How To Install Apples Front Row 1.3

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Update: How To Install Apple’s Front Row

Enabler has been updated. Please visit the updated Enabler page.

The following instructions are outdated and provided for reference only.

Put your digital life on display with Front Row.

Front Row transforms movie night into a blockbuster Hollywood premiere. Control the mood of the room with instant access to iTunes music and playlists. View slideshows from your iPhoto library, complete with transitions and music. Watch home movies, music videos, TV shows, and more. Hit play and pass the popcorn. Enjoy your music, video, photos and DVDs exactly as you wish.

Using Enabler 1.3, the latest version of Front Row can be easily installed on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or above. This Front Row update (version 1.3) provides for improved iTunes compatibility.

Disclosure: This website ( is not authorized by nor affiliated with Apple Computer, Inc.

Important! Read Before Installing

If Front Row is being installed for the first time (there is not currently a working version of Front Row on your Mac) carefully follow the steps bellow.

If you have previously installed Front Row using Enabler and are simply upgrading to version 1.3:

  • Only complete steps 1 and 2.
  • Enabler has already patched to two system files needed and they do not need to be patched again.
  • Do not complete step 3 if you already have a working version of Front Row that was installed using Enabler.


  • Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later
  • iTunes 6.0.4 or later
  • iPhoto 6.0.2 or later
  • Core Image capable graphics card
  • PowerPC based Mac

Do not use Enabler with Intel based Macs, such as the MacBook or Mac Pro. Using Enabler with with an Intel Mac will damage your Mac OS X system files.

Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may result in unintended damage to Mac OS X.

1. Download Front Row from Apple

Download Front Row 1.3 from Apples website.

When the download completes, open the disk image (FrontRowUpdate1.3.dmg) and copy the file FrontRowUpdate1.3.pkg to the Desktop. This file must be copied to the Desktop. Dont run the installation just yet. At this point if you try running the Update Installer package, youll get this error:


This software update requires a Macintosh with a built-in infrared (IR) receiver running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later.

Front Rows usability is not dependent on an infrared receiver, and in fact runs well on recent Macs (past 3 years or so). If you are confident your system is capable, you can chose to skip the hardware check using Enabler 1.3.

2. Enable Installation

  • Download Enabler 1.3
  • When the download completes, open the disk image (Enabler_1.3.dmg).
  • Next, run Enabler from the disk image. (That is, dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Enable Installation button and authenticate with you password.
  • Front Row can now be installed
  • Open FrontRowUpdate1.3.pkg located on the Desktop and proceed with the installation.
  • When the installation completes, restart.

3. Enable Front Row

In some cases, you may already have enabled Front Row and have patched the needed system files. In this case, you should not enable Front Row again to avoid damaging important system files. To check, once youve restarted, see if Front Row load by hitting command-escape on your keyboard. If it load, then skip step 3.

Though its been installed on your Mac, Front Row still needs to be enabled with two small patches because Mac OS X checks to see if your Mac has a built in infrared receiver. Even without an IR receiver, Front Row still runs fine because it can be controlled with the keyboard in-place of the Apple Remote (other remotes work too).

  • Having restarted, again open the Enabler1.3.dmg disk image.
  • Run Enabler from the disk image. (That is dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Enable Front Row button and authenticate with you password. ( This process patches Mac OS X system files.)
  • Restart.

4. Set Front Row Preferences

Enabler provides for a fully working version of Front Row. Open System Preferences to have a full control over Front Rows preferences.

Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Keyboard & Mouse preference panel. Under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, ensure that Front Rows shortcut is check-marked. The default keyboard shortcut to Hide and show Front Row is command-Esc but you can change it by double-clicking on it. I have it set to F11 along side my Exposé and Dashboard keys.

Sound Effects
Open the Sound preference panel. There is a new option under the Sound Effects tab to enable or disable playing Front Row sound effects. (While most are all great, the silly flute sound when you select Music from the main menu drives me insane.)

5. Enjoy Front Row

The default keystroke to launch Front Row is command-escape.


  • Command-Escape – default to show and hide Front Row
  • Option+Up/Down – set volume
  • Enter or Spacebar – select menu, playlist, song, movie, etc.
  • Escape – go back to previous menu/screen
  • Tab – quickly return to desktop (or any other keys really)


Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row
Available at Amazon
$30.99, free shipping, save 22%

Besides the Apple Remote, the Keyspan RF is the only remote of those Ive tested that requires no installation and is completely compatible with Front Row.

Review: Keyspan RF, Front Row Remote Solution

Price: $30.99, free shipping


Highly Recommended



Fix Missing Menu Items and Crashing System Preference Panels:

If you mistakenly attempt to patch the system files more then once (by using the Enable Front Row button multiple times) you may corrupt two important files. In these cases Mac OS X may have have missing menu item and the Keyboard and Sound preference panels will crash when opened. The fix is simple when following the directions to uninstall Front Row as outlined below.

Manually Uninstalling Front Row:

  • Delete Front Row (/System/Library/CoreServices/Front
  • Download Mac OS X Update 10.4.7 Combo PPC from Apple.
  • Open the disk image
  • Download Pacifist and copy application to the Application folder.
  • Use Pacifist to open the Mac OS X Update Installer package file (which ends in .pkg)
  • Search for bezel and install only these two specific files folders:/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/ /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/
  • Restart. (You may not need to restart if you see the changes/fix occur immediately.)

Tips On Using Pacifist

  • Mount/open the MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.dmg disk image.
  • Open the package file MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.pkg with Pacifist from the disk image (insure that it is in fact the combo update).
  • Select the Find button and enter BezelServices.
  • Under the Search Results panel, select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin.
  • Select the Install button located in Pacifists top-right corner.
  • If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files.
  • Restart.

Technical Notes

In this process BezelServices.framework and BezelService.loginPlugin are modified, but only by a few bytes each. The boolean string that reports if the boolean property HIDRemoteControl is true or false is inverted. (This is why it is recommended that Enabler not be run on new Macs because it would return false.)

BezelServices.framework contains _BSRemoteControlFeatureAvailable which is called by any Application that uses the new remote, including Front Row and the preference panes. I decided to change this instead of patching Front Row, Keyboard.prefPane, Sound.prefPane and Security.prefPane themselves. This will also fix any new applications or Front Row updates that rely on the remote (As long as the framework itself isnt replaced). Patching this framework enables the new preferences and allows Front Row to run.

BezelServices.loginPlugin (which is what listens for the brightness controls, volume controls, etc.) has its own call; _HIDMonitorRemoteUIToggle. This too checks for the remote and toggles Front Row once cmd-esc (or the Menu key on the remote) is pressed. It also allows Front Row to load when command-esc is pressed then idle in the background once done. Front Row only loads the first time you activate it, as opposed to loading at boot.


