How To Install Apples Front Row 1.2.2

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Thanks to the latest version from Apple, Front Row an now be installed on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or above. Front Row 1.2.2 corrects issues with watching movie trailers and adds better support for song shuffling.

Enjoy your music, photos and videos from across the room and even across the house with the Front Row media experience.

Disclosure: This website ( is not authorized by nor affiliated with Apple Computer, Inc.

Download Enabler 1.2.2

Important! Before Installing

If Front Row is being installed for the first time (there is not currently a working version of Front Row on your Mac) carefully follow the steps bellow.

If you have previously installed Front Row using Enabler and are simply upgrading from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2:

  • Only complete steps 1 and 2.
  • Enabler has already patched to two system files needed and they do not need to be patched again.
  • Do not complete step 3 if you already have a working version of Front Row that was installed using Enabler.


  • Mac OS X v10.4.5 or later
  • iTunes 6.0.4 and iPhoto 6.0.2
  • PowerPC based Mac. Do not use Enabler with Intel based Macs. Do not use Enabler with any MacBook or MacPro.

Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may result in unintended damage to Mac OS X.

1. Download Front Row from Apple

According to Apple:

The Front Row Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for browsing music, photos, and videos on your iMac.

Download Front Row 1.2.2 from Apples website.

When the download completes, open the disk image and copy the file FrontRowUpdate1.2.2.pkg to the Desktop. It must be copied to the Desktop. Dont run the installation just yet. At this point if you try running the Update Installer package, youll get this error:


This software update requires a Macintosh with a built-in infrared (IR) receiver running Mac OS X 10.4.5 or later.

Front Rows usability is not dependent on an infrared receiver, and in fact runs well on recent Macs (past 3 years or so). If you are confident your system is capable, you can chose to skip the hardware check using Enabler 1.2.2.

2. Enable Installation

  • Download Enabler 1.2.2 The file (Enabler.dmg) is a disk image that needs to be opened.

Warning: This process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. Some users who have not followed these instructions carefully have had there toolbar items temporarily disabled and unavailable.

  • Next, run Enabler from the disk image. (That is, dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Enable Installation button and authenticate with you password.
  • Front Row can now be installed
  • Open FrontRowUpdate1.2.2.pkg located on the Desktop and proceed with the installation.
  • Restart.

3. Enable Front Row

Once youve restarted, though its been installed on your Mac, Front Row still needs to be enabled with two small patches because Mac OS X checks to see if your Mac has a built in infrared receiver. Even without an IR receiver, Front Row still runs fine because it can be controlled with the keyboard in-place of the Apple Remote (other remotes work too).

  • Having rebooted, again open the Enabler.dmg disk image.
  • Run Enabler from the disk image. (That is dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Enable Front Row button and authenticate with you password. ( This process patches Mac OS X system files. If you try patching the files when they are already patched, they will be corrupted and you will have to restore them to the originals).
  • Restart.

4. Set Front Row Preferences

You now have a fully working version of Front Row. Open System Preferences though, to see why this method really shines. You have a full control over Front Rows preferences.

Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Keyboard & Mouse preference panel. Under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, ensure that Front Rows shortcut is check-marked. The default keyboard shortcut to Hide and show Front Row is command-Esc but you can change it by double-clicking on it. I have it set to F11 along side my Exposé and Dashboard keys.

Sound Effects
Open the Sound preference panel. There is a new option under the Sound Effects tab to enable or disable playing Front Row sound effects. (While most are all great, the silly flute sound when you select Music from the main menu drives me insane.)

5. Enjoy Front Row

The default keystroke to launch Front Row is command-Esc.


  • Command-Escape – default to show and hide Front Row
  • Option+Up/Down – set volume
  • Enter or Spacebar – select menu, playlist, song, movie, etc.
  • Escape – go back to previous menu/screen
  • Tab – quickly return to desktop (or any other keys really)


Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row
Available at Amazon
$30.99, free shipping, save 22%

Besides the Apple Remote, the Keyspan RF is the only remote of those Ive tested that requires no installation and is completely compatible with Front Row.

Review: Keyspan RF, Front Row Remote Solution

Price: $30.99, free shipping


Highly Recommended


Manually Uninstalling Front Row:

  • Delete Front Row (/System/Library/CoreServices/Front
  • Download the Mac OS X 10.4.6 Combo Update from Apple.
  • Use Pacifist to open the updater package and select and install only these two specific files (folders):/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/ /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/


Fix Missing Menu Items and Crashing System Preference Panels:

If you mistakenly attempt to patch the system files more then once (as in hitting the Enable Front Row button multiple times) you will end up corrupting two important files. Mac OS X will then have missing menu items and the Keyboard and Sound preference panels will crash when opened. The fix is simple:

  • Download the Mac OS X 10.4.6 Combo Update from Apple.
  • Use Pacifist to open the updater package and select and install only these two specific files (folders):/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/ /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/
  • Restart. You may not need to restart if you see the changes/fix occur immediately.

