Mac OS X on Intel – Part 2. The Simple Installation

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Ive read countless guides on how to get leaked copies of Mac OS X to run natively on commodity PCs, like Dells or HPs. Ive finally settled on this install process because it was simple, and because other ways left only 2GB of free space. Im going to outline the steps I took to install Mac OS X on a recently purchased PC. The original guide I used was very helpful but not very clear nor well documented. The following is an easy guide that should get you running Mac OS X on a PC in under 80 minutes. This guide assumes you have a fairly recently released PC, and have Windows XP installed.

If you plan on trying this, make sure your PC is support. My previous post outlines the hardware your PC should have.

Of course this is but one of the many installation guides available to you, but I think in the end youll wisely choose this one.

Step 1. Download and Uncompress

Downloading Mac OS X for Intel related files falls into a legal gray-area. The file used is named tiger-x86.tar.bz2 and can be found on (the file is oddly refereed to at the deadmoo image). To be sure, I dont condone software piracy. Im doing this for purly educationaly purposess. Keep your comma positive, support Apple with sales, and govern yourselves accordingly.

After you have completed downloading the file, you need to uncompress it and thus have 6+ GB of free space. Download WinRAR to uncompress the file. You may have to give WinRar as much as 25 minutes to uncompress the file. When its done you should have a folder named tiger-x86 in which youll find the file tiger-x86-flat.img. To keep things simple, move the file tiger-x86-flat.img to the root of your drive, at the top of your C: drive.

Step 2. Partition the Hard Disk

This step, evolving partitioning is likely the most complex and time-consuming step. I recommend you read the Wikipedia entry on Partitioning if you dont know what partitions are, or what is involved with partitioning.

Partitioning allows one to have multiple filesystems on a single hard disk, and therefor allows for multiple operating systems. Your PCs hard disk likely has only 1 partition. Windows runs off of this partition with the FAT32 or NTFS filesystem. To install Mac OS X we will need to shrink this partition, and with available free space create 2 additional partitions for Mac OS X with the HFS+ filesystem.

I recommend that you use PartitionMagic for this step as its the safest to use. Understand that partitioning involves some degree of risk. If you think partitioning is over your head, get help or read up on the subject for added confidence.

Shrink your partition in size using PartitionMagic. (I hardly ever use windows so I shrunk it down to 20GB in size using PartitionMagic. There was about 140GB left unused and unformatted but I left that for later.) Save/write the changes to disk with PartitionMagic, rebooted for safe measure, and insure that the C: drive had shrunk in size.

We will create the two new partitions in the Windows command prompt. To enter the command prompt, select the Start button, select Run, type cmd and hit Enter.

At the command prompt type diskpart and hit Enter. Type list disk for a list of all disk (although you likely have just one). Select the disk by typing select disk 0 (or whichever disk you want. If you only have one disk it is disk 0.) You should get the following feed back in the end: Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

Create a small partition where Mac OS X will temporarily reside. Enter the command:

create partition primary size=6660 id=af

Wait a few seconds. Next create a partition were Mac OS X will be moved to permanently. This partition will be created using all the free space left. (I had well over 100GB left for this partition as Widows was shrunk to 20GB and the temporary one was kept at under 7GB.) Enter the command:

create partition primary id=af

Wait a few seconds. Enter list partition to verify your partitions. Reboot your PC for safe measure.

Step 3. Copy Mac OS X to the Temporary Partition.

We are going to copy Mac OS X from the tiger-x86-flat.img to the middle and temporary 6GB partition. We will be using dd for windows. Download the .zip file and extract the contents to the root/top of the C: drive where tiger-x86-flat.img should also be.

Return to command prompt (Start button, Run, type cmd and hit Enter).

Now that youre at the command promt. change to the C:\ directory:

cd C:

Enter the following command to copy the Mac OS X files to the temporary partition:

dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2 bs=512 skip=63

Wait for a while anything from 15 min two 1 hour.

You may need to wait 10 to 30 minutes for the files to copy over. You will receive to feed back until the program has finished copying. You can then quit the command prompt.

Step 4. Set Boot Options in Windows

Download the file chain0. Use WinRAR to extract it to the top/root of you C: drive. The file chain0 is the boot file that will boot your PC into Mac OS X.

Next. Right-click on My Computer and select the Advanced tab. Under Startup and Recover click the Settings button. To edit the startup options file manually click the Edit button. Windows should open the boot.ini file in Notepad. Add the following line at the end of the file:

C:\chain0="Mac OS X"

Save the changes to the file, close Notepad, and click OK until returned to the Desktop. To be sure to the boot.ini file is correct, select the Start button, then Run. Enter msconfig and click OK. Now go to the Boot.ini tab and select Check All Boot Paths. If its ok, shutdown Windows and restart the PC.