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  1. 1John
    Will this enabler work with machines that have the new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse drivers installed, or will it lead to a system hang at startup like the previous version did? Thanks.
  2. 2Mitch
    Andrew thanks for getting us a working version out so fast!
  3. 3.Neo
    Id like to know the same thing as John.
  4. 4Andrew
    No might mouse support. Sorry.I should really post about that today.
  5. 5John
    Thanks for the info, Andrew. So I guess this enabler will probably kill macs if they have the newer drivers. Good to know. On a side note, digg really seems to be going to shit. I submitted a story to your released of the 1.3 enabler, and its already being buried by crap repeat stories of new ipods and itunes 7. Sigh
  6. 6John
    Is there any chance well be seeing an enabler that supports the new Mighty Mouse drivers any time soon? Or do the new drivers complicate things a whole lot more? Thanks.
  7. 7Craig
    AndrewFor some reason all of the trailer posters are giving me the quicktime logo with a question mark in itany idea what is going on? Thanks for the software it integrates with my evolution tv and eyetv software letrting me use the evo tv remote for front row.
  8. 8kroblanx
    Thanks for this update, Andrew. Once again, it works fine on my PB G4.
  9. 9Chris
    So andrew, lets suppose for a minute that Im a dumb ass and didnt check (because it seems completely unrelated) the ability to use a bluetooth mighty mouse with your software . . . what do i do to fix my comp? Thankfully i have .mac and so i can restore my hd from a day or two ago but yeah. any other way?
  10. 10Kevin
    on a pb g4, when i run enabler, it just hangs. macs still running fine, just enabler is hung, any ideas?
  11. 11Darc
    Installed on an upgraded PowerBook Pismo – G4 550 and PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz.Flawless on the G5, but on the Pismo all text menus and album art are inverted. Letters and pictures are flipped upside down. Any insight?
  12. 12Suprehn
    Anyone knows if there is any scrip or anything else that can simulate the frontrows menue button on the elgato Remote controll?
    Since they updated Eyetv to 2.3.1 you cant any longer enter frontrow from Eyetv without Apple remotecontroll
  13. 13Rick Rapp
    Andrew you are the man for getting this to us so fast. One Q, is there a way to get an icon to add to the dock? I dont see Frontrow in my apps anywhere.
  14. 14Max Mertens
    Have downloaded both Combos and was looking for the Bezel* Files,
    but there were none found in either 10.4.6 nor 10.4.7!!!How could I deinstall my old Frontrow and reinstall the latest update now?
  15. 15Mitch
  16. 16Evan
    This is so stinkin cool! Thanks Andrew. I had not yet tried to install Front Row on my Powermac G5 and this worked like a charm. Thanks for getting the update on here so quick! YOU RULE!
  17. 17John
    Very cool! Now I can run FrontRow with the blue iTunes :-PThose quick updates rule!
  18. 18Mike
    Well something is not playing like it used to. I have front Row 1.3 installed on 2 dual G5s and a 17 PowerBook G4. Front Row is installed and pulls up the interface jus t like it used to but the only thing that actually works is Music and possibly the DVD player. Movies doesnt find ANY of my imported MPEG4 movies anymore or any TV shows (from Apple or imported) as well as any downloaded Music Videos. I get the same error message on all machines saying no files found. Visit the iTunes store bla bla bla..Something is not quite right anymore.
  19. 19Jason
    Why does it have the Core Image card requirement – the website doesnt mention it. I love having Front Row on my living room mac mini (original – Jan 2005) and would love to take advantage of the download movie through iTunes option. It only has a Radeon 9200 – do you know if it will work?
  20. 20Gerd
    Just installed Front Row 1.3 on my PowerBook G4 1,5 GHz with iTunes 7.0 and iPhoto 6.0.4. Front Row starts, I can play Music, can scroll my iPhoto albums but cannot see my pictures. When selecting an album, Front Row hangs until a message says that iPhoto does not react. Any idea?
  21. 21Gerd
    and Mac OS X 10.4.7
  22. 22Ian
    Andrew,Im not sure if other people are having this kind of problem or not, but thought Id mention this because it may have severe impact on people!After installing iTunes 7/Front Row 1.3/Enabler 1.3, I ended up with two very unhealthy systems.One, a 1.42Ghz G4 Mac Mini, ended up having random application crashes, and toolbar items (display tag, date/time, spotlight, etc) didnt show up. When I looked at the console, I just saw it streaming errors about SystemUIServer crashed every few seconds.

    I ended up restoring the original BezelServices files (I happen to have another OS X 10.4.7 installation on another drive, fortunately!) and things are working fine again.

    Another system, an iMac G5, has been getting steadily more unhealthy since yesterday. It got to a point where itd crash every time I tried to open something that used OpenGL. Today it simply wont boot (Im going to try to restore it the same way with an external drive). Im not sure why the iMac was getting steadily worse, but I used it (unwittingly) with the bad Bezelservices for several hours and perhaps OS X was slowly damaging itself as I used and rebooted the system.

  23. 23Moonpig
    Has anyone tried using the Airclick usb with this update? I want to be sure its still supported.By the way for those of you who dont like Apples implementation of Coverflow I think you can still get the last version (RC 1.2) from Macupdate. Its fullscreen and works with remotes, both Apples and Airclick.
  24. 24Andrew

    Core Image Support

    Jason (19) writes:

    Why does it have the Core Image card requirement – the website doesn’t mention it. [The Mac mini (Jan. 2005)] only has a Radeon 9200 – do you know if it will work?

    Yes, it should work and so should most Mac bought in the past couple of years. It doesnt list this requirement on Apples site because all the Macs they shipped Front Row on had supported graphics crds to begin with.

    Launch System Profiler and look under Graphics/Display to see if Core Image is supported on your specific Mac.

    Darc (11): Requirements: [] Core Image capable graphics card

    Rick (13): There are small little apps that can put Front Row in you Dock, in the way that the Dashboard icon works in the Dock. However, Ive avoiding publishing they suffer from the minimize bug as described on my site earlier.

  25. 25Gerd
    found dozens of errors in the console log:Sep 14 00:44:04 Apple06 FrontRow[249]: AppleScript Communication Error: {\n NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage = slideshow running kann nicht in Typ reference umgewandelt werden.; \n NSAppleScriptErrorMessage = \U201eiPhoto\U201c hat einen Fehler erhalten: slideshow running kann nicht in Typ reference umgewandelt werden.; \n NSAppleScriptErrorNumber = -1700; \n NSAppleScriptErrorRange = ; \n}looks like a type conversion error in front row: in english it says slideshow running cannot be converted to type reference
  26. 26Alpha
    For those who have a BT Might Mouse, dont install this! It will break your system and cause it to hang when starting up. The only way Ive found to fix this once youve done it is to insert the OS X install DVD and choose the custom installation that archives user data. After it archives and reinstalls, youre back up and running with the exception of all the updates you need to reinstall. In this process, I didnt lose any of my personal data it just took forever.Hope this helps.
  27. 27Nicholas Olszewski
    Ive just installed and everything went fine, but when I run it everything is upside down and back to front, any ideas?
  28. 28bouayad
    Why not on Mac Pro ? Please solution ! Thanks
  29. 29Chuck
    Regarding the CoreVideo requirement:Shouldnt that read Quartz Extreme? Im running Front Row 1.3 on a G3 Powermac (with 500Mhz G4 upgrade) and a lowely Radeon PCI 7000 with PCI Extreme to enable Quartz Extreme via the PCi slot. This card definatly does not have CoreVideo support.Its too bad for me that the video resolution was increased because now my computer cant decode the iTunes videos quick enough where before it was on the edge. Oh well, looks like a time to upgrade.
  30. 30Cory M
    Works great on iBook G4 / 10.4.7! Hopefully Apple gives us Front Row with the new look as seen in the iTV preview.. and smoother graphics too! It looked choppy. They have a few months to fix that 🙂
  31. 31Eric
    I had the problem with the empty menu bar. Downloaded pacifist and the linked Combo Update, but bezel cannot be found by Pacifist in that package! Any other suggestions please?
  32. 32Fritz
    You are my hero: the interval from:
    1) noticing that Front Row wasnt working properly with iTunes 7;
    2) finding Front Row 1.3 was available from Apple
    3) finding that you had already updated your enabler
    was less than two hours.
    Thanks very much!
  33. 33Luis
    thanks again andrew!you were so damn quick!The world has to Know that Andrew Rules!!Regards,
  34. 34Enz
    Silly question – But do you need to purchase a controller to use on an iBook that does not have infra red built in?
  35. 35dennis
    Strange problem here. Installed Front Row 1.3 on my Mac Mini 1.42 ghz and for some reason it doesnt play divx videos. When I use Quicktime it does work without a problem.Should I go back to Front Row 1.22 or am I missing something ?
  36. 36Josh
    Pacifist saved my behind. I ran this process on my Mac Pro (duh) only to read the PPC only later after having the keyboard control panel quit on me. I downloaded Pacifist, put in the system disks that came with the Mac Pro and restored the bezel services without a hitch (well one: make sure youre getting your folders from the right place. I almost installed the Japanese versions).So, the moral of the story is I second the request for a Mac Pro (i.e. the only Intel Mac that doesnt have FrontRow included!) version.
  37. 37sam
    Users of UNO 1.3 : before using enabler, uninstall UNO, otherwise your system will be unbootable ! After installing Enabler, you can install UNO again !I had to use my external hard drive, pacifist and 10.4.7 combo to make it work !Andrew : can you make UNO-patched bezel login ui compatible with Enabler (currently, the Starting Mac OS X shows up for less than half a second, then only a blue screen with from times to times a scrolling weel at the bottomthanka 🙂

    oh, I can send you the Wireless Mighty Mouse drivers if you need !!! drop me an email if needed

  38. 38Matthew
    Hey Andrew,
    Are there any ideas as to why all the words would be upside-down.
    PowerMac G3 350mhz, 768 Ram, It runs it fine if you can read it backwards upsidedown.
  39. 39Rogier
    Accidently, I ran the “Enable Front Row” patch for the second time, upgrading from Frontrow 1.2.2.Since then OS X wont boot: as soon as the screen announcing OS X is starting appears, it disappears after approximately 1,5 seconds leaving me with the iceblue screen of death, after which nothing happens.Since it wont boot up, I am unable to run the fix using pacifist. Does anybody know how to gain access/run a fix any other way?Any help with this issue – since I am a Mac novice – is deeply appreciated!