Tips On Using Pacifist

  • Mount/open the MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.dmg disk image.
  • Open the package file MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.pkg with Pacifist from the disk image (insure that it is in fact the combo update).
  • Select the Find button and enter BezelServices.
  • Under the Search Results panel, select the folders BezelServices.framework and BezelServices.loginPlugin.
  • Select the Install button located in Pacifists top-right corner.
  • If prompted by Pacifist, select to replace all files.
  • Restart.

Technical Notes

In this process BezelServices.framework and BezelService.loginPlugin are modified, but only by a few bytes each. The boolean string that reports if the boolean property HIDRemoteControl is true or false is inverted. (This is why it is recommended that Enabler not be run on new Macs because it would return false.)

BezelServices.framework contains _BSRemoteControlFeatureAvailable which is called by any Application that uses the new remote, including Front Row and the preference panes. I decided to change this instead of patching Front Row, Keyboard.prefPane, Sound.prefPane and Security.prefPane themselves. This will also fix any new applications or Front Row updates that rely on the remote (As long as the framework itself isnt replaced). Patching this framework enables the new preferences and allows Front Row to run.

BezelServices.loginPlugin (which is what listens for the brightness controls, volume controls, etc.) has its own call; _HIDMonitorRemoteUIToggle. This too checks for the remote and toggles Front Row once cmd-esc (or the Menu key on the remote) is pressed. It also allows Front Row to load when command-esc is pressed then idle in the background once done. Front Row only loads the first time you activate it, as opposed to loading at boot.

Apple Store

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  1. 1Markus
    no problems with updating frontrow 1.2.1 to 1.2.2
  2. 2Mitch
    No problems for me updating a 12 G4 Powerbook from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 now its time to try it on my mac mini! Thanks Andrew
  3. 3Mitch
    Just updgraded my ppc mini from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 with no worries!Thanks Andrew!The new way that trailers work actually works! SOOO much better
  4. 4junior
    Upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 on powerbook successful. Thanks plenty Andrew.
  5. 5Gia
    For those who update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 with no problems:Did you update only with frontrowupdate1.2.2.pkg?
  6. 6Glenn Gore
    I already have Front Row installed on my Powerbook, and it works, I used Front Row Enabler 1.2.1 to do it a few months ago, so according to your instructions at the top of this page I should only have to run the new Front Row Update, right? When I do that it gives me the no infrared error and dies. Thats what I was asking about.
  7. 7Mac
    Just installed Front Row 1.2.2 with the 1.2.2b3 Enabler, and everthing went great. No menu or preference problems. I had no Front Row or Enabler installed before, and I followed the instructions closely. PowerMac Dual G5/1.8Ghz, MacOS 10.4.6 with the latest QuickTime 7.1 and Security Update 2006-003. I will install it on my iBook/800 later tonight (it has had a previous enabler installed) and report back on its sucess.Thanks for the enabler, Andrew.
  8. 8Matt Ellison
    Front Row 1.2.2 works perfectly.I already had 1.2.1 installed on my mac. Running enable installation will be all you need if you already have a enabled front row installed, just as Andrew said.Trailers, shuffle features, everything runs smoothly.

    Mac specs (for compatability tests I guess):

    PowerBook G4 1.67 ghz (model 5,6)
    Mac OS X 10.4.6

    great job on another successful enabler, Andrew.

  9. 9Luis
    Andrew: Once again thank you!upgraded from fr 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 without any issues
  10. 10Jeff
    i tried to update Front Row from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 on my iMac G4 and it deleted my system bar and will close system prefs when try to open the keyboard shortcuts.
  11. 11Karel
    Well, I reinstalled the BezelServices.framework and the BezelServices.loginPlugin and reapplied the 1.2.2 update and now its working fine!
    Oh the wonderfull mysteries of bits and bytes.
  12. 12Craig Pritchard
    And Andrew does it again.Upgraded from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 and had no problems.100% success in installing Frontrow. And when I did have a problem installing 1.2.1 I used pacfist to restore the bevel files and it worked!

