How To Install Apples Front Row

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Sit back, relax and let Front Row start the show. Music, photos and video. on any Mac!

UPDATE: Front Row Enabler 1.1

Front Row Enabler has been updated. The following is a available for reference only


  1. Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later
  2. iLife 05 (for iPhoto support)
  3. iTunes 6.0.1 or later

Quick Guide

  1. Download Front Row 1.0.1.
  2. Install the update using Pacifist 1.6.3.
  3. Download Front Row Enabler 1.0.1 Then reboot.
  4. Set Keyboard Shortcut and Sound Effects in System Preferences.
  5. Launch Front Row (command-Esc)

UPDATE: Front Row Enabler 1.1

Front Row Enabler has been updated. The following is a available for reference only

1. Download Front Row from Apple

Download Front Row 1.0.1. According to Apple:

The Front Row Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for browsing music, photos, and videos on your iMac.

It also lets you install Front Row on many Macs, but not directly. If you try running the Installer package, youll get this alert:


This software update requires an iMac G5 with built-in iSight.

Youll therefor need to install Front Row with an alternative, more pacifist method.

2. Install Front Row using Pacifist

Pacifist is by-far my favorite Mac utility. It has saved me countless hours of time. Pacifist is an application that opens and install Mac OS X package files (.pkg) without having to use the default Installer application.

It also allows you to extract individual files and folders out of them. This is useful, for instance, if an application which is installed by the operating system becomes damaged or deleted and needs to be reinstalled. You wont have to go through the hassle of reinstalling all of Mac OS X like Apple will advise you, but instead use Pacifist to install those few missing files in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

  • Download Pacifist 1.6.3.
  • Copy the application to the Application folder or anywhere on your hard-drive.
  • Open the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.dmg file. This will mount a disk image drive on the desktop, which contains the fileFrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg. You can copy this file to the Desktop or leave it in the mounted drive.
  • Opening Pacifist, select the Open Package button and open the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg file you downloaded from Apple.
  • Select the drop-down menu Contents of FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg. You should then be able to select the Install toolbar icon.
  • In the proceeding windows select the Install button, and then authenticate with your password.
  • When prompted with Bundle already exists windows, select the Replace button. (You can also check-mark Dont ask again and then select Replace to avoid being bothered again.)

When the process completes you can quit Pacifist. Keep it around as it can come in handy at a latter date, when you need to reinstall missing or damaged Mac OS X items. Read Pacifists Documentation for more information.

3. Enable Front Row

Front Row still needs to be enabled, with a small patch. Front Row Enabler 1.0.1 will patch a couple related OS files (BezelServices.framework and BezelService.loginPlugin) so that Front Row will run as if it were on a new iMac G5.

Disclosure: While the patches to system files are small, enabling Front Row with this process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may have unintended consequences. For a technical overview see the developers notes.

  • Download Front Row Enabler 1.0.1 The file (Enabler.dmg) is a disk image that needs to be opened.
  • Next, run Front Row Enabler from the disk image. (That is dont copy it to a different folder and then try to run it, as it has to be run from the disk image.)
  • Select the Install button, authenticate with you password, then reboot your Mac.

4. Set Front Row Preferences

You now have a fully working version of Front Row. Open System Preferences though, to see why this method really shines. You have a full control over Front Rows preferences.

Keyboard Shortcut
Open the Keyboard & Mouse preference panel. Under the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, ensure that Front Rows shortcut is check-marked. The default keyboard shortcut to Hide and show Front Row is command-Esc but you can change it by double-clicking on it. I have it set to F11 along side my Exposé and Dashboard keys.

Sound Effect
Open the Sound preference panel. There is a new option under the Sound Effects tab to enable or disable playing Front Row sound effects. (While most are all great, the silly flute sound when you select Music from the main menu drives me insane.)

5. Enjoy Front Row

Launch Front Row and enjoy. The default keystroke is command-Esc. Try watching a few Movie Trailers, a feature that finally works with the updated application. I suspect Apple is giving bandwidth preference to Front Row users, as movies play almost instantly.


  • Command-Escape – default to show and hide Front Row
  • Arrow Keys – spin and move up and down
  • Option+Up/Down – set volume
  • Enter or Spacebar – select menu, playlist, song, movie, etc.
  • Escape – go back to previous menu/screen
  • Tab – quickly return to desktop (or any other keys really)


This article assumes you havent tried installing Front Row before. If you have used previous versions of Front Row:

  • Delete Front Row from /System/Library/CoreServices/Front
  • Delete the preference file /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • Remove any Login Items that launch Front Row (System Preferences > Accounts > User > Login Items)
  • Disable any shortcuts managed by third-party applications that launched Front Row.
  • Reboot and reinstall.

Update: There are now reports that this works best running 10.4.3. If you run into problems with Front Row, consider updating to Mac OS X 10.4.3.

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  1. Commentator's icon1Rob
    I cant get anything but a failed to communicate error when I try to use iTunes[Andrew responds: Yes. It happens for some people. I know I used to get it. Make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes.]
  2. Commentator's icon2Omar
    Amazing stuff, very great, I love having front row on my G4 powerbook. All I need now is good remote with the help of salling clicker. Thanks allot.[Edited: Im a stickler for good grammar.]
  3. Commentator's icon3Stridey
    Wow, thanks for this! This is great stuff. Runs a big choppy for my poor iBook with everything else, but its nice functionality.
  4. Commentator's icon4sikomat
    nice. thanx for this from berlin.
  5. Commentator's icon5Jacques van HOUT
    Hello. On my g-5 2ghz dual, frontrow crashes whenever i launch it
  6. Commentator's icon6arobase
    Ive got already installed FrontRow wih the first version of FrontRow enabler (FRE.dmg) réleased last week on my PWMac G5 DP1,8. It was working perfect but didnt have Sound Effects” tab to enable or disable playing Front Row sound effects.I did apply de frontRow enabler 1.01 restarted after rebuilding the file authorizations.
    Now FrontRow is not more starting and system preference panels (keyboard ans sound ) are crashing. What is the problem ?
    Thanks for comment !
  7. 7Schottky
    Has someone tried it on 10.4.3 Server?
    I really want this but doesnt want to mess up my server if something goes wrong
  8. 8Marcin
    On my PowerBook I couldnt play any song from iTunes and Podcast. Could somebody help me?
  9. 9StephenRuns on my Pismo (500 MHz, 256 Mb RAM, 10.4.3) although slow as one might imagine. Only tried iTunes (works), accessing QT Trailers (works but unusably slow). Great stuff to show off on my ancient PowerBook. However the titles (DVD,iTunes et al) are mirrored top to buttom that is the iTunes name in the menu is only reflected and not shown normally. This extends as you go deeper into a selection but the menu sublistings (Playlist, Artists and so on) render correctly. Possibly a limitation of my 8 MB VRAM 😉
  10. 10sakura
    this is good and nice app.. really good to me and my friend.. thank you for this app.i can see and listening.. use this mac g4 dual 1.25 and g4 600 and mac mini.. all of them good reaction this app..really thank you for this app nice and nice.. mac is beautiful
  11. 11Nick
    When I play the slideshow the slideshow menu always shows even though in iPhoto it is set not to diplay and doesnt if I run a slideshow directly from iPhoto.
  12. 12Firestone
    The patches are small so don’t worry.I dont think so buddy Anytime I need to authenticate to run foreign software I want to know specifically what its doing.1) Your patches should not be hidden on /Volumes/Enabler, you should include them in yourAppleScript bundle and reference them from there (I rarely run apps from disk mages, usually I copy the app off and unmount the dmg)2) You are patching system frameworks. What patches are you making? Im sure they are probably harmless, but you really should post how you created those patches, otherwise youre installing a root kit as far as anyone can tell.3) You are patching a Login Plugin (/System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin)! What on earth for?!

    The only thing I can find in your enabler is a binary patch. This stinks.

  13. 13William
    Ive followed the directions but dont see an install toolbar icon when using Pacifist on Front Row Update. What am I missing??Thanks,William
  14. 14Andrew
    Firestone,While your comment is appreciated and helpful, Id like to respond.1  The patch files are hidden so as not to confuse the user. I could have added them to the resource fork in the application, but theyd still not be seen by the user.2  The patches were created by comparing the files on new iMac G5s to other Macs. Please dont through that word around so lightly. Th last thing anyone wants to be compared to these days is the &#%$ at Sony. But point taken.3  BezelServices is what manages the bezels for volume, Apples wireless devices, and now the Apple remote. Its patched so that Front Row assumes it running on the correct hardware.

    The only thing I can find in your enabler is a binary patch. This stinks.

    No, your comment stinks. Would you prefer a 850mb download that contains some sort of Cocoa wizardry with smoke and mirrors?