Step 5. Installing Darwin on the Temporary Partition

The first installation of Mac OS X is only temporary, because regardless of what size the partition was set to, Mac OS X is initially limited to 6GB of space with only 2GB of free space. To correct this and allow for as much free space as possible, we are going to move Mac OS X to the third partition where there wont be any limit on free space.

We are going to clone the contents of the second partition to the third partition. We must prepare the third partition by installing Darwin onto it. (Darwin is a free operating system released by Apple and is the core set of components upon which Mac OS X is built.) To install Darwin, download the Darwin Installer CD for PC.

To simplify decompression and burning the install CD, I suggest using Mac OS X. Having followed step 4 exactly, the Windows boot screen should appear. Quickly select Mac OS X. The Darwin boot screen will then appear. Quickly select Mac OS X on the second partition. Mac OS X should now boot (and it should boot quite fast). Avoid messing around with Mac OS X right now though -were almost done!

Use Safari to download the file to the Desktop. Double-clicking the file to decompress it to the intended disk image file (ending in .iso). Launch Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility). Drag the .iso file onto Disk Utility in the Dock. Select it in the left-hand column, and click the Burn icon.

Having burnt the CD, restart the PC and boot up from the Darwin Installer CD. Follow the straight-forward instructions and insure that you select the third partition when asked. When Darwin is done installing a command prompt appears. Enter reboot to restart your PC with the CD removed.

Step 6. Copy Mac OS X to the Third Partition

Having followed step 4 exactly, the Windows boot screen should appear. Select Mac OS X. When the Darwin boot screen appears, select Mac OS X. Again, avoid messing around with Mac OS X right now though -were almost done!

Launch Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility). Select the hard disk or any of the 3 partitions. Next, select the Restore tab to the far-right. We are going to restore the third empty partition with the content of the second partition (where Mac OS X is temporarily located). Onto the Source: field, drag the second partition. Onto the Destination: field drag the third partition. Click the Restore button. When the process is complete, quit Mac OS X and shutdown the PC.

Step 7. Delete the Temporary Partition

You now have the Windows partition, the temporary Mac partition, and the fully-working Mac partition. The temporary partition has served its use and can now be deleted.

Two possibilities: 1. Your Windows partition is formated as FAT32, which means that Mac OS X can use the partition and make use of free space on it. Use PartitionMagic to delete the temporary partition, and then increase the size of the Windows partition. 2. Your Windows partition is formated as NTFS, which means that Mac OS X cannot use the partition. Delete the temporary partition and replace it with one that can be used by both Windows and Mac.

Option 2 is more likely, easier to follow, and a good idea if you have no clue how your Windows partition is formated:

Launch windows, start a command prompt (Start, select Run, type cmd and hit enter). At the command prompt type diskpart and hit Enter. Select the disk by typing select disk 0. Next, type select partition 2 followed by delete partition. Exit diskpart by typing in exit.

Back at the command prompt enter diskmgmt.msc to open then Disk Management window. You should see a 6.51 GB Unallocated space. Right-click on it and select New Partition. Continue with the default options by hitting Next three time. When asked about formating the partition, under the File system: pulldown-menu, select FAT32. Click Next, then Finish and wait for the formating to complete. Quit Windows and shutdown the PC.

Step 8. Enjoy

You can now boot into Mac OS X. Pay attention to the prompts or you may end up booting back into Windows. While your free to enjoy your Mac now (Well, its not really a Mac but whatever.) there are a still a few things that need to be done within Mac OS X to get it the maximum performance out of it. Continue to Part 3. Setup and Performance Boosts for the how-to guide.

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  1. 1 Persiandawg
    Kudos to you all 😉 Hopefully this will work.
  2. 2 Helio Freitas
    Hi. I am trying install this but I have a problem. When I put the command line dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition4 bs=512 skip=63 I receive the error sintax message (Error opening output file: 123). I dont know why its happens because I have did everything as you said. My partition temporary installation is #4. I can see this partition in Diskpart (list partition). Can you help me?
  3. 3 jess
    You should type:

    if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition4 bs=512 skip=63

    Its a little mistake in this guide. [Ed.: Both slashes were there, but only one showed. Thanks for pointing this out.]

  4.  Helio Freitas
    I did if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition4 bs=512 skip=63. But now I get ERROR NATIVE OPENING FILE: 0.
  5. 5 Andrew The dd command should have been:
      dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2 bs=512 skip=63

    It should be of,equal,slash,slash,question-mark,slash,Device

    The two successive backslashes were only appearing as one. Ive corrected the formating.