    Thanks again Andrew

  13. 13Ricky
    Hi there!Thank you for the enabler! There is one more question I have:
    Is there a way to close the iBook (iBook G4) while watching frontrow on another, external TV without the iBook starting the sleep mode?Thanks
  14. 14Tony
    when i press command-esc all that happens is that the toolbar with clock etc in the top left corner disappears for 3secs and then backwhats wrong? can anyone help?
  15. 15Morten Christensen
    i try too install, the frontrow 1.2.2. but when i install it it says it can not install because it is a update[Andrew says: Try reading the instructions again.]
  16. 16YankInOz
    Perfect!!!Followed the directions implicitly – installed on my Dual 2.5 PPC G5 8GB DDR w/ 30 monitor – works great! Not even a flutter.Works with Shared Music on our home network, too.

    Cant thank you enough. Just watching the Movie Previews this way is awesome!

    Cheers from Australia

  17. 17sk8terboi82
    Frontrow 1.2.2 cannot be installed on my Powerbook G4 12.
    I followed your instructions carefully.On step 2, after enabling the installation, FrontRowUpdate1.2.2.pkg running from the desktop installs fine up to the point where you select a destination hard drive.Then it says, You cannot install Front Row Update on this volume. This software update requires Front Row. Im wondering if thats because of the software update that I had last night.

    By the way, I had installed Frontrow 1.2.1 before, using your solution. But I had menu item disappearing issue, so I reinstalled my Mac OSX. Currently, I have no Frontrow installed on my machine.

    Im running on Powerbook G4 12 1.5Ghz with Mac OSX 10.4.6

  18. 18Mitch Harris
    Im with sk8terboi82. I cant run FrontRowUpdate1.2.2.pkg off the desktop after running the enabler because it tells me the software requires Front Row.
  19. 19Fumichino
    Hello,I have had the same issue as sk8terboi82 except the fact that I havent installed ANY version of either Front Row or Front Row Enabler on my PB 15 before So I decided to stop after doing step 2 e.g. ran the Front Row Installation from Front Row Enabler. Any help would be much appreciated.P.S. I even printed these steps in order to follow easilly


  20. 20Andrew
    17, 18 & 19:Sorry. I wasnt pointing to the correct disk image for download. You had downloaded beta 1. Try downloading the new Enabler1.2.2.dmg file and try again.
  21. 21HHH
    Aleady had Front Row 1.0 on my PB G4 (on 10.4.6), but was intrigued by the added functionality with this approach, e.g. keyboard shortcuts.Tried your update, and while it does update the Front Row entity in the /System/Library/CoreServices folder to v.1.2.2, the Front Row in the /Applications folder stays v.1.0. Still, keyboard shortcuts are now enabled.Normal? Not? Fixes?

    BTW: Thanks.

  22. 22Craig Pritchard
    I noticed in the new enabler version 1.2.2 the uninstaller has been removed. I didnt try this file to seeif it worked because FR1.2.2 successfully installed first time.Could anyone tell me if this file actually works or should I just bin this Enabler1.2.2b3.dmg?Hope you can help in this really little question 😉


  23. 23rense
    Works like a charm on my Mac Mini G4 (1.42GHz, 10.4.6). Love it.
  24. 24Fumichino
    Hi Andrew,Thank you very much for your promt response I successfully installed it and it worked great except Movie trailer! Whenever I click on the movie, it loaded the Rating Screen and said Loading Trailer with the beach ball spinning forever The rest are working just as good.Anyway, thank again for the great software