  15. 15Ben
    Thanks. I have the same issue that Stephen is having, with only the mirrored titles. I have an iBook (500 mHz, 716 MB RAM), so its terribly slow. But blame that on the computer. Things seem a little faster the second time you go through menus. Will we be able to continue using the Front Row Updater when Front Row gets updated?
  16. 16James
    Thanks, it works great.
  17. 17Jon
    Works fine on my DP 1.8G5 and my 1.42 mini much easier install than the hacked previous version 1.0 and works properly with iTunes as well. Good work Andrew.[Andrew reiterates: Its not really my work. The developer was remains anonymous. My thanks go out to her/him.]
  18. 18Erik
    I have followed the instructions but FrontRow doesnt seem to show up any where. Any idea if this works only on US-system or with any language?
  19. 19Erik
    Well, now I got it running on my Danish system – but all headlines are upside down! Any ideas? The rest of the text is OK only headlines like Music, DVD, Video are turned upside down?[Andrew responds: Very odd. Anyone else having this issue?]
  20. 20Craig Fine
    This set up works great, thanks for making the effort to put this all together. When I opened the updater package in Pacifist, I could not find a toolbar, however I performed the install anyway and then rebooted. I tried looking for the Front Row program in my list of applications and could not find it, however as soon as I typed command+esc Front Row launched in all its spendor without any problems.Wow, great work!
  21. 21Stan
    Downloaded all required files. Followed instructions to the letter. Everything appeared to happen as this webpage describes. Rebooted, went to Keyboard Shortcut Prefs hey, where the heck is Front Row???Tried everything again, and again the same thing. Murphys Law in effect? What am I doing wrong?PowerMac 450 Mhz dual processor, OS X 10.4.2 HELP!
  22. 22mahack
    Works fine on a german system, powerbook g4, 1,5Thanks for your work!
  23. 23Brian
    My installation using pacifist is taking forever (>15 min.) Updating Prebinding Information normal or stuck?[Andrew writes: Probably stuck. It should take no more than a minute.]
  24. 24Vince
    I tried the installation on 2 different computers both 10.4.3 (Powerbook titanium, 500) and G4 (500) and also got the mirrored headlines but Front Row worked on both slowly.
  25. 25Brian
    Got it working, on my 667 TiBook, but some of the videos or quicktime movies are choppy. I couldnt get the movie trailers to play more than 10 seconds so far.Not just complaints though.Thanks to the developer, it is fun to have front row even if we dont use it that much!! Well Done
  26. 26James
    I also have the iPhoto problems the slides arent showing within iPhot or front row. i think something has been tampered with
  27. 27Gary
    Wow first the hibernate hack and now the front row enabler. A good couple of weeks here. I installed it and every thing works great. Thanks
  28. 28Player
    Thank you very much, this tweak is fantastic
  29. 29Dave Schroeder
    No, your comment stinks. Would you prefer a 850mb download that contains some sort of Cocoa wizardry with smoke and mirrors?No, but wed like to know what the patch is doing. Whats being modified? Whats being added? Whats being changed?
  30. 30Dennis
    Followed the instructions as printed here on an iMac G5 (the latest one before the Front Row and built-in iSight), but cant find the software and now have the two System Preferences panels mentioned above crashing routinely. Are there instructions somewhere for how to uninstall all of this software? Was not expecting this problem, with the glowing reviews on this page.[Andrew asks: Have you tried the Uninstall button that appears in Front Row Enabler?]
  31. 1David
    Awesome. Any suggestions for enabling use of the Apple Remote on legacy systems?
  32. 32Adrian
    December 1st, 2005 at 8:08 am
    Now FrontRow is not more starting and system preference panels (keyboard ans sound ) are crashing. What is the problem ?I had the very same problem after following the sketchy details on MacUpdate. Now after following the instructions from this site, and without altering anything on my system, Front Row and my System Prefs Panels are all behaving perfectly.
    I just let the apps write over any off the mess I must have made originally.Thanks for the excellently detailed instructions Andrew[Andrew writes: Yes. The original poster to MacUpdate had awful instructions.]
  33. 33Bill
    I followed the instructions and have the same problem as Stan. There is no entry for Front Row in the keyboard preferences. I also note that it is not running in Activity Monitor. This actually seems to make sense, since when I look at the package contents of the FR update, the only application included is DVD Player. Shouldnt there be a Front in there?
  34. 34BillIll have to revert on at least part of my comment. Front is in the package, it is just not under the Applications folder. Still no sign of it running or notation of it in System Preferences.
  35. 35Justin
    Also interesting to note that an option was added to the Security Preference Pane along the lines of enabling/disabling an infrared receiver.[Andrew writes: Now to find interesting and exciting things to do with it]
  36. 36Andrew
    Bill,I know it sounds obvious but have you rebooted your Mac yet? Have you checked in /System/Library/CoreServices/Front to see if the application is there, where it should be? What version of Mac OS X are you running, and on what model Mac?
  37. 37Adrian
    December 1st, 2005 at 8:35 pm
    Still no sign of it running or notation of it in System Preferences.Its not something to do with running Pacifist from your harddrive instead of from the .dmg is it?
    Or perhaps misssing the Front Row Enabler?, or perhaps not rebooting?
    Or maybe that new security update has knackered it which im fearing as i download it (fingers crossed)Maybe try the whole thing over READING VERY CAREFULLY (no scorn intended) an have a squiz.
    That approach certainly worked for me after initial failure and stuffed up system prefs.
  38. 38Bill
    Andrew, I have rebooted my Mac. Front does exist at /System/Library/CoreServices. I dont know if it is meaningful, but it has a generic application icon. I have tried double clicking it, which seems to do nothing (no visible action, nothing new running in Activity Monitor). I am running 10.4.2 and have a Power Mac G5 dual 2.0 ghz.Adrian, I am running Pacifist from the hard drive. I have tried pointing to FrontRow1.0.1 from the disk image and also copied it to my HD and pointed to it there. I definitely ran Front Row enabler (several times by now) and rebooted each time. I ran through the instructions again, also. I did find a wiki article which indicated you should choose update instead of replace when available, which I did NOT do the first time (this article indicated replace and I did so for all prompts). I did however make a copy of DVD which I restored as well as deleting Front and ran again choosing update when available. I figured this would at least fix those 2 apps if they had gotten blasted in the process (perhaps not). Still no change. I have not applied the latest security update, so thats not it.
  39. 39Rodney
    Hi, I did everything as described it all seems to work but I now go to use DVD player and I get this error message:there was an initialization errorthe player requires a newer version of the DVDPlayback framework [-70103]Is Front row supposed to replace it? If so what is it installed by the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg.Any help here would be great.


  40. 40Aaron
    Works great on my new 17 inch powerbookAmazing!!!!!!!!!! Send me a URL for a bluetooth remote control and ill be set.. Thank you for this little bit of fun for all of us without a new Imac
  41. 41Ciegetank
    Ive done everything exactly as the sites instructions state, and no luck on getting Front Row to successfully open. I had the old school cracked Front Row installed, and got rid of all of it, and everything associated with the hot key modifiers i was using in conjunction with it. From Activity Monitor, it appears that Front Row app launches the immediately quits when typing the Front Row command. All the System Pref tweaks are there, Front Row just wont launch. Also the entire system appears to go crazy and lock up after trying to initiate Front Row, requiring a forced reboot.
  42. 42Ryan
    Works much better than 1.0 on my 12 Powerbook. DVD player works & I can finally watch the trailers without errors.Thanks.
  43. 43Stan
    Ive been following the posts (for those of us NOT getting it to work) and so far it sounds like Bill and I are in the same boat. Yes, Ive done the obvious things like REBOOT after running the Enabler (which I ran from the .dmg and not from my hard drive, just like the instructions say) Ive tried it a number of times, Ive tried both update and replace, and Ive tried verifying/restoring permissions nothing seems to work. Yes, I see the Front in /System/Library/CoreServices/ and Ive also tried to double click it, but nothing happens. And I think Ive got a relatively clean System install not a heck of a lot of fancy extras going on. Theres a glitch here somewheredang!
  44. 44Marty
    Im having the exact same situation as Bill.I printed out the instructions and followed them one by one:
    1) Download Front Row from Apple I used your Download link
    2) Install Front Row using Pacifist selected the Contents of and Installed, specifying Replace like you suggested
    3) Enable Front Row ran Front Row Enabler from the .dmg and selected Install, authenticated
    3b) rebooted!It seems that everything is installed, but Front Row is not showing up in either Keyboard Shortcuts or the new item in the Sound preference panels.This is 10.4.2 without the very latest security patch on a 15 PowerBook G4 1.67GHz system.Again just like Bill, I did make a copy of DVD Player before I installed Front Row. Certainly thats not the difference???

    For grins I used Disk Utility to repair my systems permissions with no change in behaviour.

    The following is in my system.log:

    Dec 1 22:19:30 Martys-PowerBook FrontRow[308]: Message Handler Installation Failed: bootstrapcheckin(): 044c: Bootstrap not privileged

    Dec 1 22:19:30 Martys-PowerBook FrontRow[308]: Message Handler Installation Failed: service port is NULL

  45. 45Brian
    Bill, Marty, Stan, and others
    I was in the same situation as all of you, just 10 minutes ago. I have an 800mhz G4 iMac running 10.4.2. I went through the install process two times, exactly as listed on the webpage. I even tried to install using the Update button instead of the Replace button in Pacifist. I rebooted each time, blah blah blah. In the end, there was no evidence of the Front Row program on my computer at all.So I gave up and planned to move on. I then completed some other updates, and installed the OS X 10.4.3 combo update. After I returned to my computer from that re-boot, I just typed command-esc for kicks, and the Front Row program came on! After all my tests, it works perfectly.I didnt do anything else after the OS update. All the files were apparently there, but the OS install brought everything together.Maybe this will work for you too.
    Good luck!
  46. 46JD
    Well, now I got it running on my Danish system – but all headlines are upside down! Any ideas? The rest of the text is OK only headlines like “Music”, “DVD”, “Video” are turned upside down?[Andrew responds: Very odd. Anyone else having this issue?]Same here on my US G3
  47. 47Jackson Brown

    What exactly is patched?

    BezelServices.framework and BezelService.loginPlugin are modified, but only by a few bytes each. I simply changed the boolean that reports if the remote is present or not. For exaple it reports True if the remote is NOT present. (This is also why I recommended that it not be run on new iMacs because it would return False if you DID have a remote.)

    BezelServices.framework contains _BSRemoteControlFeatureAvailable which is called by any Application that uses the new remote, including Front Row and the preference panes. I decided to change this instead of patching Front Row, Keyboard.prefPane, Sound.prefPane and Security.prefPane themselves. This will also fix any new applications or Front Row updates that rely on the remote (As long as the framework itself isnt replaced). Patching this framework enables the new preferences and allows Front Row to run.

    BezelServices.loginPlugin (which is what listens for the brightness controls, volume controls, etc.) has its own call; _HIDMonitorRemoteUIToggle. This too checks for the remote and toggles Front Row once cmd-esc (or the Menu key on the remote) is pressed. It also allows Front Row to load when cmd-esc is pressed (Front Row only loads the first time you activate it, as opposed to loading at boot) then idle in the background once done.

    I wasnt too keen on patching two files (especially system files) but it was necessary for everything to work smoothly. I suppose a better solution would be to write a little app that emulates the USB IR receiver, but Im actually a designer by trade, not a programmer (Which is why Im so proud of myself and wouldnt mind my name in the credits.)

    Upside-down Text

    For those who see upside-down text and other anomalies; I think you need 32MB of VRAM or more in order to use Front Row successfully. My Blueberry iMac with 8MB of VRAM does the same thing, while my 12 Powerbook runs it just fine.

    Technical Notes

    For the super paranoid who still dont trust me, the patches are just bdiff files. The following changes are made:
    7F 83 E3 78 at 26FC
    is changed to
    38 60 00 03
    (Thats mr r3,r28 to li r3,3 for anyone who knows PPC ASM. Basically, force r3 to use the value of 3 (which fakes OS X into thinking it has a remote) instead of r28, which is either 3 if you have a remote, or 2 if you dont)

    2F 83 00 00 at FB64
    is changed to
    2F 83 00 01
    (Thats cmpwi cr7,r3,0 to cmpwi cr7,r3,1 This makes false true and true false when _HIDMonitorRemoteUIToggle is called. So if you dont have the remote, it thinks you do (And, unfortunately, vice versa)

    As for legality; distributing Front Row itself is a big no-no, which is why it took Apples release of 1.0.1 to allow people to patch it themselves. This might be a violation of the EULA due to the license stating you should not reverse-engineer or modify the code. But Im a firm believer that its in my own damn right to modify the bits and bytes on my own damn hard drive.
    But even then, Im still staying anonymous

    I hope this clears up a few things for you all. It was a fun challenge, and I look forward to the next updates to fix.

  48. 48BillBrian, I had been holding off on the .3 update, but decided to give it a whirl based on your experience. I am happy to report that it is now working for me as well. Now all I have to do is convince my wife that this feature will make it worthwile to buy one of those new Mac Minis in January! Thanks to all for comments and assistance.
  49. 49Tyler
    I had the hacked versions. I deleted them. I did all these things to the letter, now it doesnt work similarly to what has been describedANDNow my Restart and Shut Down and Logout. wont work! Cripes!
  50. 50Mark
    I have followed the instructions above. However after I ran the Front Row Enabler I receive a message reminding me to reboot (fine – no problem) followed by an error message Could not save changes to this script because you do not have the neccessary access priviledges – 5000I have tried rebooting anyway, but Front Row is not installed. Any ideas?
  51. 51Mark
    Ive just read Bill and Brians comments. I already have the OS X 10.4.3 update installed – still no joy
  52. 52Quang Minh
    All I want to say is:
    THANK YOU JACKSON BROWN ! I knew u r the one who made the first step to Apple FrontRow so we (the non-new-iMac-owner) can have FR in our comp. I really appreciate what uve done to make this happened. Ive been playing, enjoying, and even being disappointed with FR since the first hacked version. Now I can run it properly, very nice, and no more bugs like minimize bug, hot corners, etc. Thank you, man.And secondly, I would like to THANK ANDREW ESCOBAR. U should be proud of your site, its getting better and better each day. I visit your site daily, and feel great. Thank you for your sharing and kindness.Hope you guys all the best 🙂
  53. Commentator's icon53Stan
    Read Bills post about doing the 10.4.3 Combo Update and NOW hes got Front Row running. Congrats, Bill 🙂 Then I came down the list and found Marks post that he already has 10.4.3 installed, but it isnt running. Too bad, Mark 🙁 Since Im self-employed and Ive got a sh*tload of work piled up around here, Ive been hesitant to do the 10.4.3 update for fear that something might get mucked up right in the middle of my work too many nasty grams on MaxFixIt regarding problems people have been having AFTER performing the update. Guess Ill just have to wait this out for a while. Really wanted to try Front Row, toodarn it.
  54. 54Al
    This is so freakin hot, its not funny. Its one thing to hear about Front Row or see a demo; its an entirely different thing to experience it firsthand. Thanks for taking the time to make this available to non-iMac owners.
  55. 55Brad Pitt
    installed all items mentioned. nothing happened. uninstalled it. installed it again. somehow, its working fine. so far. nice app. front row on a powerbook.[Andrew asks: Why-oh-why are people so adverse to proper capitalization? 😉 ]
  56. 56RunAway
    Can anyone post a zipped file with a folder with the original Front icon?
  57. 57Nathan
    Thank you very much. I must admit that it is even nicer when using it in person. Could the Apple Remote work with a PowerBook with a USB IR sensor? I may have to try that.
  58. 58RunAway
    Thank you so much 😀
  59. 59Andrew
    RunAway,There is no original Front Row icon. As you never need to see the icon, one was never created by Apple.Still, if you want one, here is the nicest one Ive come across: ,

    Could the Apple Remote work with a PowerBook with a USB IR sensor?