    If you are going to place a code or command below, precede them with 4 spaces to format them correctly.

  6. 6 Helio Freitas
    Andrew. thanks for your help. I put double slash. But the message now is “ERROR NATIVE OPENING FILE: 0
  7.  jess
    i have a lilttle problem .how can i made darwin boot cd with nero.i made 2 but they dont work.
  8. 8 Andrew
    jess,If you completed step 4, restart your PC and boot into the temporary Mac OS X. Boot into the temp. Mac OS X partition. Download the Darwin Installer CD for PC to burn it with Disk Utility. Open the applications Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Drag the image file onto the source list on the left, click it and click burn.
  9. 9 Helio Freitas
    Hi all,I got it. Now I am installing Darwin but I get Still waiting for root device. So I cannot finishe the installation. Can anyone help me?
  10. 10 jess
    hi i boot mac os now and it comes a massage ,that i should reboot my pc.Any ideas.In safe mode doesnt work, jump.
  11. 11 Anonymous
    hi!.. ive done all of the steps above but when i boot it using MacOSX, i get chain error.. i already put the chain0 in drive 0.. why is it like that? pls help me
  12. 12 Chapel
    Im getting the same error as Anon after following the directions to that point. Id REALLY like to get OS X working on my PC 🙂
  13. 13 jess
    ok i made it.the big problem now is to install my belkin pci wirelesscard
  14. 14 Andrew
    For those running into roadblocks, is a good place for information.

    Alternate Step 4.

    If experiencing chain errors try this different approach using DiskPart in the Windows command prompt as mentioned above in Step 2. We are going to use the Darwin/Mac boot-loader instead of Windows.

    At the Windows command prompt enter “diskpart” and then type “list disk” for a list of all disk (although you likely have just one). Select the disk by typing “select disk 0″ (or whichever disk you want. If you only have one disk it is disk 0.) Enter select partition 2 to select the partition that OS X is temporarily on. Enter active to make it the active partition that will be booted. You should receive the input: DiskPart marked the current partition as active. Exit diskpart and shutdown Windows. When you boot up you should see the Darwin/Mac boot screen. After cloning Mac OS X to its permanent location on partition 3, return to windows and repeat the above diskpart commands, and make partition 3 the active one.

  15. 15 Chapel
    sigh Im trying to hard 🙂
    I did the whole process again from a competely unformatted HDD and got further but still stuck.When I try to boot to OS X for the first time following step 6, I get the following error repeated 4 times:

    EBIOS read error 001
    Block 8851399 Sectors 64

    I have no idea what this is, and when I go to boot options to try either OS thats listed I get the same error. Eventually it tries to boot anyway (I think) and then freezes at a black screen.

    Any ideas? Thanks for the quick reply on the last issue Andrew.

  16. 16 Willy Wonca
    When I get step 5, restart the PC and boot up from the Darwin Installer CD, I get the next message after selecting the third partition.

    system config file /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/´not found.

    I have checked the CD and the files are just in there. Nothing is wrong. Can somebody help meTHANKS.

  17. 17 Andrew
    W. Wonca,Are you positive that you are following this guide exactly as laid out? Your problem seems unique, but Ive read this:Hit enter as soon as that message comes up. If you hit enter quickly you should see a reaction right away. If it keeps dotting a line then you are not controlling the machine and your screwed. Starting over never hurts.
  18. 18 shayne
    can i use this guide to install on a seperate hard drive(native)? instead of using the third partition use the 2nd hard drive?
  19. 19 Chapel
    Ya that shouldnt be a problem. Its just the path you choose. Although if that ends up being my problem Ill be extra miffed as that makes no logial sense :)Other guides give directions for using a second HDD so again shouldnt be an issue.Any ideas Andrew or anyone else about my EBIOS error?
  20. 20 Ryan C
    Okay everybody I tried to so this and I couldnt get past step 2. I have a toshiba laptop w/ a 60 gig hard drive and It is in two partitions (partition 1- 50 gigs windows Xp home) (partition 2- 6 gigs – Windows Xp pro) so that might have been my problem. I used partition magic to shrink xp to like 35 gigs and so I had about 15 gigs unallocated and went to command prompt ( after an hour and a half of partition magic doing its thing) and typed diskpart. Then list disk, disk 0 came up, and I went select disk 0, and then it came up with disk 0 is now selected. So I type in create partition primary size=6660 id=af and it came up with windows cannot create this partition and then I tried it again, and made sure that I typed the command right, same thing. So then I went into partition magic and fixed what i messed up and gave the 15 gigs back to my windows partition, but now I cant boot into xp pro, just home. I know how to fix this, this happened the last time I was fooling around with partitions and I used the windows recovery console, and that worked fine, so I expect it will again. But it could be a clue into whats wrong. And I was wondering if you can have more than one primary partition, because my 50 gig xp home is primary and 6 gig xp pro is logical.If you can help please post
    You can also email me @ ryancarlson91@gmail.comSorry if this was hard to follow for you, and the guide was awesome, easy to follow and well written, I look forward to running OS X on my laptop , thanks!
  21. 21 Andrew
    Ryan,While I dont exactly know the tech. details behind it, you can only have primary partitions:

    Extended partitions will not work, only primary partitions. If there are Extended and Logical partitions, they can be deleted and a primary partition can be created in their place.

    Im guessing that the 6GB XP Pro partition isnt to important since its so small, so consider this Ryan:

    Using diskpart in XP Home, delete the 6GB logical partition of XP Pro.
    Create the two new primary partitions.
    Complete the install process.
    After installing Mac OS X onto the larger new partition, delete the smaller new 6.6 GB partition.
    In its place, create a new partition and reinstall XP Pro. If you FAT32 formatting than OS X can mount and write to the drive too.

  22. 22 Ryan C
    the actual error message was disk part cannot create the specified partition ( I tried it again)
  23. 23 Ryan C
    okay so I tried what you said andrew and I could partition the drive and I did, so I got as far as entering the command to copy OSX86 to the temorary partition and then the cmd promt came up with this dd is not reconignized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. and I made sure all the files from dd were downloaded and extracted to the root of C: . Including the tiger image file. If anyone can help, please do. Email me @ or post a replie thanks!
  24. 24 acadien
    Hi,I was able to create the temporary and the permanent partition and put the .img in the temporary partition but unfortunately im unable to load the cdrom during reboot at step 5 of your instructions. Im using a dual boot XP Pro on a Dell EPS Gen 2 laptop. Could you please help me?Thanks
  25. 25 Ryan C
    I try to download Darwin and I end up just getting source code, How do i get the iso?
  26. 26 Andrew
    Ryan,I take for granted how easy things are on a Mac and forgot to document in more detail the Darwin CD process. I guess your using Windows. Use Mac OS X to download, decompress and burn instead. Step 5 (and others, I think) have been updated or rewritten.acadien,There is usually a key you hit to boot from CD, but its varies. Maybe Try following the rewritten step 5.

    After burning the CD (or keeping the old one) open System Preferences, and select the Startup Disk panel. Select the Darwin CD and hit Restart. If asked to authenticate, bovinity is the original password.