    [Andrew writes: I thought we has gotten rid of the problem. Maybe its was more of a cosmetic change then an actual fix by Apple.]
  25. 25Andrew
    Re: Front Row in the Applications FolderFront Row does not reside in the Applications folder but in /System/Library/CoreServices. If Front Row is located in the Applications folder you can/should delete it. Also check to make sure it isnt launching on startup by removing it from Login Items in the Accounts preference panel, and delete any Front Roe related .plist files in /System/Library/LaunchAgents.
  26. 26jab
    Is there a way to play movies located on external hard disk with Front Row?My movie collection is so huge I cant keep it in the default Movies folder on the startup disk
  27. 27jab
    (Answering to myself)Oh, yes there is: Make Front Row play movies stored on other drives(DOH!)
  28. 28Arjen
    Ok, the program worked, at least Frontrow does start but.
    The text in all menus is up side down (like in a mirror), maybe my old graphics card causes this? (ATI Rage 128) or old system (Dual G4 450).
    Maybe I do need a new system 🙂
  29. 29marcel
    thanx! its works great on my 1,25 powerbook!
  30. 30jmc
    Same problem as Arjen – everything works, but all text is upside down and backwards this on a PowerBook G3 Firewire (Pismo). Just too old? Works great on my dual-G5 tower.
  31. 31Andrew
    Re: Upside-down textIf the menu text in Front Row are upside-down, your Mac/grapics-card dose not support Core Image.
  32. 32Francois
    Worked with no problem on my iMac G5 20 (MacOS X 10.4.6). Nothing to add but great. Thanks very much
  33. 33Mike Liu
    what to do if there is an update to front row?
  34. 34Ultra ASDFer
    Front Row 1.2.2 is in Popular Download again. It is currently number 3. has a screenshot.
  35. 35Eric Caldwell
    This worked once I edited the Info.plist file manually. The problem is that Im on a 17 PB and the .kext file (I think) enabler tweaks doesnt load. So, I did it by hand and let enabler modify the .pkg files and all is well.
  36. 36Jamie Loeb
    I tried to run the enabler but I get an error message. Error: 1 rm which says that certain files do not exist. How do I get around this error. I am upgrading from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2
  37. 37Cory Marsh
    Sometimes when I try to activate Front Row (cmd/esc) nothing happens. So I go into Activity Monitor and look for front row and there are 2 instances of the front row app open, one that stays open with the same process ID, and another that will appear for a second then disappear, then reappear with a new process ID. The second I force quit one of these processes front row automatically activates. What is causing front row to open twice and how can I stop it? I dont have front row as a start up item in sysprefs.Thanks
  38. 38Mark
    Has anyone found an issue with the following after enabling 1.2.2:Menubar/Finder/Go/NetworkNetwork does nothing via mouse or keyboard shortcut.
    It does however work from the sidebar of the open Finder.

    I had jumped the gun on updating FrontRow, and needed to re-install the Bezelservices. As far as I can tell, everything is working properly, except for the Network menu item.

    Thanks in advance.


  39. 39Mark
    Follow-up. An additional re-start restored the loss of the Network menubar functionality.Mark
  40. 40robert3
    No problems updating my TiBook. Apple really optimized FR, the preview for movies and photos are faster; as others would say snappy.
  41. 41Nick
    Its not working for me. I installed asper instructions and tried various keyboard combinations as the startup key for fr but nothing ever happens. Ive managed to corrupt my menu bar a few times which i fixed following the instructions. Ive tried the enabler 1.2.2 and the 1.2.2b3 with front row 1.2.2. Im using a powerbook 17 so im interested in knowing exactly what Eric Caldwell did. Help!
  42. 42Alexandre Colot
    Any idea in order to be able to install it on OS X Server ?Regards
  43. 43Stuart
    It all works great for first time install but the preferences panel isnt there in system prefs.All keyboard controls work. Any ideas?Nugz

    [Andrew writes: Are you looking for an actual Front Row system preference panel, because Front Row doesnt have one. Its option are located in Keyboard and Sound pref. panels, and appear once you enable Front Row.]
  44. 44Erik
    Front row doesnt recognize the TV shows I download from the apple store. Any idea why? Im on a dual 2.5 G5.
  45. 45Andrew

    Two Instances of Front Row

    Sometimes when I try to activate Front Row [command-escape] nothing happens. So I go into Activity Monitor and look for Front Row and there are 2 instances of the Front Row app open, one that stays open with the same process ID, and another that will appear for a second then disappear, then reappear with a new process ID.

    The second I force quit one of these processes Front Row automatically activates. What is causing Front Row to open twice and how can I stop it?

    This issue can occur if you have previously used Front Row without Enabler. These very early distributions of Front Row used the oddest of hacks, instead of just using the seamless built-in Mac OS X support left unused until Enabler hit the seen.

    To fix this, check to make sure it isnt launching on startup by removing it from Login Items in the Accounts preference panel, and delete any Front RoW related .plist files found in /System/Library/LaunchAgents.

  46. 46Randy Bisig
    I followed your instructions step-by-step. Even printed them out and checked them off as I went.FrontRow Update 1.2.2.pkg would not allow me to select my iMac cause it didnt have IR.Im running 10.4.6.