    • Rogier

    (PB G4 combo 15, v10.4.7, BT Mighty Mouse enabled)

  40. 40John
    I used Pacifist to simply copy over the old 1.22 version and all seems fineI had previously run Enabler for the 1.22 install as per the instructions.I then installed UNO 1.3.1 (the new version) and all still seems fine.At first I had the Quicktime question marks also for trailers, which I would guess was Apple being hammered, but can confirm that iTunes, iPhoto, Movies and DVD playback all now work fine (just tested again).I have installed the new Quicktime version too.

    10.4.7 PowerBook G4.

  41. 41slackstar
    hi,i am proud to announce that i was too dumb to read that advice before i used enabler on my brandnew mac pro:Do not use Enabler with Intel based Macs, such as the MacBook or Mac Pro. Using Enabler with with an Intel Mac will damage your Mac OS X system files.;-)

    Downloading the Comboupdate right now. I hope it will repair my damaged system.

    Does anyone know why FrontRow is on the Mac Pro Installation Disc without being installed when selected? Thats really really strange!!!


  42. 42Matti
    I have same problem than Gerd has. I have PowerMac G4 1.25Ghz Mac Os 10.4.7 with iTunes 7.0 and iPhoto 6.0.4.Gerd
    September 13th, 2006 at 5:39 pm
    Just installed Front Row 1.3 on my PowerBook G4 1,5 GHz with iTunes 7.0 and iPhoto 6.0.4. Front Row starts, I can play Music, can scroll my iPhoto albums but cannot see my pictures. When selecting an album, Front Row hangs until a message says that iPhoto does not react. Any idea?
  43. 43Rogier
    Would anybody like to respond to my posting re: blue screen after double patch, please use: apple[at]rogier.orgMany thanks in advance!

    • Rogier
  44. 44Camille
    Previous installation of Front Row on my iMac G4 800Mhz i did the installation of the new one & now it works perfectly! THANKS!!!
  45. 45Will
    Works fine on 1.42Ghz iBook G4 installed over previous Frontrow installation.Thanks again Andrew
  46. 46Nick
    I have an imac G5: Anyone else encounter a crash-and-restart when you come out of sleep mode?
  47. 47Debbie
    Sam would love the mighty mouse wireless drivers. I moved my office and now cant find that install CD! How can I drop you an email? My email is dripps at
  48. 48Sparky
    Upgraded to 1.3 from 1.2.2 and appears to work. I did not use the enabler to install since my system was already patched with Enabler 1.2.2 from before. I just used Pacifist to install Front Row 1.3.iTunes is working fine through Front Row. However when trying to look at pictures I get an iPhoto is not responding error even though iPhoto is up and running on the desktop.Dual Processor 1.6 Ghz AGP G4 with 1.38 GB RAM and a Radeon 9200 vid card. Any ideas?
  49. 49John
    Hmm only thing I have noticed is I cant get to my video clips inside iPhotoother than that speedy and new QT seems to have sorted my stuttering issues with clips as well
  50. 50Janique
    hi! i got a question! Ive installed fronrow 1.3 on my iMac Power PC G5, and now my mac doesnt work as usual. How can I uninstall the software, or how can I get to the old function of my mac???It would be nice, if anyone could answer Janique[Andrew adds: It would be nice, if anyone would read the answer under Troubleshooting Andrew]
  51. 51googlemacgc
    to Janique : I have got the same problems on my iMac G5 no more pics on my finder, and fans running faster as usual , but I have find a solution (windows like!! ) by installing once more enabler package and reboot
    dont tell me why but it works and I would sure wait my new iMac 24 to have front row
    bye !
  52. 52zach
    hey the software work great but my apple remote that i have doesnt work. i have an imac g5, the old one without the intel. how can i get the remote to work with front row?
  53. 53Jim
    I too had no trouble with the installation – everything went smoothly, but when I activated Front Row on my G4 /533 with OWC 1Ghz processor upgrade, all text was upside down and backwards. Any ideas?
  54. 54M
    Tried to upgrade from 1.2.2 and disaster struck. Mac could not make it to the log-in screen and progress wheel would simply spin endlessly. Booted into single-user mode and ran all repairs within AppleJack and still no dice – same spinning wheel. Luckily, I have a 2nd partition and I manually removed FrontRow and now all is well. Havent attempted to reinstall FR 1.3 yet. My initial reaction to all this, users may be safer to manually uninstall FR 1.2.2 first and then install 1.3. Will post follow-up after trying to install 1.3 fresh and see what happens. Nice hack, keep up the good work.PB G4, 17 HR, 10.4.7
  55. 55Andrew
    M,No. If you have Front Row installed, there is no need to uninstall. Just update to Front Row 1.3, and dont patch the system by hitting the enable Front Row button.Jim,Upside down, inside out, reversed, or whatever-it-is text means your graphics card doesnt support Core Image

    Please take the time to read through the comments for your answers. They are valuable additions at times.

  56. 56Julen
    Hi,the remote also can control programs such VLC?
  57. 57Matt
    Im going to try this tonight as I only just got 1.2.2 installed on my G4 1.33 iBook.One thing I meant to ask how is the video performance for the ibook users? If I try and watch diggnation through it I get around 5 seconds of video and audio, it then pauses and carries on for another 5 seconds. If I play the same video through VLC is plays flawlessly.Any suggestions?
  58. 58Ezra
    I am using the original FP iMac. Upgrading from 1.2.2 to 1.3 was so easy.
    Your instructions were very prescise – carry out steps 1 & 2 and restart.
    I did just that and everything works as expected. Once more you have made my day! Thank you very much.
  59. 59p4bl0
    Front Row Enabler 1.3 dont work well on my powerbook G4.I follow carefully the installation instruction (just 1 and 2, cause ive already installed front row, it was working).Now I can launch front row but when i go in Music for instance, if i wanna go in Artisit or Playlist, the spin start and never stop, like if it take an infinite time to load the artists or playlists listWhat can i do ?
  60. 60matt
    Installed 1.3 with no issues thanks to the enabler. Also managed to solve my crappy playback. Turns out I cannot have any other applications open in the background for smooth playback to occur.All in all though, cracking article and software Andrew.
  61. 61Demis
    I couldnt restart correctly after the install, I had the neverending blue screen.
    I installed the bezel stuff and then I could restart.But, I dont have anything in the menu bar in the finder, no clock, no user name I can see that I can no longer take screenshot of my windows because the shortcuts do not function.If a guru has an idea, please tell me. Thank you very much.
  62. 62marc
    Great app! Thanks a lot. Works even fine with iTunes 7.
  63. 63Steven
    Installed FR with this patch messes up the EyeTV full screen menu (that used the same keyboard shortcut). Now neither FR or EyeTV launch. Note: I have not yet tried the 1.3 version, and will not try it unless Im sure it will work.
  64. 64Elliott
    Weird. If Im listening to music in FR, and I exit, I see iTunes open. If I view a photo galler in FR and exit, I see iPhoto open. Whats up with that??
  65. 65Yann
    Another strange issue: previous front row was working with itunes 7. I just updated front row 1.3 using 1.3 enabler and everything went fine, but now when i try to play an mp3 file in itunes (not even in front row) it never starts playing (you can play/pause, but the track is stuck at 00:00) same mp3 plays with quicktime player, so the issue seems to be withing itunes 7. I still wonder how itunes 7 stopping playing could be related to the front row update
  66. 667031
    My 1.5Ghz PPC Mac Mini doesnt support core image and frontrow works great (though on the slow side when changing menus). Whats up with that?
  67. 67kroblanx
    I had the same problem as Gerd. I tried all the fixes to get iPhoto working again, but nothing worked. I just reformatted my HDD and re-installed everything. Im holding off installing Front Row again.I hope you address this problem somehow, Andrew. Keep up the great work man!
  68. 68Dan
    Followed your instructions to the letter and it works great as usual. Learned my lessons about following the instructions from your previous versions. Thanks!Mac mini 1.5GHz PPC 10.4.7
  69. 69Enrico
    Perhaps someone could also figure out, how to use an Apple Remote through an Elgato EyeTV, that already has an built-in IR port and how the Mac might possibly get access to Front Row without starting up the EyeTV software right through this IR port.
  70. 70Bill
    I keep getting a message that says:

    Error: 1. Security API failed with error -60008.