  27. 27 Jose Moreno
    I have problems with chain when I restart after use dd and select Mac OS X, I have a message that says chain error. I dont know what to do after that.
  28. 28 acadien
    Hi,Thanks for replying, mostly appreciated! Unfortunately I dont quite understand, where do I find System Preferences? I tried with Open Darwin (an Iso file) was able to install in the 3rd partition but I still have the same problem, when I select Mac Os X in the boot menu it goes back to the same menu; either XP or Mac . I downloaded Darwin x86 but it is not an iso file. I burned all the file to a cd and rebooted but it still doesnt want to boot from Cd. Could you please help me again?ThanksAcadien
  29. 29 Andrew
    Jose and Acadien,
    If you are having trouble with booting, try a new boot method using Alternate Step 4.Acadien,
    Youll have to boat up OS X first to get to System Preferences in the Apple menu.The Darwin Installation CD is located at:
    It is a compressed file (as it ends in .gz) so youll need to decompress it. In Mac OS X that means only double-clicking it. It is a disk image (contains .iso) but your probably burning it wrong. Follow Alt. Step 4 , boot Mac OS X, and try downloading+burning the file again. Thats about all the help I can offer.
  30. 30 Chapel
    Windows tip for getting the Darwin iso:right click the link provided and go to save link asI was having the same problem as you with the actual file loading as text and this worked for me.Andrew:
    If you have any idea about my issue Im begging you to help me here 🙂 I REALLY want to use OS X on my PC.
  31. 31 acadien
    Hello,Thanks for your assistance, you are very helpful. I followed Alternate Step 4 rebooted and now my computer doesnt want to boot either in XP or Mac; I only have a black screen with cursor flashing. format here I come and I will try again. :(I was so close :)Is it possible to format my harddrive using Knoppix Live Cd, if so, could you please provide the command. I was able to get the bootable phenix bootable dvd and Im able to go into the Mac installer but unfortunately I cant see the volume (harddisk), probably because it is not an AF partition
  32. 32 Andrew
    Ok, so forget the Alternate Step 4. Its worked on PC and not the other.acadien, youll need to switch the active partition to partition 1 to boot back into Windows. Google how to do it with Knoppix.All further questions should be directed to There are many more people able to help, who probably have run into your unique/common problems before. My resources will be directed there.
  33. 33 Acadien
    Hi,Thanks for everything, I appeciated all of your efforts 🙂
  34. 34 Apocalypse
    Helio Freitas,
    Try this..
    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\HarddiskVolume4 bs=512 skip=63Hope this useful.
  35. 35 Apocalypse
    I have done at Step 5.
    When I boot up, I get option to choose Windows XP Professional or Mac OS X.
    I choose Mac OS X then need to select tiger-x86 or darwin-x86. I choose tiger-x86 then its loop back to option choose Windows XP Professional or Mac OS X.I can boot up to Darwin or WinXP only. Not to Tiger. Assist me please.
  36. 36 Ryan C
    I would love to use OSX to download Darwin, but all I have is a windows PC? how did all of you guys download Darwin? could somebody download darwin and then .rar it or .zip it an email it to me? or anybody got any ideas? ryancarlson91@GMAIL.COMThanks
  37. 37 Chapel
    Windows tip for getting the Darwin iso:right click the link provided and go to ’save link as’
  38. 38 Dennis L
    Hello, read your article on OSX on PC. Interesting stuff. I too do not condone pirating software, but I would like to give it a try for curiositys sake. Most of the instructions are from a Windows perspective, but I shifted to Apple last year and do not use my Windows machine much. Is there anyway to make a hd image of my OSX system and use some tweaks here and there to make it work on my PC? I havent got a clue. I only have Windows 2000. Any help you could offer would be great.Thanks,
  39. 39 Xtian
    when i boot to Mac OS X i see the bootscreen and then it just tells me i need to restart my pc, answers?
  40. 40 Apocalypse
    I get this error:
    Error parsing plist fileLoading Darwin/x86What is does mean? Anyone, help me please.
  41. 41 shayne
    when i boot i get stuck at : IOKitWait Quiet ( ) timed out. what can i do to fix this?
  42. 42 Andrew
    Denis,No. The OS X you have on your mac is PowerPC only -no support for Intel. Youll have to download the pirated files, but I consider that fair use if youve spent money on Mac OS X and Apple hardware, and only plan to use it for a few days.Xtian,
    When in the Darwin bootscreen, youll be able to enter options. Type/Enter this:


    to boot in safe mode for the first time. Subsequent boots should not need this flag.


    If youve followed the steps correctly, than you can boot into the temporary Mac OS X to download/burn the Darwin Installer CD. On Windows, right-click and and save as on the .iso.gz link. Then burn as a disk image.


    Ive said it once and Ill say it again:

  43. 43 Acadien
    WOW!!! I did it, this is great!!It it working like a charm on my Laptop Dell XPS Gen 2. My wireless Logitech Media Play mouse wasnt working but deleted AppleFPMemDriver.Kext file and it is now working, even the wheel is working 🙂 but back /forward button not working. Unfortunately the sound and wireless is not working but internal NIC works and I was able to connect no problem.Screensaver is not working, crashes when even I attempt to use one.Intel Pentium M Processor 2.13
    1 Gig Ram
    256 Video Card Ultra

    Hope this helps somebody and do you have any suggestion for my wireless and sound not working?

  44. 44 Ryan C
    Im having alot of troulble installing darwin. I boot from the disc and then I hit enter and select the only drive it shows. and then I get a bunch if errors, like ps2 errors, like: ps/2 keyboard timed out, PS/2 mouse timed out. and then finally after al that, it waits for a while and comes up with still searching for root device and then i wait and like 2 minutes goes by and comes again still searching for root device and after about 10 of these I restart. ANy suggestions, Help ? please.
  45. 45 Andrew
  46. 46 Xtian
    Yes, Im aware that you type -x to boot the OS in safe mode, but it still gives me that error. Ive typed every – command, nothing makes it boot. It will either tell me to restart my pc or it will freeze on the diagnostics (using -v) i think. Gah, I really want this to work.
  47. 47 Maddy
    Hello Andrew,
    This is an Awesome compilation. Thanks a lot. Ease of following this compilation motivated me to try it out :D.Hello Helio Freitas,
    Can you please tell me how did you get past the Error native opening file: 0? Im stuck with the same error. Thanks.Anybody else aware of the solution, help would be greatly appreciated.FYI, I have the dd.exe, Diskio.dll and tiger-x86-flat.img all at the same place, at the root of drive h. and Im trying to execute the command

    dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition5 bs=512 skip=63

    on a Dell Inspiron 8600 with PM 1.6GHz, 768MB RAM.