  47. 47Mike
    I just used this to install front row on my mac mini (1.25Ghz) and it worked great.Thank you for making the enabler and keep up the great work
  48. 48spil
    this is great i just installed it on my Mac Mini (G4) and I only had 1 problem: I cant select songs. It says that I need to authorize them as if Im trying to play someone elses purchased songs on my computer, but the songs I was trying to play are neither someone elses nor purchased, is any one else having this problem?
  49. 49Greg Smith
    It works on my PBg4 but I get no prefs pane.
  50. 50Omar
    I had the the icons and the preference pane problem, scared me quite a bit, never installing the enabler again, but you gotta give it to Andrew: his uninstall instructions were clear, and solved the problem.
  51. 51Antonio
    I made something wrong with the installation, so I download the 10.4.6 combo update,, but when I tried to search and install again the BezelServices only appears the BezelService.loginPlugin, there is no BezelServices.Framework on that update!!! What can I do??Sorry for my english
  52. 52Josh
    Hey, I have the same problems as Antonio, I am going to attempt the uninstall & see if this helps, doesnt explain the dissapearances of the BezelServices.Framework from the package though???
  53. 53Josh
    Of course, I cant follow the uninstall instructions – no BezelServices.Framework file – anyone kind enough to share this????
  54. 54Pierre
    Works like a charm. I had Frontrow 1.0 installed as a hack before I started your trick, Andrew, and it works out great on my PB 15/1,5GHz. Thanks, Pierre (from Amsterdam, Holland)
  55. 55tiramisu
    s.o.s. ive installed everything like explained. ive 10.4.6/front row 1.2.2/g5 but the shortcut doesnt work and i got everytime a crash when i click the keyboard system tab. plus: my menue bar on the right (with time and so one) disapears. how could i uninstall it? help![Andrew writes: You would know that the patches can be removed, had you read under Troubleshooting for the fix.]
  56. 56MacDaddy
    I had previous version installed and had messed up my bezels. Tried to patch and nable Front Row. A warning showed that my bezel could be damaged. I followed instructions for installing a backup of the bezel files from the combo update, then applied the patch again. Works like a dream now great hack! Thank you.
  57. 57Stefano
    Hi there, I tried to do it with my iBook G4 but on the top right screen on the desktop all the info regarding date-time, spotlight, bluetooth etc. has disappeared and I had to re-install Mac OS! Why?[Andrew responds: Why? Because you did not take the time to read all of the post. This is the result of the user accidentally patching the system files more than once, for which there is a simple 2 minute fix.]
  58. 58Kevin
    Thanks, this works great. Do you have any thoughts about using the IR port on the iPod Universal Dock in conjunction with the Apple Remote to enable the remote function on older PowerBooks. It just seemed logical when I bought them last year. Shame Apple has not worked this out and released Front Row for all loyal fans. At worse you would think it would be marketed as the Front Row Update for the magic price of $79.99. I was happy to see there were not any legal issues for you with the earlier release. All the best. Kevin – Okinawa, Japan – 15 PB/1.5GHz/1GB
  59. 59Daniel
    1.2.2 works like a dream!Does anyone know a cheap way of making my iMac 20 (PowerPC) infrared? Is it a case of simply buying an IR dongle and using a remote? Ideally I would like to control my iMac with a Bose remote as its nice and small.Any ideas? Thanks!
  60. 60Andrew
    Daniel,For $100 or so you can add the IR Trans receiver and iRed software for infrared support for your Mac. It certainly neither a cheap nor simple solution though. Im still raving about the Keyspan RF Remote, though Im told the Griffin AirClick works well too.
  61. 61ULY
    Gracias. muy buena solucion.
  62. 62Robert of Cardiff
    I installed the new enabler and update after previously having installed Front Row 1.2.1 on my PB 1.25GHz/1.5 GB/10.4.6. Everything went well and Front Row comes up fine with my keyboard but I had been using Airclick USB as my remote and it worked perfectly before this updateI tried reinstalling the AirClick software from Griffins site, but still no joy
    Anyone else having this issue?
  63. 63Ruckus
    Just installed on a G4-550 Ti-Powerbook and it works great.
  64. 64Robert of Cardiff
    Sorry for the false alarm on the AirClick USB It seems after a chat with the Griffin Tech people, that my AirClick USB is broken. I really love it and it has worked well, but it isnt a very sturdy unit to begin with and it seems some of the wires that attach the Transceiver to the USB connecter came apart.I only paid $24.95 for it on Amazon with no tax and free shipping, but I must say, as well as it has worked with Front Row (and several other applications), it is a very delicate device (at least the Transceiver is; the actual Remote is pretty well built). I am returning it for a replacement from Amazon (the Amazon customer service people were very good and already have shipped a replacement unit).So, the install went well (as did the first time, before this update). Thanks again Andrew. Well done.
  65. 65David

    Open MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.pkg with Pacifist.
    Select the Find button and enter “BezelServices.”