    Yes! More on that later.

  60. 60Mark
    I have now managed to get Front Row to work. Instead of following the advice in Step 3 above to run the Front Row Enabler from the disk image, I copied it into my Applications folder and ran it from there. After rebooting it now works. Looks impressive!
  61. 61Chris
    Ive tried it on my Powerbook (12 1,5 ghz, 512 ram), and it worked except it showed me I have no music in my iTunes library or my movies folder is empty. Odd.Other icons for FrontRow: or (remote)
  62. 62JD
    It works great, thank you so much!
  63. 63Dennis
    Yes, I have tried the Uninstall button in Front Row Enabler, several times in fact. It tells me I dont have sufficient privileges to save changes to the script, even though I am the Admin (and sole) user on this machine (and after running isk Utility to repair permissions). So Im still unable to remove it and my System Preferences continues to crash.
  64. 64Lars
    Excellent guide dude. love using an official version .
  65. 65Jon
    Thanx or sharing it works without any problem 🙂
  66. 66Axel
    Thank you so much, now everything works,
  67. 67Dean Waterman
    Hey Andrew You got my attention whetted now. I have the Apple Remote (that works with iPod Universal Dock and iMac with FR). I have a latest rev 15 Powerbook. I, like others wonder how to make the Apple remote work with the Powerbook. So how long do we have to wait to find out? 🙂 Thanks for the great job here. I love the FR on my Powerbook. It works smoothly and looks great.
  68. 68Phil Bowell This is great, works really well on my iBook.Im wondering if there is some way of using my SonyEricsson K700i as a remote via Bluetooth??
  69. 69peetee
    Got iMac G5 w/o iSight, Pacifist stucks on Updating Prebinding Information. Tried 3 times and allways same stuck.What to do?
  70. 70Firestone
    Andrew:It was not my intention to install fear in anyone, however I feel your last comment was a bit out of line. I work in an IT role and security is something I think about every day. Mac users have become complacent because there arent any viruses or other exploits for Mac OS X (zilch), and I see hacks like this as being the most likely future avenue for exploitation.Thanks for the instructions and enabler here. I installed it on a test system, ran packet traces, etc and decided that it seemed legit. The level of detail that Jackson Brown provided, though, was what I was really looking for. Thanks Jackson!
  71. 71Phil Bowell
    I have discovered that the K700i built in desktop controller works with FrontRow perfectly. Since it mirrors all the required keys from the keyboard it works perfectly.Im assuming that this would work with other Sony Ericsson phones as I know it works with the K750.
  72. 72Bill
    Still have the communication problem with iPhoto, but everything else works great.Motivated to get a mini to serve as a media server and plug it into my TV set. Come on, MWSF, with a media center Mac mini with Intel processor !!!
  73. 73Squished Squirrel
    Jackson Brown:Isnt there a 4 byte opcode that would set the flag such that the patch would work correctly on a new iMac G5 as well as everything else? Not that it makes a difference other than avoiding the few idjits that install it on their new iMac g5 anyway.
  74. 74Squished Squirrel
    Ohh, for those with iPhoto problems, you need the iLife 05 suite to be able to browse iPhoto albums.And onther thingTo play a videots folder from your hard drive, shove ANY video DVD into the drive, then fire up DVD Player. Open the videots folder on your drive (leaving the DVD in the drive) and then start Front Row. Instead of playing the DVD, it will play the video_ts folder on your hard drive.
  75. 75RJ17
    Does anybody else just get question marks for the movie posters when trying to watch movie trailers. The trailers play fine but the posters do not show.
  76. 76Anna
    Works perfectly on my powerbook G4 (1.67 GHz). Watched a DVD, played iTunes, slideshows in iPhoto and movies. Only thing: I have to disable Little Snitch to get to the Movie Trailers section because the program has to connect to, but when Little Snitch brings up a warning, neither mouse nor keyboard would allow me to click yes.Otherwise, Im happy as a clam. If Apple comes out with a DVR next year, Im buying three. 🙂
  77. 77Eay
    works great, thanks!
  78. 78Tyler
    Thanks alot. This works better and is much easier to install then the old hack. I just saw this on Digg and TUAW, I hope your server holds up.[Andrew writes: Oh shit -not again. Digg killed my server when I posted Safe Sleep, which is why I was didnt submit this myslef.]
  79. 79Tony
    Works very well on my 15 1.5GHz PowerBook at latest Tiger rev, but not on my iMac 20 (not with built-in iSight). Everything appears to work, but Front Row wont launch with the default (or any other) key combo.
  80. 80Justin Reese
    Works wonderfully on my 20 iMac G5/2.0, except: now my Spotlight drop-down window doesnt appear when I activate Spotlight. Oddly enough, it still registers my keystrokes; if I type in something familiar (Terminal, Photoshop, etc.) and give it a second, then activate the Top Hit (Command-Enter), the Top Hit opens, so I know its working. Its just not showing me anything.Quite literally, Ive done nothing else that would have prompted this. Spotlight was working, I followed the instructions and rebooted, and now Spotlight doesnt show. Ill attempt another reboot and tell you if it starts working again.[Andrew writes: Great website Justin! Lots of stuff coming never. lol]
  81. 81Andrew
    In response to a users inquiry:1. Downloading updates from Apple: Legal
    2. Using Pacifist to Install files: Legal
    3. Enabling via a small patch, making no use of Apple’s files: Questionable, but good case in favor.If you can make a strong case against this enabling process , please email me. Your emails are appreciated. It would be great to get a better understanding of relevant Canadian laws. Thanks.
  82. 82Mark
    works great on my powerbook 800 w/ 10.4.3, all portions are functional. If you dont own a remote yet, check out the media pilot from belkinThanks for the instructions
  83. 83soto
    hi there. i may or may not have done something wrong. I opened Pacifist and selected the open package and then selected Front Row. ( I did not read through the installation so i just selected the whole front row file and installed. after that i rebooted and tried to use front row enabler. it gave me an error saying Error: 1. cp/volumes/FRE/.Frameworkpatch:No such file or directory
    bspatch:.frameworkpatch:No such file or directory
    cp: /Volumes/FRE/ .pluginpatch: no such file or directoryso i went back the how to install page that I am on now.. and it said:
    Select the drop-down menu “Contents of FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg.” You should then be able to select the “Install” toolbar icon.I did all of this the way it told me tobut i have this issue.any ideas? thanks
  84. 84rt
    Works well on my iMac G5 2G -iTunes – very slick
    video player – fine but no real use for it – have very few video files
    dont use iphoto – so no commentBut DVD player only plays original dvds and wont play my backup of lotr – any way around this?[Andrew writes: In the future try reading comments as one user commented on how to play from archived DVDs.]
  85. 85Chuck
    No problems installing whatsoever on my iMac G5. Just wondering if there are remotes out there that can be purchased, or can I purchase on from Apple?
  86. 86Admiral
    Tried it – works A-OK (even DVD player! – even though it flakes out on occasion) – Testmachine: TiBook 1.25Ghz, 15oh only one problem – there is a problem connecting to the trailer server
  87. 87J.J.
    Mine works but Im having the same problem as before ( when the original hack came out). Namely that the app installed upside down and backwards. Sounds funny, I know, but true. When FR is launched the the word denoting each app. is upside down and backward. Im running this on a 450 Mhz G4 Cube.
  88. 88marcin
    Thanks Andrew Installed it on a 12 Powerbook G4 and it works fine. Front Row is quite an app!
  89. 89rt
    Andrew – you link to post 77 which i did read before posting – suggest you read it and my post again.Youll then see that 77s suggesting how to play a video which is on the hdd only. You also need any non copied dvd to put in your drive. Once youve started dvd player and selected the hdd based movie you want to watch – then you can start front row and it will play the hdd movie. Pretty involved – easier just to use dvd player on full screen and not bother with front row – imo.What Im looking to do is use front row to play a backup of a movie which is on a dvd-r. You can of course do this already with dvd player.Any way this is possible?[Andrew writes: Sorry I misinterpreted. Does it play in DVD Player 4.6.3? ]
  90. 90Rahul
    You are truly awesome, I tried a version of front row that I found at mininova that totally didnt work. I just love front row, apple should seriously release it to the general public. Running perfectly on a iMac G5 w/o iSight and Powerbook G4 1.5 Ghz
  91. 91Eno
    Thanks a lot for this set of instructions. Front Row works great on the iMac G5. No I feel a little better about not having the newest computer.
  92. 92SjH
    This worked faultlessly for me, also. I do have one question, however: for those of for whom this was an interesting experiment, how do we restore the Bezel* files which were on the system before installing the Front Row/Enabler pair?Thanks, again.
  93. 93domo
    Hey, I just wanted to say you rock. The procedure was totally painless on my 512 1.42 mac mini. Thank you for your hard work so others can follow.
  94. 94Mongoos
    This app/hack looks amazingI cant wait to install it on my computer. I know that the patches were already said to be harmless, and they make since, but Im just wondering if there is a way to easily uninstall all the changes made, including uninstalling front row itself, if i needed to.Thx!
  95. 95Jason Great work, very well done and greatly appreciated! Works flawlessly on my iBook G4 1.44 with 512 megs of RAM.Thank you!
  96. 96Andrew Mongoos,You could always just use Pacifist to once again install a clean version of the Update, which alone should not harm your system.SjH,Insert your Tiger DVD and then, using Pacifist, browse for the files replaced by the update and Extract them from the DVD to the default location on your hard-drive. Its then a good to run the update to 10.4.3 again.
  97. 97Jesse Dodds
    Hey there everyone Just a couple of things:1) People having problems with upside-down headings: this is because your computer does not natively support Core Image – so Apples like the G4 Cube or an old iBook 500Mhz will show the upside-down text).2) I found setting the Lauch FrontRow key command to something like F8 really ties in with the whole Exposé / Dashboard thing going on – so much easier than Command+Esc. (Just to reiterate, the key command can be changed in the new Keyboard and Mouse settings in System Preferences.3) A great icon for FrontRow can be found at GUI Kit (but I am also hosting it at my website (click my name at the top of this comment to go there)4) For all of you out there wanting to use a BlueTooth phone as a remote for FrontRow, check out Salling Clicker – I highly recommend this, it even installs an iTunes interface on your mobile phone that will display album artwork.

    5) Andrew, keep up the excellent work, and I hope your web site continues to thrive with this invauluable information.