  48. 48 psilo
    Thanx for this guide. All works very well on my dell inspiron 8500 (sound,network,..)I have a little trouble while trying to restore the original partition2 to the new partition. At the end of the restore process (approx. 99%) it finishes with restore failure file/directory not found. Is this a problem? Where can I check which file wasnt found? Is there an error log somewhere?. This failure doesnt cause a big problem because the new larger partition3 is working and osx starts up fine.. but i dont want to run into problems later :)Ah. and perhaps you should mention that dd for windows doesnt use the partition numbers as diskpart does. I accidently overwrote my data and video partition with the osx image 🙂
    I think diskpart counts the partitions as they appear on the hd (eg.: prim1=1,ext1=2,log1=3,log2=4,prim2=5,prim3=6) and dd as it comes out of the unix world counts the primary partitions first (prim1=1,ext1=5,log1=6,log2=7,prim2=3,prim3=4)psilo

    [Andrew write: good distinction, but try to avoid crazy partition setups, and dont try putting Mac OS X on extended parts.]
  49. 49 Apocalypse
    Dru,When you get command prompt, just cd [change directory] twice to go to C:/
    then type:

    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2 bs=512 skip=63

    Good luck.

  50. 50 Apocalypse
    Im stuck before then now is okay. My way is I copy my iso file to Darwin then tar from there. Then dd from Darwin to Second partition. What I see is, the time I decompress the iso file in windows is tiger-x86-flat.img is inside the folder tiger-x86 which inside tiger-x86. In Darwin only single folder tiger-x86.Then after dd the iso image. I get the OS X running on my fujitsu.
  51. 51 Mike
    Hi. Im stuck at booting Darwin CD. Nothing shows up. I downloaded it from the link given in this guide and burnt my Darwin CD in windows because OS X doesnt recognize my DVD/CD drive. Any help ?
  52. 52 Acadien1755 Hi Guys,I finally got my sound working on my Laptop Dell XPS Gen2. Here is what I did, I hope it helps somebody but dont be mad at me if it doesnt work on your machine but it works great on mine.I looked through the Internet and found a site where I could get the AppleAC97Audio.kext. After copying to the /System/Library/Extensions folder, there is the need to change the owner of the AppleAC97Audio.kext folder by following these steps:Open a terminal using Itattle or Mac native.

    type sudo su
    enter your root password

    cd /
    cd /system/library/extensions and push Enter

    chown -R root:wheel AppleAC97Audio.kext and close all windows and restart.

    It will give you an error saying that AppleAC97Audio.kext is not installed correctly etc..

    go to /System/Library/Extensions folder and delete all the ATI*.kext files and then open a terminal again and do the following:

    You have to set the owner:

    Open a Terminal window:

    sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext and push Enter

    sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext and push Enter

    Exit Terminal and close all windows and reboot.

    Sound is working 🙂

    I hope it helps somebody The only thing left not working for me is my onboard wireless card. I might try a USB. .. Will let you know

  53. 53 Greg B
    Darwin Burnt CD will not boot. BIOS is set up to boot from CD. Any ideas?54 Georges K
    Can i burn the darwin image on a dvd (using disk utility)?[Andrew writes: If youve gotten Mac OS X booted then yes. Make sure your burning the x86 version of Darwin. Try using Startup Disk in System Preferences and select the CD as the booted device -works sometimes.
  54. 55 Jim Bob
    I was also getting the ERROR NATIVE OPENING FILE: 0 message. After a number of random attempts, I eventually figured out that the error goes away if I reboot to safe mode. Not sure why.[Andrew Writes: Hmmmm, odd. Safe mode does seem to help things along for the dd command.]
  55. 56 BigGauc
    My PC have 3 partitions. 1st primary (c:) active with XP 60 GB. 2nd (d:) and 3th (e:) logical 50 GB. I shrink my 1st partition with XP to 25 GB and as in STEP 2 I create on primary (c:) drive next 2 AF paritions. In STEP 3 I used this command:

    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2 bs=512 skip=63

    and I lost everything on my (d:) drive. But this is not my problem. I need help how to put the image of tiger-x86-flat.img to my new 6 GB partition. When I list partitions in diskpart, partition 2 is partition of my 6GB temporary disk but DD extract tiger image to my extended logical d: drive. Please, HELP ME

