everyone!
    Just wanted to say THANKS!
    With the link on post 69 (Enabler 1.3.1) and Front Row Update 1.3, FR works perfectly on my PB G4!!!!
    Now I can use my Nokia 6230i as a bluetooth remote control (with Romeo 0.9.3i and Veta S40) with FR!!
  145. 145Charles Melbye
    I just installed the 10.4.8 update, so if i follow these steps, will front row be installed without any problems?
  146. 146Anthony Scott
    I was able to install Front Row 1.3 onto a Dual 450MHz Power Mac G4 with a GeForce 2 MX 32MB running OS X Server 10.4.8. I had to use the 10.4.8 client update to get the bezel files and use pacifist to install the Front Row update but it actually worked. No problems despite not supporting Core Image. It is a little slow, obviously, but overall Im amazed how well it works. Thank you very much.
  147. 147Coast
    Andrew, just wanted to thank you for a job well done with Enabler 1.3.5. It worked perfectly after I re-installed the bezel files from the 10.4.8 package (as per comment above). Ive also got the Keyspan Express IR remote working with it very well (thanks to a link off your website). Thanks again.
  148. 148Jesse
    I thought I would add my 2 cents.1) I did a clean install on my 1.4 G4 macmini (original with only 256 mg ram)
    2) Ran the 10.4.8 update from Software Update, along with itunes, quicktime and all the other fun stuff
    3) Downloaded the 10.4.8 ppc update, Front Row 1.3, Enabler 1.3.5, and Pacifist
    4) copied Front Row to Desktop, ran the enabler on it, then installed it.
    5) Restarted and ran the Enablers Patch OS and got the error telling me it was already patched.
    6) Restarted just to be safe and see that things still worked
    7) Ran Pacifist like instructed in the troubleshooting section, and installed the two Bezel folders.
    8) Restarted then ran the Patch OS again, it worked, and then did the final restarted
    9) Everything works great, thanks for all the comments.Hope that helps anyone still unable to follow the many many many instructions above.

    -Good Luck