    What do I do?

  71. 71tsweimer
    Im not sure why but Ive only had to use the enabler once since Front Row was available for non-iMacs. After that I just install (after hacking the installer package) each version that comes out and run it without having to use the enabler. This seems to good to be true given the massive amounts of problems I read about with other users.
  72. 72cwest
    Just like tswimer (post #71), Ive yet to have any problems. I was running the previous version of FrontRow and the Enabler on a Powerbook G4. I used Pacifist to extract/install the new 1.3 from the downloaded installer package over the old 1.2.2 version found in System/Library/Core Services. Logged out and back in. I tested everything from iTunes and iPhoto to viewing movie trailers. It works great! Never had to run Andrews new 1.3 Enabler at all (didnt even download it!). So, if youve run Enabler before, I dont think you really need to run it againjust use Pacifist to install the new 1.3 over your old versionor maybe Im just lucky! 😉
  73. 73Sparky
    Quoting from post #64, Elliot: Weird. If I’m listening to music in FR, and I exit, I see iTunes open. If I view a photo galler in FR and exit, I see iPhoto open. What’s up with that??Whats up with that is thats how it works on all the new Macs too. Front Row uses iTunes to play the music and iPhoto to display the photos.Back to my issue- Everything appears to work fine and I can even see a sample image from my gallery in the FR Photo menu. When I try to play a slideshow I get a iPhoto not responding error even though iPhoto is up and running on the desktop. Got plenty of RAM (1.38 GB) and my processor is a dual 1.6 Ghz G4. Radeon 9200 card and all other graphics appear to be fine Is this a corruption of the FR installation or possibly a limitation with some other hardware? Conflict? Any ideas?Thank-you.
  74. 74Sparky
    Update: I realize now that even though I have a Radeon 9200 card, I do NOT have Core Image Support. I do have Quartz Extreme.So even though FR appears to work otherwise, my graphics card is not up to the task of running a photo slide show. Not a big deal overall.Thank-you to Andrew for making this all possible.
  75. 75alin
    How do you uninstall it from an Intel Mac? My System Preference panels (keyboard, sound) keep crashing.[Andrew responds: Same as above but you need the extract the bezel files from your Intel Mac OS X installation disc.]
  76. 76Enrico
    Today, I received an email by Elgato support – very interesting one, I think. English translation:

    Unfortunately, we had to disable the support for Apple Remote on Apples demand. With EyeTV 2.3, it has been possible to use the Apple Remote with EyeTV hardware as an IR receiver in order to control Front Row and EyeTV.

    We are sorry that we are no longer able to support Front Row through EyeTV.

  77. 77AJ
    I installed FR with Enabler on my G4 Powerbook (OS 10.4.7) a few days ago. Worked fine, but I did notice a slowdown on startup and was having major slowdowns with Safari. Was starting to get concerned.This afternoon, I restarted my machine after a minor software installation (nothing fancy) and my Powerbook just stayed spinning on the Grey intro screen. 10 mins. Nothing. Tried again. And again, etc. Nothing.Fortunately I had another old (blue) iMac beside me. I connected my Powerbook via Firewire (3 cheers to Firewire) and restarted my machine under Target mode (press T when restarting). Miraculously, my hard disk came up. I started doing some immediate backing-up, but my Powerbook kept crashing after small amounts of work. I was convinced the hard disk was soon finished.In the process, I figured that Front Row might possibly be the cause of my woes, although as it had functioned fine, I was skeptical. However, much to my disappointment, I deinstalled the app as advised above. I restarted the machine as per normal, and even more miraculously it fired up as normal. My bacon was saved: my machine just went out of warranty last month during my vacation and Ive no Applecare (first thing tomorrow folks!).

    This is the first time Ive ever installed anything that shouldnt be on my system natively. And Core Image is supported on my PB.

    My lesson and advice. playing around with the system like this is not something Im going to be doing again. The enabler is undoubtedly a great piece of software (well done Andrew), but as this page does say clearly above, you are taking a serious risk by installing. I took it, enjoyed Front Row immensely for a few days, but my machine ultimately suffered. Fortunately it doesnt seem to be too badly damaged. Sorry to rain down on the fun, but this is my own experience.

  78. 78Michael
    Hi thereAny ideas or hints on how to use Griffin AirClick remote with Enabler/Front Row???Would appreciate any comments, cheers,Michael
  79. 79Matt Mewis
    This is wonderful! Thank you. running well on a powerpc 1.2 ghz G4 (agp graphics).The only problem – All text and album art is inverted. Any fix for this?Thanks!
  80. 80Will
    download the latest version of Airclick to make it work with Frontrow, 1.0.6 I think
  81. 81Mik
    Anyone else try out twisted Melons solution with this patch? Looks like the ultimate solution!!
  82. 82Brian Duchesneau
    I installed this today on my 1st gen. macmini.My Sony Ericsson Z525A cell phone with bluetooth acts as a remote with FrontRow !!!!very, very coolthanks a bunch!!!!!
  83. 83Michelle
    Hello, This has worked fantastically for me, can you tell me if it is possible to launch front row automatically upon startup? I added System/Library/Core Services/ to the Startup Items in System Preferences but to no avail. Cheers
  84. 84Nate
    Is there any way we will see Leopard support soon? I really miss Front Row
  85. 85M
    Update: I tried to install FR 1.3 fresh with the instructions (Ive successfully installed FR 1.2.2 on several other Macs including this one) and still get the endless blue-screen loop and never get to the log-in screen. Had to reboot to my second partition and remove FR 1.3 all over again. As you suggested above, I tried the update from 1.2.2 to 1.3 and did not re-enable a second time with the patcher. I guess out of desperation, I could try to reinstall 1.2.2 again and try yet another update, but it didnt work the first time. Im actually stumped at this point because 1.2.2. worked flawlessly and 1.3 is giving me fits
  86. 86Andrew
    M,1.2.2 is exactly the same as 1.3 when it comes to patching the needed system files. Go through the uninstall process as noted above, and then try installing Front Row again.Andy and other poor readers:Please read the Troubleshooting section before asking for help regarding a problem that is clearly outlined there.
  87. 87M
    Another update: I have just installed FR 1.3 for the 3rd time after downloading new copies of enabler1.3 and FR 1.3 (just to make sure I didnt use corrupt copies the first two times). Only completed steps 1 & 2, hit command-esc a few times and nothing. Thus, I ran enable FR again and got the endless blue screen for the third time upon reboot. Booted from 2nd partion, uninstalled for the 3rd time and now all is well. Apple has mysteriously removed FR 1.2.2 from its website and Im not that enthused to look up my old copy from an external HD tonight. I am very diligent about correcting permissions and dont have any other hacks on this machine. As mentioned before, I did successfully run 1.2.2 on this PB before, but I have reformatted and redone the OS since then. Very wierd to say the least
  88. 88Gabe
    @Michelle: create an AppleScript application containing the following line of code:tell application Front Row to activateThen, add the app to startup items. A word of caution: this doesnt seem to work on my MBP (froze once, did nothing ever after), but theoretically it should work and has on other peoples systems. YMMV
  89. 89Elliott
    I love you man.
  90. 90Chris
    Youre a good man! Great work, however, I cant use it – another Mac Pro user here. If you can, thatd be great 😀 Im certain the requests will build as other workstation users discover their computers dont do front row. Shame.
  91. 91Austen
    hey man, great work.I read about the problems with bluetooth Mighty after I had already installed. Now what happens if i installed the mighty software after the enabler?? Im fine with choosing one or the other, but i havent had any problems with either one so far.Please advise.
  92. 92Moonpig
    Micheal (78),If you have the Airclick Usb try downloading the free Proxi software from Griffins site. It allows you to use the remote in any number of ways to do almost anything on your Mac. Also The Airclick software v1.06 lets you control Front Row as well as switching between controlled applications on the fly!
    I use it with the last version available of Coverflow before he sold out to Apple, much better version including fullscreen.
  93. 93Brandon
    Hey friends,If you cannot get your computer past the blue screen of death because you accidentally loaded the enabler even though you have a bluetooth mouse, the fix still works.If you can find another PowerPC Mac, you can install the fix by mounting your harddrive using target mode on another Mac. Then you just follow the directions on this website for the fix with one exception: Pacifist must install the bezel files onto the targeted disk on your broken Mac. I did it this morning and it took about 15 minutes.
  94. 94daniel
    Im unable to mount the file Enabler1.3.dmg.Ive tried over a few weeks to download and extract
    the file Enabler1.3.dmg.bz2 with Stuffit 10.0.2 or the Unix utility
    on OSX 10.4.7 and the result is always the same:the image is not good, it will not mount Enabler 1.3.dmg!