    [Andrew writes: See comment comment 21 to understand how you messed up.]
  56. 57 ipodrulz
    HELP>>> I booted mac on my dell, but now I cant enter Windows AT ALL! please help me
  57. 58 SubWorx
    hi there, just tried your pretty nice install guidei too get the chain error, changing active partitions etc doesnt helpim using 3 HDs, the windows one + a data hd on sata, the third one, which osx should go to, is on atapion the atapi drive, i created 2 empty primary partitions in addition to my logical data partition
    then i dded the vmware deadmoo image to the first, placed the chain0 to c:\chain0 (the first sata drive) and tried chain error
    i set the first partition to active, still that error maybe i have to use the syntax multi(x)rdisk(x)partition(x)\chain0 to boot using that file? where should i put the chain0 then? on the same disk, but the 3rd (data) partition?

    i installed darwin to the 2nd partition, worked without a problem, but isnt bootable through the chain0 either, chain error as well

    thanks for your help

  58. 59 SubWorx
    well ok i tried the multi(x)rdisk(x)partition(x)\chain0 thingi copied all the parameters to match the windows startup one, since the chain0 resides on the same partition currently when choosing osx now, it clicks around a little lol and then says windows cant be started because the file \system32\hal.dll is missingusing the original windows entry works though, so the chain is redirecting me to anywhere, no idea
  59. 60 SubWorx
    strange this time i got it to boot the chain loader worked, i could select the osx partitionapple logo came up, and the rotating thing indicating it loads up then when it should come to the desktop initialization, it simply shut down my computer (?)thanks again for your help 🙂61 Andrew
    Honestly no time to decipher what your talking about above.

    Try booting in safe-mode. Use the -x flag in the Darwin boot-loader. See for more info. We can help you, and everyone else, there.

  60. 62 Antonio
    Hello AndrewThank you for your help.I have already a computer running Darwing, can I just decompress the .img on root disk? Or do I need to do somehting else?Thank you
  61. 63 ipodrulz
    I fixed the not booting into Windows problem But now I cant boot into mac! I tried to do the CoreGrphics thing but your zip file didnt work so I went and downloaded a torrent of it. Did what the guide said, and now Im stuck at the apple screen. I cant even get to the loading mac. Everything was working. Does anyone know how to fix this.. If you can possibly mount it on live Ubuntu or windows and delete the Corgraphics.bak file Thanx in advance
  62. 64 Dionysus
    Ive seen people have the same problem as I had: AC97 problems (kexts wouldnt load due to dependencies, permissions, etc. etc). I tried everything I could find on google for days, but in the end it was because I had a Windows partition on the same HDD. Even if what you want is to have windowsand osx on the same hdd and you have this problem, try having an os x only drive, it worked for me, its probably your problem as well.
  63. 65 Apocalypse
    Hi ipodrulz,Go to System Preferences > Start Up > Choose Windows.
    Then restart.Only work if your Windows still there*. To boot up to Mac again, make sure you have chain0.
  64. 66 Apocalypse
    Hi ipodrulz,I also have that problem before. I repeat the installation again after wait that screen for 4 hours.
  65. 67 Gunter
    Really good article. Easy to read and all that.
    Ive finally been able to get the img-file and am gonna give it a try today. I really hope thisll work since I wont be able to buy a powerbook till within a year.
    Great obstacle is my harddisk : / I only have 20 GB from which almost 10 is in use by windows and some programs. I already deleted all my data.
    Running it with only 20 GB HDD wouldnt be a problem, but installing is gonna be close
  66. 68 Gunter
    dd takes forever 🙁
  67. 69 sgorno I have the same issue as Will Wonca (Post 16). Ive got chain0 working fine, but when Darwin boots up I get/library/preferences/systemconfiguration/ not found.How can I mount this is linux to possibly place the rewuired file. Ive dd osx6 img to a secondary 20 gb hd. For some reason,mount -t hfsplus /dev/hdb1 /mnt/mac

    results in

    mount: not a directory

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  68. 70 Gunter
    The temporary version is running, can I delete the img-file thats still in the root of C: now? Cause I need some extra space to be able to install the final version[Andrew writes: yes you can]
  69. 71 Gunter
    okay, thanks a lot!Another problem occurs my cd-drive is giving up on me again, so I cant boot from CD :/ Is there any other way to make this work? (Im talking about the darwin-cd)
    Can I put the data on another partition and boot from that partition (if possible, how?)? Can I install it via my local network? Can I, in a way, connect a normal cd-drive to my laptop? ?I really hope someone will be able to help me out, cause I really want to get this working and dont want to fail this project just because of a stupid cd-drive arghthx
  70. 72 Gunter
    or maybe another way to install this software to the partition? :s
  71. 73 jaydeep
    Hi,I am following your excellent guide. I am using windows to create primary partition of type AF. The first command for creating a temporary AF partition of size ~7GB was successful under diskpart. But diskpart cannot exceute the next commandcreate partition primary id=affor creating another primary AF partition using the full space. Can I use partition magic instead? I have also ubuntu linux installed in another partition. Can I use linux to format the bigger free space for type AF?