    Cheers to everyone,
    Jesse Dodds

  98. 98Chris L W
    Well, Andrew, I WAS going to email you to ask the same questions about the problems plaguing other users about pref panel crashings and such. However, my persistence in working with the installers and rebooting has done the trick. FrontRow now works beautifully on my G5 iMac running 10.4.3. To other users, I think my problem was that I simply used restart to reboot, and not shutting down operations completely. In my experience, I found some updates actually require a full shutdown for them to be effective. Also, to other users, dont be like me and try things pre-maturely before going through all the steps. I think this hampered the process for me too. Go through the steps EXACTLY as ordered, and there should be no problems. Cheers!
  99. 99Fangus
    Works flawlessly on my 1.42 mac mini. Now to start loading my baby with songs and videos. Hurrah!!Thanks so much, Andrew!
  100. 100Sagres
    Followed the directions and it works perfectly. Running on a Powerbook G4 667Thanks!
  101. 101Rehash
    I am planning to buy the apple remote can i use with this hack? I do not wish to return some thing I purchased from the Apple store 😉
    If any one has tried it out.. I would really be grateful if they share their experience.
    Thank you..
  102. 102mariano
    it works great!! on a Mac Mini 1.42thank you very much
  103. 103Daniel
    Hello. I have a Mac mini 1.5 GHz with Mac OS X 10.4.3 Tiger.
    It works great, but if i want to see a movie trailer front row says: The movie trailer server doesnt answer.
  104. 104mike
    I installed it and it works great! thanks! However, i want to configure my Keyspan to work with it. I opened the Keyspand DMR and tried to add application but cant find Front Row! Where is it?
  105. 105Timber
    Works great, with the exception of iPhoto. Im running the current version of iPhoto but it still gives an error about communicating with iPhoto when I try and access any of my albums, etc.Thanks!
  106. 106Callum Alden
    You made FrontRow run on my G3 iBook 900. I love you.
  107. 107pdi
    has anyone tried to install this on top of an already installed hacked version?
    Wondering the consequences or if it even matters
  108. 108rt
    Andrew,The DVD-R does indeed play in 4.6.3 – but only if you use; file -> open dvd media – to start playing. i.e. no auto play.This is where the problem lies I think.DVD Player will not auto play backups – at least on my machine.Front row appears to check to see if there is an original DVD in the drive and then plays what DVD player has selected from the file -> open menu.

    As the previous poster says – if you have used file -> open dvd media to select the hdd movie copy and not the disc in the drive then Front Row will play this hdd copy and not the dvd in the drive.

    Wondering if anyone has a way to enable Front Row to play the dvd-r backup?

    Would certainly make using front row much more worthwhile imo.


  109. 109Rob Fisher
    Hmm, I followed all the instructions exactly. Rebooted my Mac. And certain System Prefpanes as noted by other uses just do not load. And the shortcut key doesnt work either. Am I doing anything wrong?
    Great guide though. 🙂
  110. 110patkriek
    work well on my HD 15 powerbook.
    But i have a question: is there a way to shutdown FrontRow totally when you quit it ? (its still using memory if you dont kill it)
  111. 111Stan
    Still having problems. Got to the point where I took the plunge with the 10.4.3 update, and it went well. AFTER THAT, the Front Row keyboard shortcut option appeared in Prefs. When I tried it, not only got the upside down text being reported, but the 4 images are scrambled and lined. Noticed Jackson Browns post #48 saying I think you need 32MB of VRAM well, Ive only got 16!! (yeah, I know it is DEFINITELY TIME TO UPGRADE MY SYSTEM!!) I suggest that being posted as one of the requirements, though!!!!!!! (unless anybody has had a successfull install and run with only 16MB of VRAM). So, obviously this isnt going to work for me until I upgrade some hardware (which I should do anyway).Regardless, and meanwhile, Ive NOW got the same error as Rodney (message #40) when I try to run DVD Player 4.6.3:There was an initialization errorthe player requires a newer version of the DVDPlayback framework [-70103]HOW CAN I GET THIS ALL BACK TO WHERE IT WAS BEFORE I TRIED THE FRONT ROW INSTALL????

    All I want now is my DVD Player app to run again!!

    Thanks for any help

  112. 112ed
    great work keep up it works great on my PB 1.67
  113. 113Jeffrey R
  114. 114Justin Reese
    Glad you liked it, Andrew. The site read Coming soon for quite a while, until I decided to just be honest. Especially now that Im no longer freelancing; fixing up around the house just keeps getting bumped back.Anyway, my Spotlight issue resolved itself with a second reboot. So if anyone else has Spotlight issues after the initial reboot, give it a second one.So its working great, Andrew. Kudos to you and the mysterious singer-songwriter with a penchant for hackery.
  115. 115Davey
    Works great on my G5 iMac Rev A.
    Watching the streaming trailers full screen is a prevision of Apples ability to market video. Incredible, thanks Jackson.
    P.S. I love your music!
  116. 116Anil
    Nice application, no problem installing on my Powerbook G4.
    However, one problem with iPhoto: When the setting Fit slideshow to music is selected in iPhoto, and the slideshow is run form FrontRow, this setting seems to be ignored. The transition per slide is much shorter compared to when the slideshow is run from iPhoto and the music ends before the slideshow is over.
  117. 117MarcosX
    Congratulation for your website
    Installation worked Great, but I should ALT previous Front row running process and delete the old startup link to Front Row in Core Services folder.With the upgrade to 4.6.3, DVD player I lost my native languagge (Italian), it held english only.
    I solved this by copying my language from v4.6.2, it seems to run great.It will be very wonderful if can we control Font Row using an Apple remote controller through a usb irda or more great, through the newest iPod doc, yet compatible with Apple remote controller and plugged in through usb.
  118. 118daGUY
    Installed, worked flawlessly, except I get an error about being unable to communicate with iPhoto when I try to look at photos, even though Im running 10.4.3 and iPhoto 5.0.4 (the latest version).Any ideas?
  119. 119MarcosX
    Follow the content I can get in System Profiler on a New iMac G5 whit iSight. On purpose of built-in IR Receiver :Version: 0.62
    Power bus (mA): 500
    Speed: Fino a 12 Mb/sec
    Producer: Apple Computer, Inc.The follow one is a report for a standard mac-compatible usb Irda receiver.
    IRExpress USB IrDA Controller:Version: 1.10
    Power bus (mA): 500
    Speed: Fino a 12 Mb/sec
    Producer: KC Technology, Inc.They look very similar, You are OK with me?!
  120. 120Mathis
    Thanks for making the patch!. 🙂 Works great on my G5 dual 2.5. Also have a Pismo G3 500 Mhz, but i dont think it will work so great since it dont have Tiger.
  121. 121jakej720
    hey, thanks for the great tutorialFront Row works great. Does it work in the background even when its not activated? I have it installed on a 12 Powerbook, 1.33 ghz, 768 MB of RAM, and my system feels much more sluggish and definitely slower. Im definitely not blaming you or complaining, but Im just askingIs it just me?
  122. 122Ryan Zygar
    wow, this great.
    i appreciate being able to actually use this application, a great christmas gift, will make for good conversation piece. way to go!15 PowerBook 1.5GHZ w/ 1GB Ram PPC7450Epic!
  123. 123JasonY
    works great on my 1.25 MDD G4. Thanks for a great patch!Front Row really rocks.Jason
  124. 124Maverick
    Have a successful installation, a restart and running Front Row on my iBook G4 1Ghz.However, some glitches along with my testing after the restart.
    1. Trailer keeps giving Error communication with movie server or similar message which i cannot recall the actual one. However, after i have left it for about 10 mins or so, the movie started playing after that long wait. Maybe it is due to my ISP2. The memory used for Front Roll when i am not using hogs a massive 40mb at the background. While it is a pretty normal thing i presume, not really friendly to system like iBook or Mac Mini which the memory could be needed for other applications instead of hogging it. It will be nice if there is a way to cut off the memory used/reserved for Front Row when not in use.After the above, i have to say Nice work by Andrew! Nice app by Apple!
  125. 125Cassian
    jakej720 – Front Row will stay running in the background. If you open up Activity Monitor, you will see it there. On my system (iMac G5 1.8GHz 1.5GB RAM) it doesnt slow it down noticeably, and according to Activity Monitor its only using 10.5 MB of physical RAM and 230 MB of VRAM (out of my available 12GB, thats not much).But you can always quit Front Row through Activity Monitor or even just write 7 words in applescript that you can run to stop it.
  126. 126Andrew

    System Preferences Crashing

    I just experienced a set back with Front Row. After installing an update for Pro applications, Front Row refused to launch. When I opened both the Sound and Keyboard preference panels, System Preferences would crash.

    I reinstalled the Front Row update, ran Front Row Enabler, logged out, logged in. Checked preferences panels. THey worked fine again. Still though Front Row would not launch. I opened Activity Monitor. For whatever reason, there were two instances of Front Row running. I force quit one, then tried the other. Front Row then launch instantly. Odd, yess -but at least its working again.

  127. 127Rob Fisher
    Andrew, your above comment fixed -almost- everything and works perfectly.Now, Front Row will still have 2 processes each time you login. This is more than likely to have been caused by using a previous hacked version to get this delicacy working on your Mac.To stop your Mac launching two processes of Front Row.1. Go to Accounts in System Preferences.
    2. Select your User and click Login Items.
    3. Remove Front Row from the list.
    4. Close System Preferences and Logout and Login again.
    5. Hit the shortcut and hey presto, it works![Andrew writes: While that is recommended and I did suggest this in the troubleshooting section to begin with, it doesnt solve the issue. The comment below does.]
  128. 128Jaron Brass
    This is excellent, and works particularly well on my Quad. The only issue I seem to have is with Movie Trailers. It might be due to the server, and perhaps a bad XML file (or whatever Front Row parses to display the trailer list and posters.) I get a selection of posters, but Front Row freezes. The Videos menu title remains visible, as do the Video menu options (Movie Trailers, Movies, Music Videos, Video Podcasts, etc.) The posters are displayed on top of the options.Force-quitting Front Row (command-option-escape) gets me back to my desktop.Odd behaviour, indeed, and I am curious if anyone else has experienced this, or perhaps its isolated?I just checked prior to submitting my comment and the issue is still occuring.
  129. 129Frrrrrank
    I also got the double instance of Front Row glitch. I previously had the latest hacked Front Row version running. After I deleted the file from /System/Library/LaunchAgents and rebooted, the double instance glitch is no more. Front Row is now running very smoothly on my 12 iBook 1.2GHz.[Andrew writes: Yes! That seems to solve it. Its those damn preference files that always seem to cause the trouble.]
  130. 130Guillaume
    Just two words: THANK YOU!
  131. 131Mike L.
    This is great & runs perfectly on my G4 iMac. Ive almost the same issue as J Brass, although FR doesnt freeze after the trailer list – just get a message to say server not responding. Not a major problem. Can highly recommend getting an AirClick Remote Control for iTunes to finish this mod off in style!
  132. 132Fritz
    Installed as directed and It Just Works!iBook G3 800Mhz – 640MB RAM – 32MB VRAM (ATI Mobility Radeon 7500)Of course, its not going to be ultra fast but thats a limitation of the machine itself not of the program.The one thing it did have trouble with (still apparently, from what Ive read) is the ability to look at Movie Trailers – not a big deal, since I tend to go directly to the Apple Trailers website anyway.Watching DVDs on the machine was nearly perfect and it had no problem reading DVDs Id created using my combination VCR-DVD burner with content from HBO OnDemand video, playiing catchup on The Sopranos! (The combo unit is from Emerson – not a real high end unit, but it suits my purposes just fine!)

    Just a very well done patch and how-to! Thanks again!!