    BezelServices can not be found! How do I get my icons back?

    [Andrew responds: They are both definitely located in the 10.4.6 combo update. Double check to make sure its the combo update, and not the delta update.]
  66. 66Steven Gifford
    When I try to play videos, I get a black screen, but I can still see the progress bar and hear the audio. I get this for all videos, video podcasts, ripped DVDs, and movie trailers.
  67. 67David
    Downloaded the COMBO. Still no BezelServices. Any ideas?
  68. 68David
    My problem was very dumb on my part. First I downloaded the wrong update. Second when I opened the package up I opened up the .DMG not the .PKG so Pacifist could not find the BezelServices on the disk image.Sorry, I need to pull my head out of you know what!. Thanx again
  69. 69Dan
    It works great as usual on my mac mini G4. Superb! Thanks Andrew.
  70. 70Cory Marsh
    For some reason when I download enabler, the file size is only 16k instead of the 68k macupdate says it is, and when I unzip it and try to mount the dmg I get an error unrecognizable. This problem only occured with the 1.2.2 Enabler update. What in the world?[Andrew responds: Enabler1.2.2.dmg is in fact only 16k big. As for the error, not sure.]
  71. 71Mathias
    some hours ago I installed the Front Row 1.2.2 Update on my
    PowerBook G4 12 1.33Ghz. It runs smoothly and errorfree!
    My PB now is uptodate again with this feature.
    This Enabler is one of the best little tools/skripts ever seen.
    MANY thanks from Cork, Republic of Ireland.
  72. 72Steven Gifford
    I have fixed my issue (Post 66), I unregistered and re-registered my Quick Time 7 Pro. That was probably (I think) what fixed it.[Andrew responds: seems like Mac voodoo, but hey –if it works, it works!]
  73. 73Gman
    Worked like a Charm, thanks again Looks like I might get the remote Also cool tool, is Chicken of th VNC sweet App.
  74. 74Brian Groven
    Andrew Escobar,thank you! it works great on my 4 year old G4 iMac. only it runs a little slow and is sometimes choppy. other than that, everything is fine. I followed your instructions, and so far have not had a problem. i am planning on buying a remote control now.i have an 800 MHz 15 inch G4 iMac with 1 GB of RAM.
  75. 75Jaume V.
    Hi Andrew. First of all, let me thank you for doing such a nice work! As some one said in your site, thanx for doing what we are paying Apple to do.Im Jaume, trying to get Front Row to work on my PB G4 1.5Ghz. Ive had a bit of trouble with my menu bar, but I solved it.FR seems to have been enabled correctly, because I have the options on my system preferences marked, so that should mean it got installed. Am I right?

    The fact is that after this, I try to launch FR but it just doesnt. Nothing happens, not even by changing the shortcut in the System Preferences. Ive restarted several times, but it just does not launch.
    Ive searched in your website for a solution but I havent been able to find anyone who had the same problem as Im having. Do you know what I could do?

    Thanks in advance.