    This is only happening with that file??Thanks in advance for your time and your help.
  95. 95Richard Outerbridge
    The installer doesnt seem to clean up after itself I found .something (not the literal name) bsdiff files in both of the directories that the enabler is messing with. Why are (were) they still there?Why not provide a binary unistaller?
  96. 96Chris L
    Im having issues with 1.3 on my dual 2ghz G5, i currently have no video capabilities, audio will play but no video???. to troubleshoot i booted off my powerbook which has functioning video and the same problem occured. Anyone else having issues?Dual 2 June 04
    1 gb ram
    radeon 9600
    radeon 9200 pci
  97. 97ACo
    Would it be possible to make a fix so people who have a BT MM can use your wonderful patch?
  98. 98Matt
    Last time I read anything on this page. Thanks for wasting 20+ minutes of my life while I download a 200 meg update to extract the files your retarded script borked. You cant check to see if theyve been edited already?If its worth doing, its worth doing right.A warning at the top would be sweet.For intel users:
  99. 99Matt
    Oh there is a warning a few paragraphs down. Try using #FF0000.
  100. 100Andrew

    Last time I read anything on this page.

    It surprises me you read anything on this page at all, having missed the warnings and instructions.

    You can’t check to see if they’ve been edited already?

    Nope. MD5 hash checks werent consistent enough to be relied upon.

  101. 101Matt
    Ya okay Andrew.What you couldnt backup the files your modifying so that people dont have to re-install or jump through hoops to get their machine working properly again?I guess its also really hard to use /usr/bin/arch and determine if your hack should even run.At the very least you could put this important info in the window so people read it.
  102. 102Andrew
    Matt,Ill be updating Enabler in the near future (when Mac OS 10.4.8 arrives) to reflect your suggestions. Thanks for the memory jolt.
  103. 103Brian
    Have any PowerBook users experienced battery drain after installing Front Row? I was getting 2:30 hours before and the first time I unplug after going through the steps outlined above, I get about 1:15 hours.
  104. 104Hector
    FrontRow (1.2.2) stoped working when I updated to Mac OS 10.4.8 what should I do?
  105. 105John
    Just installed 10.4.8 and can confirm it killed off FrontRow 1.3 on my machine too – Front is still there in Core Services though, I guess the update replaced the bezel files. Thought Id take the plunge and rerun the Enabler but the dmg seems to be corrupt.For info I just ran software update, its been a while since Ive been bothered to do the combos.Looking forward to an update Andrew when you can get around to it. Thanks in advance for your continued efforts!
  106. 106John
    Give the man a chance! 10.4.8 is only hours old
  107. 107Larsen2k4
    IMPORTANT: I also just upgraded to 10.4.8 do NOT run the Enabler again! It kills the Bezelservice of 4.8 and the loginwindow! Had to replace it via backup from the single user mode.Hopefully Andrew will update it as soon as possible 🙂
  108. 108John
    Thanks for the warning Larsen
  109. 109Chris
    I also found my pb dead after trying to enable an existing FR install. Endless blue screen, flashing spinner.I fixed it by mounting the powerbook in Firewire target mode to another powermac and re-applying the 10.4.8 combo installer via firewire to the PB. Its fixed (whew).Looking forward to having Frontrow back though Ill keep checking back.
  110. 110Chris
    if you have a second mac, boot the broken mac in firewire target mode (hold down the t key after pressing power) and connect it to the working mac. it will mount as a hd on the working mac.from the working mac, run the 10.4.8 combo updater and point it at the sad mac (mounted now as another volume).when its done, unmount the sad mac from the working mac, restart the sad mac, and all will be well.hopefully the fact that youre posting here means you have another machine to recover from.

    everyone else:
    10.4.8 breaks the front row enabler. Andrew is working on it. dont try to use the enabler to enable front row on your 10.4.8 system files. It will break.

  111. 111Steven G
    10.4.8 Breaks it for me too.
  112. 112Josh
    Any recommendations for those that ran the enabler and dont have a 2nd Mac to boot from? I suppose that I could just reinstall the OS to my mini or to my external firewire drive, then go from there.
  113. 113Norman Jobling
    10.4.8 update has disabled Front Row on my Book – is it safe to use the existing enabler on .8?
  114. 114Chris
    norman (117):no. see 110, 113, and many other posts above. attempting to use the enabler to enable Frontrow on your 10.4.8 system will render it unbootable.
  115. 115johnny
    when i upgraded OSX to 10.4.8
    front row disappeared
    do i re-install it or wait for your new version?
  116. 116Leo
    10.4.8 upgrade broke FrontRow. Is this just a reinstall? Should I do something else?
  117. 117Luke
    Along with the other idiots that tried running the Enabler after installing the 10.4.8 on my 12 PB, I now have the Blue Screen.I have an old G4 450 MHZ Power Mac, Running OS X 10.2.8. Downloaded 10.4.8 Combo Update, tried to update via Target Mode but the installer says it cant be installed on this machinedo I need to update my Power Mac to 10.4 first?Please help
  118. 118denny
    Wow. I am amazed at the number of people who continue to post about their problems but who apparently do not bother to read either the warnings at the top or any of the most recent comments. is reading really that difficult?Andrew, is there a way to communicate all of this via video for the people that cannot be bothered to read can just watch something entertaining with lots of pretty flashy colors?If you can take the time to install a hacked version of front row you can take the time to READ. Read the warnings at the top of the post and then read the solutions posted in the comments before posting.
  119. 119Mike
    Just thought Id chime insame problem after the 10.4.8 updatethank god my Apple on a fresh re-install of OS X got by with minimal damage.I came back here thinking I must have missed a step – but it looks like we should just wait a bit for Andrew to figure this one out.
  120. 120Tumme
    and some more light over this: its a Powerbook G4 17. It was connected to a LCD TV via HDMI. The displays at screen mirroring, and a Bluetooth mouse was connected. May be an extreme combination. anyway this was the case when the Powerbook was restarted – as the Fornt Row Enabler suggested that.
  121. 121Chris
    I had the same problem with 10.4.8, I installed it and it gave me the blue screen of death. I reinstalled Tiger with archive and install and tried installing this. It went fine, the machne boots, but it does not work when u press cmd esc. The keyboard preference also does not show up either. Is this something Apple has figured out and is blocking???
  122. 122Rick
    Andrew, Please add a big warning at the top of this page.If you can boot off another drive or partition. Download the 10.4.8 update manually from Apple and reinstall on the problem startup drive. This should fix the OS/boot problem.I want to thank Andrew for giving me Front Row on my older Mac.
    To quote Andrew: Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may result in unintended damage to Mac OS X. I know people are upset, but, Andrew cant see into the future and know what changes may occur in a software update. Any time you hack software on your own or with someone elses code, you take a chance. I found out about the blue screen of death the hard way this morning.
  123. 123Christian
    Attention! Be careful updating to OS X 10.4.8!
    Front Row Enabler 1.3 does not work with the previously released update to OS X 10.4.8. I had Front Row installed via the enabler on Mac OS 10.4.7 wich worked just fine, but after updating to 10.4.8 Front Row was gone, so I reinstalled it using the enabler. After restarting the system was not able to load, instead I got a blue screen. So be careful!
  124. 124Keith
    I just thought Id add another thing to this conversation. I used the Enabler to enable Front Row and used it a few times over the past week. The other day I noticed while playing music that the play indicator was blinking when FR needed to scroll long song titles. Later that day my EyeTV was acting wonky, no background when changing channels, no volume indicator although it worked and stuttering for a few seconds when moving the mouse or increasing screen size. EyeTV worked fine for 6 days before the problem started. I upgraded to 10.4.8 and EyeTV is back to normal while as we all know FR is not working. Anyone else have similar conflicts? I may experiment with my clone and update Quicktime and see how it goes.
  125. 125Nico Andra
    Its not necessary to copy the affected files. Renaming /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginplugins to /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginplugins1 -par example- and rebooting its enough.So