  133. 133Helmut
    Works very well! Thanks a lot!What about photo booth ?Helmut[Andrew responds: Maybe when an update to Photo Both arrives, well all get lucky.]
  134. 134Dean Waterman
    Mike L. made reference to the Griffin AirClick remote. Does this work with Front Row? I have a Rev D Powerbook and have thought about getting the AirClick but wonder if anyone has tried it with Front Row.Any thoughts or comments welcome.
  135. 135Allison
    Dont actually need to reboot, logout and back in is sufficient. Worked great on Powerbook G4. (I have a hobby of seeing how long I can keep my machine running without a reboot – my record is 90 days.)
  136. 36Clay
    I installed and all seemed well, but my system no longer lets me into keyboard prefs. What am I supposed to do?
  137. 137Joseph
    Installed on Imac G4 1Ghz 17everything works great first time around!! Awesome app!!
  138. 138Matt
    iPhoto doesnt seem to be working (at least in my case) because an error message keeps popping up in the iPhoto application, stating that the music file selected to play with the slideshow cant be found.Im not sure what that means or how to fix it.
  139. 139Rick
    Those having problems with iPhoto -I was getting the communication error on any album that did not have a song selected for the slideshow of that album. I then added songs for my albums, but I was still having problems when the album was inside a folder in the source list on iPhoto. I dragged the albums out of the folders and everything works great. I think Front Row has problems reading slideshow prefs of albums in folders. I really hope this is just a problem with running Front Row on non-iMac computers.Hope this helps.
  140. 140Mike B.
    Works like a charm on my old Sawtooth G4 (retrofitted with a Sonnet 1GHz G4 and an ATI Radeon 8500). The only thing I thought didnt work at first was watching Movie Trailers – I always got the message Movie Server is not responding but then I found I just had to wait a bit to let the trailer load in the background and BINGO, trailers play perfectly after that!Thanks for the great job!
  141. 141Thierry DL
    For those who have problems / are afraid to hack the FrontRow package by Using pacifist, there is an easier way to install Front Row on any Mac.1) Copy the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg from the .dmg to your desktop.
    2) Right-click on it and show package content
    3) Search for FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.dist into Contents
    4) Open it with TextEdit, or SubEthaEdit or Smultron, or any text-editing app.
    5) Search for this piece of code (It checks if your Mac is the latest iMac with built-in iSight):

    function installationCheck()
    if ( !isModel("PowerMac12,1") )
    my.result.message = system.localizedStringWithFormat('ERROR_MODEL');
    my.result.type = 'Fatal';
    return false;
    return true;

    6) Delete the routine so that you only have :

    function installationCheck()
    return true;

    7) Save this file and quit the editor. Make sure you are in plain text-mode.
    8) Launch the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg you just edited.
    9) It will install it flawlessly, and then run FRE
    10) Reboot

    It works !!

    I found it safier / easier than using Pacifist.

    My 867/Quicksilver works slow but great and my 1,25 PowerBook 15 perfectly.
    With Salling Clicker and a BT phone, it rocks !!

  142. 142Omar
    Great Tutorial – but my mouse doesnt work – only keyboard – is it supposed to be this way?[Andrew writes: Yes. No mouse support, because its intended to be operated with a remote.]
  143. 143Rob Fisher
    Hmm a little harsh dont you think? Each and every Mac users deserves the same treatment, just because you think youre all high and mighty with your iMac doesnt mean other people dont want to give the software a whirl.
  144. 144Alex
    Sub: Bill, Stan, Marty.My problem is similar to what Bill, Stan and Marty have described above..Jist of it:
    1) Followed instructions, rebooted and Cmd-return, but nothing. [All updates installed] 2) System Prefs – Keyboard Shortcuts – Front Row : Check
    3) System/library/CoreServices/Front row : CheckSo, I tried to uninstall as per instructions on this site. Noticed that there was nothing in the folder
    System/library/LaunchAgentsI still dragged the System/library/CoreServices/Front row to Trash, but OS prompted – The item front row cannot be moved to the trash because it is open.

    But I still see nothing. Checked Force Quit to see if app was running, no it was not.

    In the Activity monitor: Front Row is running – 9.98 MB.

    Could somebody please tell me what the problem is? I am clutching at straws, quite desparately.


  145. 145Philipp
    Hi guys,just to let you know that even DVD playback works for me. I am such a happy camper now.Yours
    PhilippPB 17 DL, 10.4.3
  146. 146mauro
    i have same patkriek question: is there a way to shutdown FrontRow totally when you quit it ? (it’s still using memory if you don’t kill it)and then:
    how can I cancel front row from my hd?thank you
  147. 147mauro
    ok ok command+alt+esc to shutdown completely when front row is running.However i dont know how to cancel completely front row.Andrew you are genius, front row is fantastic on my iMac 20 (2nd generation)
  148. 148RJ17
    Anybody else just getting question marks instead of posters when viewing trailers. They play fine, but the posters just never show up.
  149. 149Dead Gene
    Each and every Mac users[sic] deserves the same treatment,Unfortunately, no, we dont. Thats just nonsense. We all deserve the same treatment when it comes to essential security updates and thats about it.Those who choose to buy what Apple sells deserve the same treatment as others who do, and will get it if needed through Apple Support.If others want to give the software a whirl, well, then either go to a Mac store and try it out, fork out for a full developer account or a new machine, or just wait til its on the P2P networks, since morally this is nothing different.Those of us with four-year-old G4 towers and iMacs shouldnt bother. It seems to cause issues due to our low amount of video RAM, besides other things.

    To be clear: I dont fully agree with the Anon poster above, but I also dont have a new iMac, and will wait to try it out at the local store. I figure by the time I get a 2nd-gen Intel Power Mac, it will have it built-in.

    That said, this page should stay posted and allowed to be communicated to others, and I would be very disappointed if it were taken down for any reason. These sort of things are important for both the people and developers to be aware of.

  150. 150Nincompoop
    Hi,First of all, thanks for this app. I run an iBook G4 and found that it does indeed work.However, being unfamiliar with Front Row, I wasnt at all sure what keys made it function! Luckily I came across Command-Esc by accident though.One slightly worrying problem is that iDVD now hangs shortly after launch. I admit that I am to blame for this, as I did not have iLife installed as recommended.Is there any way to reinstall iDVD (download, or using Tiger install DVD)?

    Failing that, is there any way to uninstall this app and get iDVD to work again?

    Many thanks


  151. 151MacGilles
    Front Row works on my Titanium 550.Is it possible that the Apple Remote works with the IR sensor of my Powerbook ?Else I didnt understand how to have the back key when browsing the iTunes lists I just quit (normally) Front Row when hitting a key different of an arrow[Andrew responds: Hit the Escape key to go back o the previous menu/playlist. Next time read the whole article. There is key-combos up there.]
  152. 152Kevin
    I am on an iBook G4 1.33ghz/1.5GB. So far this seems to work, except for the trailers. I have the problem that a few others have, Front Row just freezes and I have to do command, option esc to get anything to happen. BTW, this is my first Mac and I have had it for 2 days and i didnt know about the command option esc so i had to figure that one out. lol.
  153. 153damon
    Installed. Works Great.but now I notice that my volume keys on my (genuine) Apple Keyboard connected to my Mac Mini dont work. Any suggestions?
  154. 154Andrew
    If items stop working or DVD player, use Pacifist to Extract from your TIger dvd, the original item you replaced with the update.Browse the FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.pkg in Pacifist to see which items need to be Extracted from you Tiger install DVD.
  155. 155Dan
    Just a superb job. Im brand new to Macs, having just purchased a Mini. Followed your very clear instructions, and I was watching trailers, listening to music and browsing photos in no time.
  156. 156Nincompoop
    Thanks for that advice Andrew.I seem to have iDVD working now, but Ive lost all my themes!I downloaded iDVD 5.0 from Limewire (having purchased Tiger legitimately, I dont see this as an issue), and then upgraded to 5.01.Still no themes though!I did try to do as you suggested, and looked at the contents of my Tiger DVD and FrontRowUpdate using Pacifist, but the best I could manage was to reinstall DVD player. I find this all so confusing, not being a techie!

    Might the next best thing be to do an archive and install do you think?



    PS In my earlier email, I think I may have confused iLife with iWork! My apologies.

  157. 157Alex
    In spite of installing OSX updates, I still get the following message:
    Dec 6 12:01:48 Alexs-Computer FrontRow[554]: Message Handler Installation Failed: bootstrapcheckin(): 044c: Bootstrap not privileged\n
    Dec 6 12:01:49 Alexs-Computer FrontRow[554]: Message Handler Installation Failed: service port is NULL\nI hate to give up but I have spent way too much time on this. Reading all the comments made me even more curious to testdrive Frontrow. I need a fairy god mother to help me.Alex
  158. 158pickupjojo
    Very useful, thanks a lot ! 🙂
  159. 159Terry
    Works great now! I had the issue some other have had where the error message the player requires a newer version of the DVDPlayback framework appears and DVDPlayer wouldnt launch. I dont know what version I was at before installing FrontRow, but the most current DVD update on the Apple website was a DVD Player Update 4.6.1. Since the version included with FrontRow is 4.6.3, I was unable to launch the updater. However, I used Pacifist to install the frameworks from the 4.6.1 update and now everything works great. I wish that you could have the visualizer going in iTunes when played through FrontRow, otherwise its pretty nice.
  160. 160aj
    Installed via the instructions on a -clean- erase and install copy of 10.4.3. Evidence taht FR is present shows up in sound and keyboard panes, as well as the app in core services. The key command does not launch FR, however.One variant in my install was with in replace instructions in the original article. It said to replace when bundle already exists. I got a collection of file already exists following that, which I left alone. What are the instructions for that?Note that this series of prompts all had to do with various Bezel Services bits, which as I said, on this attempt I left alone (based on the original FR Hack working well if Bezel was left alone). [Edited]
  161. 161Andrew

    When prompted with “Bundle already exists” windows, select the “Replace” button. (You can also check-mark “Don’t ask again” and then select “Replace” to avoid being bothered again.

    That is, Replace all the files –each and every on, even if it already exists (the majority already do exist on your mac).

  162. 62KMcC
    The problem with Front Row and iPhoto not working is detailed in the iPhoto Help section:If photos are nested (in a folder within another folder) in folders or albums, you may see a communication error or other odd behavior when you try to display them with Front Row.To successfully view photos with Front Row, make sure that your images are contained within an album available in the iPhoto Source window. You cant view images within folders or albums that are inside of other folders or albums—those that arent available in the Source window—unless you expand the folders in the Source window so the nested folders are visible.In other words, to use folders in iPhoto and Front Row, keep all the folders expanded.I still cant get my movies in iPhoto to play with Front Row
  163. 163Stephen
    Problem Solved.Using 10.4.3 Had the original Front Row download. Performed update using Andrews instructions. Everything fine, inc. keyboard shortcuts, but noticed that App Get Info indicated still version 1.0Deleted that app and everything else. Tried same install – no joy. Nothing worked.Tried Thierry DLs method. Wouldnt work – because Front Row 1.0 was no longer on mac (remember I had deleted it). Download patched version of 1.0. and placed app in Core Services. This time Thierrys method allowed me to install the update. But joy shortlived – wasnt working after alluntil -I used Andrews Enabler patch. Restarted. Everything fine!
  164. 164Matt
    Excellent, works great except a bit choppy on my Dual 2.0 GHz powermac G5
  165. 165Gunter
    Thank you soooooo much for this andrew, brilliant, just briliiant, I work in an apple store so i have had a good play around with front row, and now i get to have it in the confort of my own home. It runs surprisingly well on my emac 700mhz/512mb. Once again thank you.
  166. 166Marvin
    Works wonders for me! i didnt encounter any errors, thankfully. Works great considering im running on an old G4 400MHz upgraded to G4 800Mhz, 384 MB Ram, little choppy but damn it works great! Thanks!!!!
  167. 167Nincompoop
    Im afraid I still havent managed to get my iBook back to where it was!I followed the directions precisely.Ive taken Andrews advice (see above), repaired permissions, run DiskWarrior, run archive and install, reloaded iDVD from my Panther installation disc and yet iDVD on launch still behaves oddly!I also experienced new problems with Broadband Optimizer since installing this app, which may or may not be a coincidence.I have to say that, going by my experience thus far, Id warn Mac users to stay well away from this app sorry!