    [Edited by Andrew]
  76. 76Humboldt Head
    Hi Folks,
    I had FR 1.0 working on my 15 PowerBook (although it was in the Apps folder), now I have installed FR 1.2.2 (in the correct /System/Library/CoreServices folder) but cant seem to delete the FR in the Apps folder (1.0 version), (it says I have insufficient priviledges to move to trash) and everytime I try open FrontRow 1.2.2, nothing opens, however I can open FR 1.0 from the Apps folder, and it does recognize the Movie Trailers and plays them well, I just cant delete it from the apps folder. Any ideas?[Andrew responds: at a Terminal prompt, type: sudo rm /Applications/Front]
  77. 77ShyN
    Ive been looking around and Im wondering if Im the only person with this issue: I cant access my iPod library while in Front Row. I think I read somewhere it makes a difference if you manually manage your library instead of automatically updating, but I dont really remember. My regular iTunes library isnt listed either. Is Front Row supposed to be like that?
  78. 78GeeWiz
    Embarrasing I have the wrong update. I even included the file name in my post and didnt recognize that I had MacOSXUpd10.4.6PPC.dmg rather than MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.6PPC.pkg. I imagine this is the reason that others are having a similar problem. I couldnt find a way to navigate to the file on Apples website (I may be blind) but I found it easily by using the search feature on Apples site.
  79. 79Lawrence
    I actually have the combo update and it still it not working for me. Where can Bezel be?
  80. 80Lawrence
    I am much more embarrassed then GeeWiz. Make sure you click on the update and open it first. Drag it on to the desktop and it will make things much easier.[Andrew responds: I assume you where trying to open the disk image .dmg file, and not the package file .pkg it contains when opened. Ill update the troubleshooting section to make this clear.]
  81. 81Phil
    Amazing! Works great! I was just wondering about dual monitor set ups though. I run a 20 off my 15 inch powerbook, and would like to get front row to run on it. Just wondering if it is possible without changing my primary display permenantly?
  82. 82Rory
    Just updated to OSX 10.4.6, uninstalled Front Row and am attempting to reinstall. When I try and download Front Row Enabler 1.2.2 Its only 14.5k and it wont mount.
    Anyone else encountering this problem?
  83. 83Robert of Cardiff
    Received my replacement AirClick USB and it works flawlessly with the update quite a jaw-dropper when I demo it for friends.
  84. 84Vincent
    Works like a charm. So cool 😀 finally I can watch the movie trailers! XD
  85. 85Marianne
    I installed folowwing the exellent instructions above, and now FrontRow works perfectly on my two year old PowerBook 12.But my PB now refuses to go to sleep by any means! Any suggestions?
  86. 86Adrian
    After I enter my password to enable Installation Enabler 1.2.2
    ( I am only user of imacG5) I get this message ?
    Impossible denregistrer les modificaions
    apportées à ce script car car vous ne disposez pas
    des autorisations daccès nécessaires
  87. 87eleftherios
    I just added front row on my ibook 1.5GB ram with no problem.
    Thank you
    One question,
    I insert a copy of a DVD that has only english subtitles.
    The DVD has no menu but unfortunately I cannot access or see the subtitles.
    Is there any trick to see these subtitles?
    (They are normal dvd subtitles not .srt, dvd subtitles etc)
  88. 88Paul from Glasgow
    Fantastic! It works perfectly with an ATI Remote Wonder on my iMac G5.Im trying to do the same thing as Phil above and get it running on a secondary display (my tv). I can do this already with Equinux Mediacentral, but Id much rather use Front Row! Anyone got any ideas?
  89. 89haero
    You rock man!I was skeptic at first, but finally in a boring sunday evening at work (dont tell my boss please) I decidec to try
    I works like everything apple, smooth, beautiful and fast.
    Keep up the good work!
  90. 90Andreas
    Hi unfortunately i have the problem discribed at the beginning of this site, my toolbar has dissapeared, i cannot see the clock, internet and spotlight things on the right anymore – does anybody now hot to get this back?? thanks
  91. 91Nick
    I want Front Row to to start up on my second screen (TV), but not by switching stuff in the screen prefs. Its really anoying to run from the living room to the other room where my Mac is located to switch the screen stuff. I dont want to mirror my Powerbooks screen on my television. Anyone also had this problem and fixed it somehow?Ive found an article about it but I couldnt get it to work.
  92. 92Marlon C.
    Hey unfortunately I couldnt install Front Row, I follow all the instructions but the menu bar some items dissapear, then I fixed as you put in here and I get them back, I have an iBook G4, so thats mean that I cant intall it on my iBook or theres a way I can?? Please help me, I wanna have Front Row on my laptop. Thanks bye
  93. 93Steve
    Ive installed as per the instructions and can set the Keyboard sequence etc. However when I attempt to start the application, nothing happens?Anybody seen this? Help would be appreciated
  94. 94Andrew
    Steve,Check my comment: Two Instances of Front RowThat may be your problem
  95. 95Brian
    Works great on my iBook G4 and 1.25 G4 Mac Mini – after using FR on my friends MacBook I had to have it.
  96. 96Paul
    hey andrew,this is a great thing – youve made the process incredibly simple to do. i remember when this was first made public domain – what put me off was having to manually move files around. so much better now its all done in the background!just one problem – i cant for the life of me get iphoto to work! it sees the albums etc and whenever i click on an album or slideshow the screen goes blank for a couple of seconds but then returns to the FR list of my albums.

    any fixes?.