    1. Boot pressing Command-S
    2. Enable RW to \ using fsck -fy && mount -uw /”
    3. Run mv /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginplugins /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginplugins1
    4. Reboot.
  126. 126Dryan
    Nico,Thanks for the tip. Just saved me a lot more headache.
  127. 127Lance
    Cheers Nico got my machine running right away. Btw, im not sure if its just me, but i think you have a typo in which file you change the name to. When trying your instructions, I got a file not found. Upon navigating to /system/library/loginplugins/, i took a look what was in there, and found a bezelservices.loginPlugin but none with the s. none the less, by changing the file name, i was able to boot my machine again.Question: by removing the bezel service plugin, do i now need to run the combo updater to replace the now missing bezel service loginplugin?
  128. 128faker
    Hello:Ive tried rename the file, but it appears read-only disk. Please tell me How could I solve this problem?
  129. 129Mike
    Sowith my limited knowledge of things in the safe modeis there a fix yet? Id give anything a try, but with this being my only comp, some more detailed and rigid instructions to copy down before i self-impose the blue screen of death would be greatBUT – do not take this as an ungrateful statement! Ill gladly wait as long as needed for those in the know to find the time to help us. i appreciate everything that everyone more computer saavy than I has found! TAKE YOUR TIME!`
  130. 130AChang
    Re: Nico AndraThanks a million! I only have PCs in my house so your fix worked great.
    on thing is that there is no s at the end. For others, here it is minus the s:

    1. Boot pressing Command-S
    2. Enable RW to \ using “fsck -fy && mount -uw /”
    3. Run “mv /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin1″
    4. Reboot.

    Note: there is a space between loginPlugin and /System

    I was actually about to do a fresh install (had the Installer loaded and everything), but I kept reading here for some hope.

    Front Row is an excellent app for my iBook G4. Watching trailers is awesome.

  131. 131Luke
    BLUE SCREEN GONE!!!!MANY THANKS to Nico Andra & AChangYour fix got my computer back!Look forward to the update, I lovey my Front Row
  132. 132kala
    I installed Front Row on my mac mini using Enabler 1.3 and everything went smoothly. Then I ran the software update from 10.4.7 -> 10.4.8 and found Front Row was not working any more. I ran Enabler once more andHappily I checked back here and found if I had done another reboot I would have been in big trouble. I then manually downloaded 10.4.8 update and ran it once more, then rebooted and everything was fine (though no workinf Front Row). I checked that the files that Enabler patches contained in 10.4.8 update so you dont need to run Combo updater.For the time beeing it would probably be the best to include a version check in Enabler so that untested environments would not cause problems.
  133. 133Michael
    For those of you that get the blue screen, just do an archive and install like what i did. It works fine, all you have to do after is delete the Previous Systems folder and you get all your HD space back.
  134. 134Rodger
    I was able to ssh (remote login) to my G4 even when the blue screen was running. I then ran “mv /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin1″ and rebooted.This allowed me to successfully start my G4, download 10.4.8 update and install it. This put back the files that I needed.Front Row still does not launch, but by G4 is working fine.
  135. 135Edward
    Andrew, interesting development. I was wondering if you could possibly drop a hint or two regarding the hexadecimal strings one has to locate in the BezelServices binaries and change into something else. I assume the files themselves must be different for PPC and Intel Macs. Ive noticed that both files seem to be Java bytecodes, starting, as they do, with CA FE BA BE, but my JAD decompiler (Windows platform) wont even consider reverting them to the Java source code because they are version 2.0! Does anyone know of a reliable bytecode parser for v.2? If this information can be provided, most people with basic computing knowledge would be able to tweak Mac OS X on old Macs and Mac Pros into believing that an internal IR receiver is always present.
  136. 136Guillaume Boudreau
    Installed FrontRow Enabler 1.3, rebooted, got the no-login-screen problem since I am using 10.4.8
    Fixed it by using my trusty Firewire cable.
    Then hacked FrontRow Enabler to support 10.4.8If you want to install FrontRow 1.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.8, heres the 1.3.1 Front Row Enabler I used to do that without hosing my OS X install: also explained on my webpage everything I did to get it to work; but you dont really need to read all that. You just need to know that 1.3.1 will only work on 10.4.8, and that it works like 1.3 did, but without breaking the login screen.

    Good luck,


  137. 137Larsen2k4
    Yay! It works!!1000 thanks Guillaume! 😀
  138. 138Olli
    Great! Many thanx Guillaume.
  139. 139Rodger
    Worked great. Thanks for the help.
  140. 140AChang
    Yes! It works!
    Thanks mate!
  141. 141seanpawn
    Just thought Id let the less experienced here know,
    after you enter:

    1. Enable RW to \ using “fsck -fy && mount -uw /”

    you need to wait a few minutes for the process to finish. I was hitting return and then immediately entering the next part.

  142. 142Scott
    My mac mini G4 is all updated & front row back & working.Guess we can all say to Steve Just one more thing !Thank you guys 🙂
  143. 143jacques
    Merci beaucoup Guillaume pour ton patch, cest super
    Andrew va pas être content dis donc !!!
    Javais déjà remplacé licône verte par la bleue, mais là jai le vrai !!
  144. 144Sharp
    Merci bien Guillaume! Thank you very much Guillaume! Danke schön Guillaume!
  145. 145John
    Can anyone check and see that you still have the new zooming feature after applying Guillames updated enabler? Thanks. Im thinking something else must have changed, otherwise why would Apple have overwritten existing bezel files?I dont want to break other functionality for the sake of Front Row until I understand it betterThanks.
  146. 146Guillaume Boudreau
    John (#186): Zooming is still working.
    I didnt remove anything from Apples 10.4.8 version, I just changed one byte in their file, just like Andrew did with the previous version of that file.

    • Guillaume
  147. 147Joseph
    Guillaume, I installed with your enabler, but I accidently clicked enable front row before i clicked install front row and then restarted thinking I had clicked the correct choice. Now when I hit Apple + Esc it just causes my menu bar to refresh. Is there any way I can start fresh to be able to do it right?
  148. 148Devax
    Thanks for the solution. I Firewire Td in and changed the name of the file like you suggested. But I noticed that it broke my volume and exect disc buttons on both my PB G4 and BlueTooth.So I just copied over the file from another Mac and it works fine now.Thanks again.
  149. 149John
    nomadp – try again, sometimes on my PowerBook it doesnt work first time either.
  150. 150mark
    i have updated to 10.4.8 and it broke FRto fix it do i run the new enabler 1.3.1 and follow all 3 steps and reinstall frontrow or do i just run the new enabler and select enable front row??thanks
  151. 151nomadp
    Fixed it! I couldnt get to the single-user mode just because Open Firmware PW Protection was enabled. After shutting down the protection, I finally managed to fix the problem by following the salvation instructions up above
  152. 152Guillaume Boudreau
    mark (#201): If you already installer FrontRow 1.3 in the past, then just hit Enable FrontRow and thats it.Mainpath (#195): Use the 1.3.1 posted in my comment #174; 1.3 will hose you 10.4.8 install (you wont get a login screen).Mike Morey (#194): Same thing. FrontRow Enabler 1.3 will break your Mac OS X install if you previously installed 10.4.8 – you need to install 1.3.1 from my comment #174. Read previous comments on how to fix it before you can re-enable it correctly.Alex (#192): ditto. Bluethooth support is untouched.