    Clearly some people are quite happy, although other seem to have had problems. Use it at your peril!

  168. 168Gunter
    Gday, its me again, i was wondering if there was any way of staring front row through an application, in the dock for example, thank you
  169. 169Victor Ibarra
    Andrew it works perfectly on my ibook g4 its amaizing thank you very much and to launch front row from your cel phone you just need to download the great thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. 170Quentin
    Thanks for the guide and patch to get this working on my Powermac G4 AGP,works great. Just got the titles upsdie down but thats due to my rubbish Graphics chip. Nice one mate, keep up the good work
  171. 171Paul
    Iam having no luck with this, I think I tried to install front row before and caused problems so my question is what files do I need to delete to start again?
  172. 172Alan
    Im pretty sure it installed because, whenever I go to keyboard shortcuts or sound preferences, it crasheshelp?[Andrew writes: Re-read the entire page, comments and all. Restart and dont try to open Front Row. Install the update again, and make sure you replace all the files when using Pacifist. Restart. Let me know who it goes]
  173. 173Will2
    I had the same prob. with keyboard and sound prefs. I opened up the front row enabler 1.0.1 and clicked the uninstall button, that solved all sys. pref. issues and front row still runs.Although I have the same prob. as Quentin, my titles for music, movies, dvd, and photos are upsidedown. Anyone figured that out yet? I have a 2001 ibook, maybe cause its older that happens. Help?
  174. 174Sean
    Please Help
    I followed the instructions exactly, but failed to install on my Mac Mini. There are not shortcuts on my mouse/keyboard control. There are no sound option on my Sound control. Anyone runs into the same problem. My Mac Mini is brand new. I just ordered it to test front row but failed to install it. Please help!Thanks in advance.[Andrew: More detail needed to troubleshoot. See troubleshooting section.]
  175. 175Sean
    Andrew,What kind of details can I provide for you? Im a new MAC user. Sorry. Where is your troubleshooting section? I cannot find it.
  176. 176Dennis Embry
    The whole thing worked perfectly on my PowerBook 12 1.33. A small tip. I was confused for a bit with Pacifist did not recognize the Frontrow .dmg. One must mount it first, for it to be recognized. Otherwise, perfect. Thanks.[Andrew writes: Doh! I forgo that step. Thanks. Fixed.]
  177. 177Sean
    It worked! Thanks for the support. Great job.[Andrew adds: He was running 10.4.2 and it wouldnt work. An update to 10.4.3 fixed the problem, and hes now running Front Row.]
  178. 178Dean Waterman
    Andres,A few days ago you mentioned you would have some ideas about using Apples remote with Front Row App. I have a 15 DL Powerbook and I also have the new dock, and Apple remote. I have been checking back every day to see if you have some ideas on how to make these work.Ready to tell us yet? Thanks!
  179. 179Andrew
    There are many remote solutions:

    • Using your Macs sound input and the open-source LIRC project to decode the IR signals of the Apple Remote (or any remote) is promising and cheap ($) but is technically complex.
    • USB IR receiver that takes Apple Remote IR signals and sends them as keystrokes. ($$)
    • Keyspan and AirClick work well but are pricy ($$)
    • Using the Universal iPod Dock to Control Front Row or iTunes with the Apple Remote is a dead-end so far. Its pricy ($$$) but at least you would make good use of the hardware and it would look great.
    • IR receivers + software work well with the Apple Remote but are more pricy ($$$$)

    Most of my time is dedicated to the first two. Stay tuned. And if anyone has a break-through, please contact me.

  180. 180Karl
    keyspan and front row:
    see the instructions on
    (Dec 5th). I havent done it myself (have to wait til I am home where Front Row is running on my Pismo G4, 550 and 10.4.3 and 1GB memory (with the mirrored and upside words)).
  181. 181Bill
    Your steps, work exactly as advertised for me on PMG5 (22-1st generation). Thanks.
  182. 182Pete
    Hi Andrew!Have just got this stuff and it runs flawlessly on my iBook G4, 1.07 ghz.
    Had no sweat what so ever making it work, after doing just what is told. By the way; the pacifist is one super utility. RIGHT ON!!had Myself a small party after installing the FR last night, as I´ve been craving it for some time now.
    So, thanks a million!
  183. 183Dan
    Whos the man?Andrews the man : )
  184. 184RJ17
    Does anyone know if problems with the movie trailers not updating be because i am using a proxy server?
  185. 185Ralphy
    Hi Andrew, thanks for this enabling Tool Kit – How Cool is that please? Regarding the IR control issue – wouldnt the way by :Thierry DL onDecember 5th, 2005 at 6:14 amsolve the issue as you disabled the IR functionality by by your bezel patches from what I understood ?I got a universal dock and a Apple Remote / using a G4 Powerbook 1.5 and a G4 iMac 1.25 – so i would love to see a breakthrough here :-)Rock on, Ralphy
  186. 186Braden
    Hey, this rocks! Couple things: Can iTunes shared music be accessed with Front Row? How about iTunes radio? I just downloaded this like an hour ago, and it says it cant connect to the music video server every time I click one of the movie posters. Any ideas why? Thanks!
  187. 187Braden
    One more thingCan anyone recommend a good remote to use with Front Row? I have a friend with a PowerMac and one of those nice big apple displays, and he wants to know the best remote to get to control front row, etc. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  188. 188Spencer (from uk)
    Amazing! works a real treat on my G4 powerbook now! (however if not installed DIRECTLY to stated you have problems, as I found first time when i opened sound+keyboard preferences). Need a remote however. seem to offer a good solution :-), however need a compatable smartphone :-(.
    Thankyou Andrew!
  189. 189Tony G.
    [Andrew deletes and writes: Direct links (especially ones that 404) to unheard of and seemingly shady stores are not appreciated. ]
  190. 190Perry
    First,cheers Chaps for the good work.Now, I have the same Problem as many of us who dont have the resources to buy a new Laptop/Desktop,and have to use their old one which is not fully compatible with Frontrow. I have a Powerbook G3 500 Mhz and yes,I also have the mirrored text. Hers an Idea! Open:


    The one I use is Property List Editor but You need Developers tools installed. Open it with root priviliges so you can save the file. You can log in as root,or use programs like Pseudo or Chalaut or other Programs. Then theres 4 lines,as follows:

    DVDModuleNameInList         Dvd
    MovieModuleNameInList       Movie
    MusicModuleNameInList       Music
    PhotoModuleNameInList       Photo

    Now,if you delete the text behind it (Bold-double click) and save it it wont show up in Front Row (startup screen). But there are more things to change,find out yourself. If anybody knows a trick to mirror the text there I would like to know,probably we need to change/add characters in the font.

    Now one thing more, I guess this is not really legal since we tamper with the text/file/code and thats I guess is copywritten. Try it out on your own responsibility.

    Cheers, Perry Indonesia

    [Andrew (highly amused) writes: Its perfectly and entirely legal to make these changes. Its just a localization file, which supports different languages.]
  191. 191Perry
    Good to hear,didnt think of that.
    I Try to find a way to mirror the text,but didnt find it yet.
    Lets hope somebody is smarterthan me.
  192. 192Chris
    Its sort of working for me on my g5 imac, but i cant view videos from itunes though, although i can hear them and i cant view video podcasts although they are playing after i exit frontrow, actually i cant view alot of movie files from iphoto either come to think of it, its good to show off to my mates but its the only dodgy thing ive got installed and funnily enough its also the only thing ive had on my mac that hasnt worked perfectly.
  193. 193Chris T
    Dear Andrew
    Many thanks for your contribution.Got a G4 PB 1,67 17 1,5 GB RAM and it works like a charm.The only problem is that the server for movie trailels is not responding.Well I hope that it will eventually.
  194. 194greg
    omg i tried this stupidly on 10.3.9 and now ym brightness and volume controls dont work? anyone know how to fix this?
  195. 195Andrew
    What a remarkably stupid thing to do Greg. Seriously stupid. I clearly stated 10.4.3 only.Long way: Reinstall Panther 10.3 using Archive and Install option. That is what lazy old Apple tech support would tell you.Short but Complicated way: Insert your Panther install media, and in Pacifist select Open Mac OS X Install Packages. Search for these files and Extract them to their default location, replacing all files.

    BezelServices.framwork folder
    BezelServices.loginPlugin folder
    mach_init_per_user.d file
    DVD file
    Delete Front Row from “/System/Library/CoreServices/Front”
    Delete the preference file “/System/Library/LaunchAgents/”
    Run the full update to 10.3.9 (download from Apple)

    I hope that works. If not, its you own fault for trying this on Panther. If it fails, the Archive and Install option will set you straight.

  196. 196Jim McFarland
    I went out and purchased a $50 Keyspan Remote (small but with just the right amount of buttons) and Geniecommands programmable media center software. Followed the above instructions for Front Row and then it is all setup for you.
    Front Row is incorporate into Geniecommands somehow, on top of the first menu. Love the fact I can also get to Real and WMV streaming as well.
  197. 197Steffen
    Hi, just tried it, and the installation works fine.
    But after rebooting i cant find anything like Front Row in my sys preferences!
    What did i do wrong, i followed the instruction of yours but i wont get it on working
    can you help me? please?
    greetings from germany
  198. 198Jeff Thompson
    OH SWEET BABY JEBUS!! This rocks and is so much better than other hacks & apple-script solutions.Ive got this running on my old G4 desktop in the family room hooked up to my 52 Mitsubishi HD (the largest computer monitor Ive evern owned) :-)Think Im gonna order a Keyspan remote and set it up for frontrow might even try programming my TVs NetCommand app to see if I can control it via the Mitisubishi integrated remote appThis is just awsome, and with the Quicktime DIVX codec installed I can even watch my HD DIVX content downloaded via BitTorrent.You seriously rock man.
  199. 199Del Jones
    Great stuff. i love it. I run it on my G4 iBook and Mac Mini and its as smooth as silk.Many thanks for this.Derek
  200. 200Upside-up
    The upside-down text is caused by a lack of Quartz Extreme support. The video card processor is the culprit. You dont need CoreImage support. I have it running on a 450 MHz Cube I had to swap the ATI Rage 128 card with a GeForce 2MX.The Mac Mini doesnt do CoreImage AFAIK so that is clearly a bogus suggestion as we all have seen FrontRow on a Mac Mini.
  201. 201Quentin
    Right,so that explains why my text is all doo laly. I have a Radeon 8500 coming in the post so that should hopefully sort that minor issue out. will using this card spped the menus up and make it smoother,or is this more a CPU factor rather than the GPU?
    Q[Andrew writes: Graphics cards are very much a factor when it comes to Core Graphics.]
  202. 202philaga
    Thanks, nice to try this intuitive soft on my PB. This ise a new interface for those allready nice iApps.bye
    PB G4 12
  203. 203Del
    Works perfectly on 12 inch Powerbook. Currently running it with sallings clicker for mac as the remote control.Again the salling product works perfectly using my Nokia 8800 mobile phone as the remote – no problems PERFECT solution for anyone with ANY Bluetooth Mobile Phone.The Jonas Script for Front Row available on the salling site in the discussion section is brilliant!Only problem today is Move Trailer Server Not Responding was working yesterday ok.anyone got solutions to this?
  204. 204Henrik
    How do i get the appleremote to work with my powerbook, is it possible? I have installed front row and its working out fine
  205. 205Tyler Jensen
    After second try everything works great (G4 Power Mac, 800Mhz). Im a fan of your work. Thank you.
  206. 206Richard van Heukelum
    Tnx a lot took me 5 minutes to download and install, and it works like a charm .
  207. 207Yehoram Houri
    Thanks for all this however when i launch pacifist install of the package i get an error message saying:

    An error of type -60008 occured while attempting to create the folder:
    /private/var/tmp/folders.501/temporaryitems/pacifist temp

    Please help me to understand where the hell this comes from and how to fix it

  208. 208Rich Smith
    So Far SO GoodHavent had a lot of time to play with Front Row, but all is working as you said in your instructions! Thanks a lot! Rich
  209. 209John Wardell
    Absolutely fantastic! Thanks very much. Great tutorial and great Mac hack. Got this running on my iBook G4 within minutes and controlling Front Row from may Nokia phone via Bluetooth thanks to some Apple scripts.
  210. 210douglasm
    Ive installed and uninstalled several times, but the Front Row iTunes module tells me I have no songs or videos in my library and the iPhoto module tells me I have no pictures in my library. I have Mac OS X 10.4.3 and I can assure you, I DO have quite a few songs and pictures. Any suggestions?
  211. 211Michael
    it has worked great with my 14in. ibook. but is there a FREE program that i can use to use a bluetooth enabled phone to control Front Row. and would the apple remote work with my ibook?
  212. 212Toto
    I found a good patch for v1.0.4

    • Play/Pause on Airclick sends an Enter key to Front Row
    • Previous on Airclick sends a Left arrow key to Front Row
    • If pressed for 1 second on Airclick sends an Escape key to Front Row and you can launch Front row
    • Next on Airclick sends a Right arrow key to Front Row
    • Volume down on Airclick sends a Down arrow key to Front Row
    • If pressed for 1 second on Airclick sends an Volume up to system
    • Volume up on Airclick sends an Up arrow key to Front Row
    • If pressed for 1 second on Airclick sends an Volume up to system
  213. 213Al B
    I just installed FrontRow and PhotoBooth, they both work great on my 12 Power Book G4 – 867Mhz Laptop.
    I have an isight webcam which works with the PhotoBooth software perfectly.
    As for FrontRow I can switch between the main GUI and FrontRow interface by using the Apple and the Escape key combination just fine.Thanks for the tips on how to do all this it saves me the cost of a new imac just to use these two apps.Now I just need to be able to operate it with a remote, I have an apple remote and a new IR video ipod dock, but the remote only controls the dock with the ipod, and of course the menu key does not function since its only supposed to work on the ipod dock.I will probably try to use one of the other third party remote controllers on the market and see if they will allow me to control FrontRow, although it does seem silly since its loaded on a laptop.
  214. 214dewarner
    I used your instructions and softward to install Front Row 1.0.1 on my PowerBook G4. It works fine. I already have Front Row 1.0 installed on my iMac G5 (without built in iSight). It also works fine. I am not sure there are really any advantages to having the newest version that warrant the risk of a problem happening during the installation.I am able to use my Keyspan remote with both installations.
  215. 215RJ17
    Any idea how to get the posters to show up when running behind a proxy server. Works fine when at home but when at school the posters do not show up.
  216. 216Mark Axton
    Really happy with this. The only problem I had was with iPhoto. It will not show photos contained in albums within folders.I just need a remote control and a 30 Apple Display.
  217. 217guycow
    Brilliant! Worked like a charm on my 1.5GHz mac mini. I am running 1GB of ram and Front Row is smooth. Good playback on everything!Thanks!!
  218. 218Pedonzolo
    It works very well with my old iMac G5 (without iSight).
  219. 219Clyde
    It works great with my iMac G4, thanks! Im just wondering if there is a way to uninstall it if in the future I would feel the need to..
  220. 220Bobba
    Worked a treat and saves all the messy scripts. Thanks!
  221. 221guycow
    Just a quick update. I have also successfully controled the Front Row I installed on my Mac Mini with an ATI Remote Wonder. Works very well!! This is AWSOME!
  222. 222Jonny
    Everyone. I wanted to note that it did not work at first, but after installing the update from 10.4.2 to 10.4.3, everything worked FANTASTIC!
    Please update your OS if you havent, because I think this is a key to making it work properly.
  223. 223Dave
    Andrew,Wonderful! I have one question:When running MacJanitor or Repair Disk Permissions, will the scripts be re-written for FrontRow, therefore not enabling it?[Andrew responds: Interesting question. When using Disk Utility to repair permissions I had no problems. And repairing permissions should actually modify an files, but only correct read/write permissions.]
  224. 224Walt
    Thanks Andrew for putting all this together for us. I probably have one of the older Macs mentioned here. Its a G4/533 dual Digital Audio and it doesnt even have a DVD player. It was really something back in 2001 🙂 Anyway, after following the instructions here, I could not get it to run the first time around. I saw the same error as Mark above, “Could not save changes to this script because you do not have the neccessary access priviledges – 5000″ (comment 50). As Mark suggested, I moved the Front Row Enabler from the disk image to my Applications folder and ran it with no errors. I rebooted and no joy. Bummer huh? Perhaps I messed up the Pacifist installation. Okay so then I tried the other installation suggestion from Thierry DL above, and it worked flawlessly. Thanks Thierry. 🙂 After doing what Thierry suggested (comment 141), and then doing what Mark suggested (comment 60), and then rebooting, Front Row is now running on my beloved graphite G4 tower. Sweeeeet!
  225. 225Brady
    I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I downloaded the update from Apple, and using Thierrys code adjustments (comment 141), began the installation. It would not let me install on my hard drive because Front Row 1.0 was not on it. . . Is this a new problem?Thanks for any help!
  226. 226Walt
    I did not have that problem and I did not have version 1.0 installed. Here is the file I used which was downloaded directly from Apple.Filename: FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.dmg
    Created: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 3:50 PM (as indicated from Get Info)
    Size: 4.1 MB (as indicated from a Finder window)I just revisited the Apple web page and re-downloaded the installer file. the same file I downloaded earlier. Upon downloading, I got the same error I got before Alert. This software update requires an IMac G5 with built-in iSight. This is because the one I just downloaded does not have the modded FrontRowUpdate1.0.1.dist file.

    The only difference I can think of, would be that I did attempt the above documented Pacifist installation first. Although I was not successful in getting Front Row to work with Pacifist, perhaps it got me past the error you experienced when you did the Thierry-style installation.

  227. 227Andrew
    This is great, I love it. Will be great for parties so ppl know what song Im playing.
  228. 228Tom
    Hi all.
    Thanks v much for this andrew, works great on my 12 iB g4 (most recent rev). However, when i leave front row it leaves iphoto, itunes and dvd player still running, is this normal, and how do I fix if not? Also, some apple remote solution would be vvv much appreciated![Andrew writes: The apps always stay open, as Front Row is just an interface to these apps. Same is true on the new iMac G5s.]
  229. 229Tom
    seems like a bit of a silly idea to me really! thanks anyway for all the work youve put into this for us.
  230. 230Shadrack
    Works well on 1.2GHz Mac Mini w/ 1GB of Ram.Thanks!It would be nice if you provided a way to backup the files that your enabler replaces. Or at least mention them before patching.
  231. 231Johnny
    I would like to know if you can post an uninstall for the everything including what the packaged edited. I ask this because front row is rumored to be included in ilife 06 if. If so the what I did could possibly conflict with it right?
  232. 232Jeff
    Awesome job here!I was able to quickly install Front Row and update Salling Clicker to 3.0 and control it with a Sony T610. My phone is not in service at this time but
    it still works as a bluetooth remote.15 PB, 1.25Ghz w/ 2GB RAM, 10.4.3Thanks
  233. 233steve
    Works perfect on my 1.42 mac mini.
    thanks !!!
  234. 34Jon
    After the upgrade to 10.4.3 it works great on my iMac G5 (the one right before built-in iSight ugh).Anyway I notice that if I let it goto Sleep it does not do it properly now. The screen shuts down, but I can still hear the HD hum and the light on the front stays on solid (should blink when in Sleep). If I manually Sleep the system it works ok.Anyone else experience this?
  235. 235ben
    Thanks Andrew. Works fine on PB G4/1.67GHz 15.2 (Feb 2005) (under OS X 10.4.3 of course).
  236. 36lindsay
    Hey Andrew, i just installed front row on my iBook G4/1.42 with 1 Gig ram. No problems to report so far, it run movies nicely and music too. Im using OS X 10.4.3.Thanks
  237. 237Max Leopold
    Everything works fine – also found the script for Salling Clicker!But the Sounds from FrontRow are very quiet – any chance to increase the volume?
    Via Headphones it is OK, but via internal speakers you cant hear it.
    And especially at those times it is most important – cause at the moment you dont have the WOW or AHA-Effect like on the iMac
  238. 238Andrew
    Andrew,Great Saint Andrews Day posting! FrontRow works wonderfully on my Mini and really shines on the 23-inch Apple Cinema Display.Of course, I waited until afterwards to read through the comments, and see that a lot of the effort has gone into making Front Row work without the remote. Well I do have an Apple Remote, and now it doesnt work with FrontRow, although the BT keyboard works fine.I assume if I go back and replace the BezelServices files with the old ones, the remote might work. Any ideas which files?Cheers


  239. 239Andrew
    Andrew (above),I didnt realize that it was posted on St. Andrews Day. Wonderful!The hack only removes the check for Apples built-in infrared hardware. Using the original BezelServices files isnt going to make the Remote work.There is a solution but its costly. Stay tuned for a cheap hardware based solution.
  240. 240Andrew
    I can wait.Apple sold three separate hardware items: 1. The G5 iMac with its own remote. 2. The iPod dock with an IR port. 3. The shuffle-style remote.The instructions that came with the remote make it clear that it is designed to work both with a Mac and an iPod. They spell out which functions only work with the iPod Dock. Nowhere does it say it only works with certain Macs.It is impossible to believe that Apple would not make the remote, and FrontRow software, work with all of their computers. I suspect that the next Steve Jobs announcement will cover this.
  241. 241deb
    It worked without a hitch the very first time. iMac G4 17, 256 Mb etc. I want to know, how I can go back to my previous settings.
  242. 242Paul
    This is really great work in every way. Thanks so much for putting this together.
  243. 243Julian Faz
    Hi Andrew,Great stuff man! This app works like a charm on my rev B iMac G5 2ghz ram! iPhoto, itunes, dvd and movies work well. Im on an Airclick and it feels like im not loosing out to the rev C. Heck I can even switch between itunes to movies from the bathroom!Quick question though, ive got heaps of d/l movies/music videos (just utilising my 250gb) and am wondering how I can segregate them into movies/music videos/tv shows? (all 5 seasons of justice league, rome and monty python taking its toll). Just wondering if you or anyone else can help me out with that. Have a great new year from sunny singapore!
    Great job!
  244. 244Suzanne
    Many thanks Andrew it all works fine for me iMAC G5 Tiger. Like you and many others though I have the remote and universal dock (xmas presents) and they dont work. Look forward to the day they do!!!
  245. 245Jatin
    Works great in one go!! Genius!!
  246. 246Leevi Graham
    Wow, this is excellent. Im having my 25th soon and this will make music management sooooo much easier.Thank you to all involved!!!
  247. 247Tom
    Ive to disagree with (the other) Andrew above: I think theres every reason for Apple not to make the Universal Dock and Remote work together with an older Mac for Front Row – itd remove a huge selling point (from the point of view of the casual user) from the new iMacs. I really doubt that Apple would damage their own sales in order to provide backwards compatibility. But as Radiohead would say, I Might Be Wrong.
  248. 248Tom
    hey cool, putting asterisks around a word puts it in italics. Youve a wicked website Andrew![Andrew adds: Its all thanks to Markdown]
  249. 249Fred
    Im not sure if this has been posted on, but those who have installed front row and the enabler are not sure why the app does not open then try this apple script to get it to worktell application System Events
    tell application Front Row to activate
    key code 53 using {command down}
    end tell
    quityou might want to save this as Open Front Row
  250. 250Jim Roberts
    Works like a charm on my 15 G4 powerbooklove it! Thanks.
  251. 251Ron
    Works fine on a 1GHz TiBook with 1G of memory. I didnt pay much attention to Front Row when it was announced. Seems like just a slicker front end to photos, dvds, etc.
  252. 252Andrew
    I agree: Front Row is just a simple front end interface to the regular apps. It just adds a lot of flash and eye candy, so I rarely use it. Though it did come in handy at all my parties last month.
  253. 253Andrew
    Tom,The other Andrew here. Just finished watching a movie using FrontRow. The 109-button remote (i.e. my Bluetooth keyboard) works fine, but it is a bit bulky for viewing from the couch.What I should probably have said was Apple would make the remote, and FrontRow software, work with SOME of their NEW computers after the next Steve Jobs announcementWhat I have already bought is a dock for my iPod. Apple were not selling an iPod dock WITHOUT the IR port. I also bought an IR remote. This, of course, only works with the iPod Dock, and one of its 6 buttons doesnt work with the iPod.So I fully expect to hear something more about this from Steve very soon.