  97. 97Justin
    Please I am desperate. I ran the enabler thing on my new intel mac that already had a remote control. now the remote control wont work and I dont know how to revert the HIDremotecontrol string back to true. I wanted to do this so I didnt always have to use the remote, but now that it doesnt work I need help getting it working again. Please help me.Thanks,
  98. 98Joey
    Hi, I too am having the black screen problem with front row. The installation went smoothly, it works with iTunes for music, but no album art. It plays DVDs. But with videos, I get audio only with a black screen. The same videos play in QuickTime or iTunes but no picture in Front Row. Any ideas? BTW, its a g4/450 w/ a Radeon 7000 video card plugged into my TV.Thanx,
  99. 99Ola
    Det funka ju det hära! trodde inte att det fanns ett sådant program för det
  100. 100DarleenMB
    Hi Andrew,thanks for doing this. I used your enabler several months ago and installed FR 1.2.1 perfectly on my year-old Mini 1.42Ghz.Ive been trying, unsuccessfully, to run enabler 1.2.2 so I can update. I keep getting an error message that says the FR update is not on the desktop. Well. It is. I just REdownloaded it directly to the desktop and Enabler still insists it isnt there.

    Any clues?

    Thanks again!

  101. 101Copper
    Hello Andrew,First off, awesome job on getting Front Row to work on other Mac systems much obliged. Has anybody have any experience with Keyspan Digital Media Remote URM-15A as opposed to using Keyspan RF? The URM-15A model is only 1/2 the price I just thought Id see if anybody has tried this one out and if it functions just as well.According to Keyspan [the] URM-15A model is indeed compatible and works with Front Row. Any thoughts or comments on this?



  102. 102Andy
    Thanks Andrew,I just installed Front Row on my iBook G4. Works great. Instructions and Enabler were great!For a remote Im using a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse (MX 900, looks like it is now out of production, too bad, great mouse) and SteerMouse to set the mouse buttons.
  103. 103Markches
    Hello!I have followed every stepbut it still cant seem to open. Even my keyboard and shortcuts in the preference wont open already.
    By the way, I am using a MacBook Pro. Does it work here?[Andrew writes: What in the hell compelled you to use Enabler on a MacBook Pro? You already had Front Row! ]
  104. 104iMat
    Tanks a lot for this great tutorial !!FR is so incredible with my k700i its perfect !
  105. 105Markches
    hi andrew!
    i tried to install the front row.pkg in my macbook but it wont install! thats why i installed the enabler.
    how do i go about it now? pls help!
  106. 106Shepard
    I tried to install Front Row on my iBook g4 1.33 ghz but whenever I try to launch it, my toolbar items just restart. It is not in my startup items and there is nothing in launchagents. Perhaps it was that I used the installer at the top of the page the first time? I already tried to reinstall using the second one (after deleting front row) but it just tried to update, and still nothing works. Can you help?
  107. 107Jonathon
    Hey I saw the remote above I was wondering are there any remotes that could use my bluetooth insted of having to have a reciver?
  108. 108Donna
    I have a G5. Never have Front Row. Try to install it and I did loose my menu bar. How do I get it back?
  109. 109Andy Polaine
    Installed fine on my G5 2GHz OSX 10.4.6 – Thanks Andrew.Jonathan – yes, Salling Clicker will do it – do a search above in the comments: – the Combo Update will fix it. See the Troubleshooting section in Andrews instructions.
  110. 110Jonathon
    what is that sailing cliker thing their website didnt explain it very well. What I would like is a remote that could control my front row using my bluetooth thats built into my powerbook g4.
  111. 111Sondre
    Installed on my iBook G4 last rev. Everything seemed to work fine, but when I go into Music, iTunes launches in the background, and when going into Photos, iPhoto launches. Is this normal? I thought that this wasnt going to happen. What can I do?Thanks for help.[Andrew writes: This is normal. Front Row is just a front end to these apps. It launches them in the background to interface with them.]
  112. 112Sondre
    Thanks for answer!
    Is this happening with the new Macs with Intel processors as well? When I tried an iMac in an Apple retail store, none of the apps actually launched. But, of course, I might remember wrong. I have a bad memory 🙂
  113. 113Joe
    Any word on what may be the problem with OS X 10.4.6 Server? I ran Enabler, then opened the frontrow package, and all was going well. However, when I had to select a disk to install FR onto, neither of them were a green light, saying that 10.4.6 must be installed for frontrow to work, even though the one disk was running 10.4.6 ServerAny ideas? Thanks a lot, this is really great stuff!
  114. 114Oskar
    I tried to install Frontrow 1.2.2 on my Ibook G4 with Mac OS X 10.4.6, and when I run the enabler it says its ready to install. But when I run the update it still tells me that my computer doesnt have an IR-port and that frontrow can not be installed. From what Ive read here, no one else seemes to have had this problem?Thanks
  115. 115Erik
    Oh man this is the shit. Like getting a whole new computer! My 2003 alu powerbook is still going strong! Thanks Andrew!