    • Guillaume
  153. 153mark
    cheers matewill do
  154. 154Gia
    Thanks a lot, Guillaume!!It works great on my Powerbook!!
  155. 155zorze
    There is so much sorrow in this thread.To help alleviate this a bit, here is some AppleScript code that you can paste and run in an empty AppleScript window. It will check if you should run Guillaume Boudreaus modified FrontRow Enabler 1.3.1 on System 10.4.8.zorzeFrontRow Enabler Enabler by zorze
    This program check if you should run the modified FrontRow Enabler 1.3.1
    by Guillaume Boudreau
    Original FrontRow Enabler 1.3
    by Andrew Escobar
    To run this code, paste it in an AppleScript window and hit Run

    check if architecture is ppc
    set shellscript1 to arch
    set arch to do shell script shellscript1
    if arch is ppc then
    set arch to true
    set arch to false
    end if

    check if system version is 10.4.8
    set thePath to /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist
    set theVersion to 10.4.8
    set shellscript1 to grep & theVersion & & thePath
    set vers to true
    do shell script shellscript1
    on error
    set vers to false
    display dialog no & errormessage & no & errornumber
    end try

    check if already patched
    set thePath to /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices
    set theOffset to 000fb00
    set theMatch to 2f83 0001 419e
    set patchedloginPlugin to true
    do shell script hexdump -s 0x & theOffset & -n 16 & thePath & | grep & theMatch &
    on error
    set patchedloginPlugin to false
    end try

    set thePath to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
    set theOffset to 00026f0
    set theMatch to 0050 3860 0003
    set patchedFramework to true
    do shell script hexdump -s 0x & theOffset & -n 16 & thePath & | grep & theMatch &
    on error
    set patchedFramework to false
    end try

    if arch and vers and not patchedloginPlugin and not patchedFramework then
    display dialog FrontRow Enabler can be run on this machine.
    set theStr to FrontRow Enabler should not be run on this machine, because:

    if not arch then set theStr to theStr & – Not a PPC architecture.

    if not vers then set theStr to theStr & – Not system 10.4.8.

    if patchedloginPlugin then set theStr to theStr & – BezelServices.loginPlugin already patched.

    if patchedFramework then set theStr to theStr & – BezelServices.framework already patched.

    display dialog theStr

    end if

  156. 156Dan
    Thanks Guillaume – Enabler 1.3.1 worked a charm with 10.4.8!
  157. 157zorze
    Man this is crap.In my previous post, to be able to run the program, you will need to replace:single minus symbols by double minus symbols;
    single and double curly braces by their straight equivalents.zorze
  158. 158Norm
    Genius from Guillaume! Thank you for this fix – I was beginning to regret buying that remote.
  159. 159translat
    If you have a working version of Front Row installed should read If you a have a version 1.3 of Front Row that USED to work before upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.8, is still there in Core Services but no longer works.
    In that case and in that case only all you need to do is apply Guillaumes Enabler 1.3.1 and hit Enable Front Row (the middle button). Thats all.
  160. 160Dante
    HiSomebody can put the new Enabler1.3.1.dmg in another place, i cant grab from savefile dot com.Thanxs
  161. 161FrontRowSeated
    Ive been trying to access Guillaumes patch, but I keep getting Page temporarily unavailableWill the page be up again?Id like to download the patch rather than try to modify the 1 byte he did, in the 1.3.0 Enabler.
  162. 162Moonpig
    I had a working version 1.2 of Front Row installed before I upgraded to 10.4.8. Im unsure of what I need to do toinstall and get working 1.3. I have the new Enabler(1.3.1), I have front row 1.3. Im not sure if I just hit Enable Front Row or do I need to install 1.3 first? Im getting confused.
  163. 163alex
    new mirrors for enabler 1.3.1
  164. 164Nic
    So quick question (forgive if this has already been answered), does Guillaumes patch work for people with 10.4.8 PPC AND a bluetooth Mighty Mouse?I gots me that set up and really do not want to go through the painful experience of firewire target mode repair again (though I do know how to fix the blue screen if it happens again).Andrew, awesome job man, I really like this and cant wait for your next update. Hopfully I wont be waiting long, lol.Oh yes, BTW, if you have a Griffin Airclick, the new 1.0.6 update has full functionallity with FrontRow. Its really nice and easy to use.
  165. 165VICK
    hey Guys What to do if I have deleted the front row file from
    system/reciepe folderwhat to do now please let me know
  166. 166John
    Well just couldnt help myself, applied Guillaumes patched Enabler, hit the button and all works perfectly. Merci!
  167. 167Nic
    John, do you have a Bluetooth MM? I really miss Front Row, lol.
  168. 168Alex
    so can i use the new enabler with a bluetooth mighty mouse? what will happen if i do it?
  169. 169ERIC
    I have a question. I, like many others, installed the original enabler on 10.4.8 and got the borked login. Ive reinstalled os x and updated to 10.4.8 again. With the new 1.3.1 enabler will i just enable or install front row all over again? THANKS
  170. 170Moonpig
    If you had Front Row 1.3 before, just enable. I had 1.2 so I had to Enable Installation, then install Front Row 1.3, Then restart and Enable Front Row. All of this using the new 1.3.1 Enabler of course.
  171. 171ERIC
    That will work even if i reinstalled os x with the archive and install?
  172. 172anthony
    I just wann know if it is compatible with my emac the 1.3 its a g4 1.42 ghz ati 9600 64 video ram. 1 gig ram. 160 gig harddrive. I am running 10.4.8 and every time i install it the program doesnt ask to restart, then i choose enable front row, i restart then i never get to the login screen plz helpAlso when i was running 10.4.7 with front row 1.2 ran great updated to 10.4.8 messed everthing up please help i really want 1.3 update but i also want to use the latest updates from apple
  173. 173Andres
    After I reinstalled 10.4.8, I reinstalled FrontRow EXACTLY as it says in these instructions, but with the new Enabler
  174. 174ERIC
  175. 175ERIC
    Everything works but now iTunes wont open because it says there is not enough memory. And I have a Gig of memory so that should not be an issue. Any thoughts?
  176. 176Schuyler Signor
    I have G5 PPC, OS 10.4.8 recently installed. Over 1G memory. Front Row which I previously installed using your enabler would not open after 10.4.8 update. So I ran enabler again. Now my computer will not boot. It chimes and begins to boot, but as soon as OS start up screen shows, it disappears, and runs on blue screen. I get the same effect using OS 10 install disc. I can boot off a firewire hard drive running OS 10.4.7. I have removed Front Row from main drive, but the same problem exists. Please help. Urgent! I work off this computer.
  177. 177Luis S
    This might be a dumb question but I just want to avoid the blue screen of death. I need to update to Front Row 1.3 but Im already using 10.4.8 Do I just Andrews first and second steps but with the new enabler provided by Guillaume? Thanks for your help.
  178. 178Luis S
    I meant to say Do I just follow Andrews’ first and second steps but with the new enabler provided by Guillaume? Thanks for your help.
  179. 179Moonpig
    If you had a previous version of Front Row working before you updated to 10.4.8-‘Enable Installation’, then install Front Row 1.3, Then restart and ‘Enable Front Row’. All of this using the new 1.3.1 Enabler of course.
  180. 180Luis S
    I did have Front Row 1.2 before I updated to 10..4.8
    Enable Front Row is step 3 which Andrew says not to do, you say I should do it? Thanks for your help Moonpig
  181. 181Alex
    what is going to happen if i use the enabler 1.3.1 with bluetooth mightymouse support?
  182. 182Schuyler
    THANK YOU LANCE!!! #189 above. How right you are. Indeed I cannot think of a MORE efficient way of correcting the failure to boot problem. In fact, why is everybody going through all this other stuff mentioned above? When it comes to all the technical procedures, I am lost [I am even fearful of using Terminal—never have!]. Anyway, just download and reinstall the 10.4.8 combo, your Mac will boot fine, then reinstall Front Row with the proper enabler. Thanks again Lance, you have relieved me of hours of anxiety.
  183. 183John
    Nic (218) – no, only wired Mighty Mouse here. Hoping that Andrews also working on a BT MM version as I am about to order one
  184. 184Guillaume Boudreau
    Schuyler Signor (#227): Read above. Numerous people reported the same thing in earlier comments (start around #105) and numerous solutions were given. Pick one.Luis S (#231): With 10.4.8 and FrontRow Enabler 1.3.1, you need to Enable FrontRow, even if you did have FrontRow installed. Thats because 10.4.8 overwrites one of the file that was changed during this step. So you need to do it again.Alex (#232): Why would anything happen ? Did 1.3 have problems with bluethooth ? You can just do backups of both folders mentioned the how to fix instructions, then Enable FrontRow using 1.3.1, then see what happens. If something isnt working, just overwrite both folders with your backup copies and youre back where you were before.