    Happy New Year

  254. 254Jumper
    Excellent. It works great. Even on my G4 iBook. Sometimes a little slow to open a large library full of pictures but no problem. Dont need a remote, my Bluetooth keyboard works great as remote, a bit bigger but it works.Anybody any suggestion on how to start Front Row from the dock?
  255. 255DJ Factor
    Thank you Andrew Escobar for providing a comprehensive resource for all non-G5 owners. This is an amazing addition to an already amazing Apple product! It works great on my iBook G4.
  256. 256unsubscriber
    Thank you! Just got a new phone, chosen by sensible advice elsewhere, so that I could then instal Phone Director and Salling Clicker, and now Ive added Front Row too, so can run it all from my mobile. 🙂
  257. 257Tom
    Now you mention it, I need a new phone (Im still on a v early colour-screen Nokia). Ive been thinking about the Sony Ericsson k750i, and I quite like it, but Ive severe reservations about buying anything by Sony, because I hate their customer service and build quality so much. Should I go for it or something else? Id like a good camera, bluetooth, and something that plays well with a Mac.
  258. 258detlef
    On my Mac Mini with OS X 10.4.2, Front Row does not start, and I have no front row entry in system preferences. Of course I installed everything as described, including restart after every step.
    But there is a Front Row crash log saying (beside other things):
    Exception: EXCBADINSTRUCTION (00002)and later on:

     Thread 0 Crashed:
     0 0x9946a6fc SRemoteControlFeatureAvailable + 140
     1         0x00031904 0x1000 + 198916
     2         0x000317a8 0x1000 + 198568

    Can anyone help?

  259. 259Grifforama
    Stupendous !!!!!
    You are the man – this is amazing
    Thank you so much
  260. 260ChrisHerman
    Awesome. runs on my mac mini (768MB) without problems. Excellent guide. Andrew, you rock!
  261. 261DB
    I have a question.I just bought an iMac but reinstalled a fresh copy of OS X on it and now Front Row doesnt work.So I followed the instructions above and Front Row works but my Apple Remote that came with the system wont work.How can I re-enable the Apple Remote? I seen earlier about editing the Boolean but how do you do that?Thanks,DB
  262. 262DB
    Following up on my last post:Is what happend is we have our image made from the late 2004 model G5s and our image is running 10.4.3. I put this image on our new iMacs we received today and since our image didnt have Front Row I followed the instructions on this website and got it installed. But the Apple Remote doesnt work anymore. I tried the remote before running the Front Row Enabler and it didnt work then so I installed the Enabler which now shows the IR option in Security but I still cant use the Apple Remote. Do you know what I need to get the functionality back for the remote? I hate to have to redo our whole image just for this..would rather add Front Row to our image.Thanks,DB
  263. 263mambro
    Andrew: thanks for doing this. You can chalk up another success story for a 1.42 Mac Mini with 1GB memory, running 10.4.3, iLife 05, etc Im also having good luck mounting ISO files of archived movies and having the DVD player recognize them too. When you eject the disc it will even unmount the ISO for you. No need for an actual DVD in the unit. 🙂 For another poster with questions about setting the type of movie (TV Show, Music Video, Movie) just get info on the file once you add it to your iTunes library. TV Show is a genre setting on the Info tab; Music Video or Movie are choices on the Options tab. For still another poster asking about Photo Booth, its available out there, and while it does get the fan on the Mini humming (due to the load), its fun to play with too. Thanks again!
  264. 264Lee
    I wasnt able to install frontrow with your updated method (cant comment there). I might have done something wrong but it kept asking me to select a destination but wouldnt take the macintosh HD because it needed frontrow 1.0 there? I had to copy front to the system/library/CoreServices before it would allow me to complete the installation with frontrow 1.0.1 updater.If you happen to know what I did wrong please share as Im usually someone who can follow directions.
  265. 65mambro
    Lee FWIW, I had a friend run into the same thing yesterday. Be sure you are using the 1.0.1 version of the FRUpdater app and procedures that are on THIS page and NOT the updated version that is still (beta) 1.1.
  266. 266DB
    Found a fix for my issuesimply needed an extension for the IRController in /System/Library/Extensions. Set permissions and rebooted and the remote started working again.
  267. 267Andy
    Hey, ive been at this for an hour and half 🙁 pretty sure i did everything as stated but nothing, got further into installation process with the deleting in textedit solution (post No. 141) but still wouldnt let me install onto the hard drive, any guesses????
    im running a G5 dual2.7 thanks
  268. 268Charlie
    Are you using Mac OS 10.4.3?
  269. 69Hereandthere
    Hey, DB – I had exactly your problem – can you elaborate on the extension for the IRController in /System/Library/Extensions. Set permissions and rebooted and the remote started working again.
    Thanks in advance
  270. 270Craig P
    Thanks Andrew forthis amazing addition to my Imac G5I brought my mac just afew weeks before the update from Apple including camera and remote. And I was very disappointed. (Upgraded from Emac G4)This was very easy to install. And worked 1st time. Again it adds a great addition to show friends when then come round. And great visuals.I got the Ipod Univeral infared dock for my 60gb ipod. I just brought the remote. Not sure what to expect. Weither I would even use it daily.Could someone tell meif it works Front Row though the dock or is there anything I can purchse to help with my query?

    Thanks again Andrew

  271. 271Waldo
    I went out and bought the apple remote and it dosnt work with my computer. I have an iMac G5 10.4.3.[Andrew writes: Well its not going to just magically work. Your iMac doesnt have the hardware to support it.]
  272. 272Zac
    I followed the instructions on my powerbook but cant find the actual front row application, not even with spotlight, whats going on?[Andrew writes: Maybe you didnt browse any of the comments?]
  273. 273Zac
    ok – iv looked at the comments and now when i press cmd-esc the top menu bar flashes. front is in the system/library/core etc etc, what now?
  274. 274Zac
    i installed front row on my imac g5 fine and now every time i try to play a video in itunes the whole system freezes, has this happened to anyone else?
  275. 275Zac
    and iv lost volume control from my keyboard, this is shit it screws up your computer, i cant do anything now without it freezing
  276. 276Tom
    dude lay off, andrew clearly said this above:
    Disclosure: While the patches to system files are small, enabling Front Row with this process is not supported by Apple Computer, Inc. and may have unintended consequences. For a technical overview see the developer’s notes.installing this is entirely at your own risk, and you should have known that.
  277. 277jainla
    Dude this ROCKS!!!!You would think that Apple would offer this to everyone so they could really push the digital media hub concept. Thank you SO MUCH for making this PB 15 has a new lease on life! and a new job!Keep us posted on the remote topic!
  278. 278Albert Yong
    Hi Andrew,This is fabulous Your instructions are perfect. Got me mac mini working, and using my SE W800 as remote control.
  279. 279Darren
    Ive just found this site however with 10.4.4 announced today will there be an updated version of this to work with 10.4.4?
  280. 280Dan B
    there is no 10.4.4 its still at 10.4.3 and how do you uninsall it[Andrew responds: According to Steve Jobs, 10.4.4 will be release later today. Ill install it and see how it goes.]
  281. 281Dan B
    how to remove it i saw the thing on the top and its not in the system/library folder
  282. 282michael K
    Ok, after installing 10.4.4 front row doesn´t start. Hopefully not a hard task for you. Greetings Michael
  283. 283Rich
    Installed 10.4.4 and Front Row doesnt work on my iMac G5 anymore havent tried reinstalling it yet.
  284. 84Andrew Dunlop
    hehe. Id say this could be one of the features of this update.
    Oh Steve thats not very nice.
    A better solution would be if he gave us an offical version that works with the remote. That way he could make money out of us.
  285. 285Brian Reading
    After the 10.4.4 update my iBook didnt appear to have Front Row working anymore, but all I did was reinstall the enabler and rebooted, and now it seems to work!
  286. 286Jumper
    OK Brian but by doing this, arent you overwriting newer versions off applications? Please tell us the sollution for the problem??
  287. 287mark
    i re-run the enabler and it works fine on the recent update. it actually seems to run faster?
  288. 288Diarmaid
    Just to let you all know, that Tiger 10.4.4 updated REMOVES any previous installation of Front Row and its configuration.Luckily, Apple didnt intentionally block the use of these above steps and Ive successfully re-installed the Front Row app on my 15 PowerBook G4 in about 4 minutes.Thanks guys, great work!diarmy
  289. 289Tim Mac
    Updating to 10.4.4 breaks the install of Front Row. Im guessing that the update replaces the files modified by Front row Enabler 1.0.1
  290. 290MarcosX
    I have updated to 10.4.4 your installation method of Front Row re-worked Great.
  291. 291michael K
    Yep, reinstalled it. Works fine.
  292. Commentator's icon292matt
    I changed my mind in putting this on my computer since i dont have a remote and I dont want anything that isnt supported by apple. After i did this, battery life, bluetooth symbol, etc. dissapeared from the menu bar. Then I found some errors in the systemUIcrashlog and said the bezelfiles were messed up. WIll this screw anything up in the future if they release and official version of front row for all macs???? Please let me know. Thanks
  293. Commentator's icon293David
    Neat! Thanks a lot! It works fine. I have a G5 that I upgraded to 10.4 and no isight. I love the big screen playing my music with the cover and title. I trade mp3s with a few friends and I can see what that strange song is from across the room.
  294. Commentator's icon294Kurt
    Front Row is indeed borked with the 10.4.4 update, damn! Im sure there will be some hack hopefully soon
  295. 295Jeff Thompson
    Run the combined update. It will put the proper BezelServices files back where they need to be.The 10.4.3 to 10.4.4 update might work, but I didnt test it. I only tested using the combinded update. [Andrew adds: it worked for me.]Looks like we should all wait for the 10.4.4 Frontrow Enabler patch.[Edited for links and formatting. Hope you dont mind.]
  296. Commentator's icon296matt
    jeff thanks for the quick response. Hopefully this will fix anything that may have gotten screwed up. I already had 10.4.4 before these things happend but downloading the combo anyway. Is there anyway to check and see if everything is all fixed. Thanks in advance.
  297. 297Shadrack
    hope to hear about a 10.4.4 patch soon. I should have waited on updating my mac :(ahh man. Oh well.Thank you for all your work.
  298. 298mike
    Weird that people have had problems. I updated to 10.4.4 on my 12 inch powerbook and then reinstalled Front Row and no problems whatsoever. Hopefully I am not speaking to soon.
  299. 299Andrew
    Front Row Enabler has ben updated to version 1.1. View the updated How To and download Front Row Enabler.Comments closed.