Enabler Back Online, Apple Email Highly Suspect

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Enabler is back online and available for download. I no longer believe the email from Apple is legitimate.

The seeds of doubt were first planted with this comment:

Anyone vending a competitive product to Front Row would be interested in seeing Front Row not available (Enabled) on Macs without an internal IR sensor / remote control. Methinks I smell a rat here.

Thats not what I necessarily think happened but it did get me thinking

  • At the time of the email I had my address clearly posted on the Contact page. Apple did not send a written letter, which is a reasonable expectation.
  • There was an email address included. No one at Apple has responded to my email in response to the original email in question.
  • Compared to other legal letter, this one is poorly written and a little to non-threatening to be considered legitimate.

Now, if the email was legit and Apple can communicate with me through a more verifiable method (am I the only person who digitally signs emails?) then I would be willing to straighten this matter out. Until then, Enabler is again available and Ive reposted how to install Front Row. Ive updated the post to make some important and necessary changes, so make sure to read it again.

Ive added a disclosure to insure that the all 7 people affected will no longer confuse this blog with Apple Computer, Inc.s official site, nor me for Steve Jobs. And for the remaining 2 idiots, I should also note that this blog is not associated in any way with Apple Corps either. To Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and the estate of George: please –for the love of God– dont sue me.

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  1. 1Nick
    Well said (Applause).You are the best. 🙂
  2. 2Ian
    This is your official cease and desist notice. Youre making us look bad that we didnt supply it free to our customers to begin with. Shame on you.
  3. 3dryan
    Id have to agree with your logic. Thanks again for the work.
  4. 4Amy
    Thank you!
  5. 5Pat
    Does the front row enabler allow you to use the new shared video features?[Answer: It has nothing to do with Enabler. But Front Row 1.2.1 has support for Bonjour, and lets you view shared iTunes music and videos.]
  6. 6Geoff Sheehan
  7. 7Collin Allen
    Awesome 🙂 Glad to see Enabler back online!
  8. 8TFS
    Thanks for bringing it back!! If Apple thought about it carefully theyd realise that prividing it free on non-IR enabled Macs for people to try out would probably convince them to migrate to a new Mac! Your enabler certainly did that for me!
  9. 9Braden
    Heck, even if Apple doesnt allow people to enable Front Row, theres always the wonderful Media Central from equinix which is a free download. I personally use both enabled Front Row and Media Central for the ultimate experience!
  10. 10Ben
    Not that I have a Mac of any sort but I still think this is great. I mean, this software deserves to be distributed 😛
  11. 11Ken
    Awesome!! Thanks Andrew!
  12. 12Jade
    You made my day! I hope you dont mind that I posted about FRE to Infinite Loop.http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2006/5/2/3821
  13. 13Andrew
    Jade,Dont mind at all. I love ARS!
  14. 14Willi Schnippo
    Thank you
  15. 15Tim Gaden
    Excellent news!
  16. 16jamsoft
    Apple Front Row Software Requesthttp://new.petitiononline.com/frontrow/petition.html
  17. 17Mac!
    Finallyit was just about time ;)Well done, thanks and again for such a great work!