    • Guillaume
  185. 185andrew_Webber
    I was downloading the new version and on the final restart my computer would not boot up, it simply goes to a blue screen and thats where it stays!! followed all the steps and had never had problems before! very worried that i will not be able to get my mac goin again, any ideas from anyone?!
  186. 186Edward
    Andrew and/or Guillaume,Any chance of reverse-engineering the Intel Bezel services so that Front Row can run on Mac Pros?
  187. 187Tim McNamara
    Like everybody else, when I updated to 10.4.8 FrontRow was broken. I tried reinstalling it but astonishingly enough it did not render my system useless. I tried reinstalling several times before looking here, but just got lucky. After reading the comments I felt like I had dodged the bullet, downloaded the freestanding 10.4.8 update and installed it just to make sure no lurking problems were still in my system. Tonight after work Ill try Guillaumes Enabler 1.3.1.Moral of the story: dont trust to luck, check here first!!!
  188. 188Romain
    Hi guys,
    like everybody Ive updated to 10.4.8 and then frontrow has broken. But even with the enabler 1.3.1, it still doesnt work. When I try to enable installation, it cant find some directories. What can I do to use front row again?
  189. 189Bob
    Hmmm Install process didnt seem to install anything. No keyboard shortcuts, no app anywhere. Reboot, still nuthin. Dang.Am I missing something?G5 dual powerpc / osx 10.4.8
  190. 190Edward
    Romain, Im no expert, but I think is very simple, really.
    There are two things that thwart Front Row running on non-compliant Macs. The first one is installation of the Front Row package itself, because the installer will check for the presence of a built-in IR receiver. No receiver, no installation, that simple. The second problem is that, even if you install the package components to the relevant folders (using Pacifist or some other method, like hacking the installer routine), Front Row still wont work because Mac OS X itself wont allow it (BezelService binaries) because the machine doesnt have a built-in IR receiver.
    So, what does Front Row Enabler 1.3.1 do? Simple. Two things.
    1. For people who have NEVER had Front Row 1.3 installed on their systems, hack the installing routine in the Front Row 1.3 DMG, which MUST sit on the desktop, and nowhere else. This has to be done only once. Repeating the process would be either stupid or harmful. Equally, trying to repeat the installation enabling process (on what?) once youve installed Front Row is nonsensical.
    2. For the above people (i.e. for people who have just installed Front Row 1.3 on their PowerPC Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.8; NOT ANY OTHER VERSION, and NOT THE INTEL PLATFORM), or for people who had Front Row 1.3 installed and running (thanks to Front Row Enabler 1.3) when they upgraded to 10.4.8 from 10.4.7, the second option of Front Row Enabler 1.3.1 lets you change a few bytes of the relevant BezelService binaries, so that Front Row 1.3 will work.And thats it! If you try using the Front Row Enabler 1.3.1 with Mac OS X 10.4.7 or previous versions youll corrupt your operating system. If you try to use Enabler 1.3 with 10.4.8, 10.4.6 or previous versions, youll corrupt your operating system. If you try to use either of those enablers on a Mac Intel, youll corrupt your operating system.Besides, when 10.4.9 comes along, in case it includes changes to the BezelService binaries, Front Row will stop working, but it is quite likely that a hack will appear shortly following Guillaumes method. On the other hand, when Front Row 1.4 appears, if this takes place in the days of Mac OS X 10.4.8, it is quite likely that INSTALLING it can be accomplished by the FIRST option of Enablers 1.3 or 1.3.1 (provided you already had Front Row 1.3 running), and you SHOULDNT TRY enabling the program itself; just its installation.If any of the more knowledgeable people here know any better, let them say so.
  191. 191Nic
    Well that clears up how it works Edward but what about us with a bluetooth MM. Apparently the bezels are changed when you install the drivers for one. Now does 10.4.8 make those changes on all machines regardless of having that mouse, or what. My only big question is, does 1.31 fix the problem us Bluetooth MM people have had?
  192. 192christian
    do not seem to work with 10.4.8, planing an update?
  193. 193Romain
    the thing is I had the first version of frontrow, the 1.1 I think. So do I have to enable installation so as to install frontrow 1.3 and then to enable frontrow or can I enable frontrow first?
  194. 194Andres
    The exact same thing happened to me:, it happened after I installed Max Smooth Stripes theme AFTER I installed iTunes 7. I fixed it by reinstalling iTunes.

    What did you do before iTunes got messed up?

  195. 195Andres
    My previous comment was directed ate Eric, #226.
  196. 196Edward
    Nic, I dont have a PPC Mac myself. I have a MacBook Pro (with Front Row) and a Mac Pro with no Front Row. Both are Intel machines, and neither can benefit from the Enabler. The first one runs Front Row without any problems; the second one simply cant. Neither machine has a wireless Mighty Mouse. My Mac Pro came with a regular, wired Mighty Mouse. Now, from what some people are sasying, it would appear that the Wireless Mighty Mouse driver installation process (?) somehow modifies the Bezel services. If that were true, the install would need to be very clever indeed, since it would have to know how to patch the Bezel services for each possible revision of those files. That could be accomplished backward, but what about future releases (say 10.4.9 or Leopard)? Be that as it may, if your Wireless Mighty Mouse setup is working for you now, whereas Front Row isnt, and if you suspect that applying the Enabler 1.3.1 patch might spoil Mighty Mouse functionality, I suggest that you read Guillaumes detailed explanation elsewhere and that you patch the Bezel services yourself using a Hex editor. It isnt hard to do. Notice that this is only for the hypothetical case that the BezelServices files after installing a Wireless Mighty Mouse are actually different from the standard 10.4.8 PowerPC BezelServices files. I find it hard to believe they are any different.In any case, folks, remember none of this is of any value for Intel Macs. The 10.4.8 Intel BezelServices binaries are ENTIRELY different from their PPC counterparts. Different sizes. Bytes in different places, and the code itself is different: different offsets for the various codes and diffetent bytes for relative jumps inside the code, and similar blocks of code in different places. A real nightmare without the right disassembling tool. Unfortunately, I havent got one, so thats as far as my minimal expertise goes. Sorry.
  197. 197Nic
    Right, well there was a fix for just 1.3 so that it would work with 10.4.7 and the Bluetooth MM, and it worked just fine for myself. Basically you had to reinstall the MM drivers ontop of 10.4.7, then go into the 10.4.7 package via Pacifist, extract two bezel files and install them to their appropriate places, then install Frontrow and enabler like normal. Worked fine for me. Apparently as I understand, Guillaume’s works the same way, it installs those 10.4.7 versions. But I am unsure if this will have some unforseen problems with the bluetooth MM.
  198. 198Edward
    Nic, as far as I know Guillaumes patch doesnt content itself with changing a few bytes in each BezelServices binary. It replaces both binaries with patched up versions of both files, but I dont think the BezelServices he patched contained any special code for Mighty Mouse. Thats why I was saying that if you are absolutely certain that your current BezelServices binaries are different from the standard 10.4.8 PPC binaries, then you should Hex edit them yourself using the information provided by Guillaume. Its quite straightforward if you know how to navigate in a Hex editor. Then make sure you leave everything where it should be and that permissions are correct. You can use Terminal for this, or repair permissions. That should be it.
  199. 199Andrew

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