    This is the situation : my HDs size is 60GB. Win XP is shrunk to 20GB. Ubuntu is on a 10GB partition. When I launched diskpart it showed a freespace of amount~ 26GB. After I executed create partition primary size=6660 id=af, it succeeded and showed a free space of 19GB. The next command as given here is not being executed by diskpart.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  72. 74 Trent
    I get Error native opening file: 0 error message, Ive also tried it in safe mode with no luck! any help would be fantastic!
    Thanks, Trent.
  73. 5 Jeremy
    Hello, for all those of you that are having problems installing darwin cause GFX error etc, do this..Follow Mr. Escobars awesome directions up to step 5.boot into osx, take your iso image of darwin (make sure it ends in .iso) place it on the desktop.Next go to disk utitility, you will see that disk0s3 is grayed out, click on that and then click on erase using mac os format.

    Then do a restore, for the source select the darwin iso image, and for the target select disk0s3.

    Reboot, select osx at the boot loader, and type in these parameters

    -x -v rd=disk0s3

    the -x is just for safetys sake. but try and it should go to darwin!! at which point follow the rest of Andrews instructions. Hope this helps.

  74. 76 Tiao
    Thanks man, works fine like u write here, each word.
  75. 77 Andy
    Hi,Before I totaly to freak out, just to ask you something. So, everything goes as smooth as it can be with the installation untill I reached the end of step 5 where I had to start the Mac OS for the first time. As I try to do so I get the startup screen with Apples logo in the middle of it and then after about half a minute I receive a message: You must now turn off your computer. Please hold the power button.. bla-bla-bla. In 4 or 5 different languages, so there can be no misstake :]Can I actualy get the Mac OS running on my laptop or theres no chance to do that?I have Intel (Pentium M) Centrino 725 1.6GHz, 1gb RAM, and yes – MMX, SSE and SSE2. My video is Ati Mobility Radeon 9700.

    Thank you very much in advance!

  76. 78 Andrew
    Andy,What your are getting is a very serious Kernel Panic, but you should very well be able to get Mac OS X working. Consider booting into safe mode (google for more info). It is a very good sign that you are able to get to the Darwin boot screen and able to select OS X. Just use the option flag -x to boot in safe-mode. Let me know.
  77. 79 Andy
    Hello Andrew,Thank you for your quick response! I highly appreciate this!Well, Ive tried to boot with the -x, with the -s and with the -v option, but none of them brought any success. 😐 The last thing I receive as error is:
    Display: family specific matching failsActually see it for yourself:
  78. 80 Andy
    .I was wondering as the only way to start the OS is in Single user mode – is there a config program build in, where I can check the system settings and correct eventually this and that?
  79. 81 Andy
    Im really sorry for flooding around, but I got something new.
    Ive managed to start in save mode as I typed this:
    Graphics mode=1024768×16@75 -x
    I was happy to see just a little more from the OS, but then a login screen popped up with a user name deadmoo already filed in. Now Im curious if someone knows the password or if I can change the password from the single user mode!?
  80. 82 Randy
    Hey. I am stuck at step 5. I select Mac OSX at the bootup menu, then the tiger-x86 option and I get a grey screen with the apple logo. I also did this with diagnositics and it says Secondary IDE disabled?? It isnt disabled. Any help?
  81. 83 Jack Masters
    The password for the deadmoo image is: bovinity
  82. 84 dscrap
    Is ther a way to copy the second temp mac partition to the third partition not using Step 6. Copy Mac OS X to the Third Partition? I tried this and it begins to copy, but it gets to about 80% and just freezes up. I have Acronis True Image 9, is there a way to do it using that?Also, how would I go about installing the different patches? Like 10.4.2 or the SSE3 patch? Do I need to insert them into the image file prior to dd?Thanks
  83. 85 Andrew
    I doubt it will work outside of Mac OS Xs Disk Util.The latest patch is about 600mb in size, updating the OS to 10.4.3 Its in standard package (.pkg) so it installs quite simply. Keep your eyes open fot it.Reapplying SSE3 is outlined in Part. 3.
  84. 86 Marqee
    Cannot find the iso of Darwin operating systemWhere is possibile to download it without registering to Apple site ?
  85. 87 Andy
    There u go:
  86. 88 dscrap
    Step 5. Installing Darwin on the Temporary PartitionWhat is the purpose of installing Darwin? Is it an actual linux OS or does it just install the bootloader for chain0? I followed the steps and get back into OSX on the temp partition and coy it to the 3rd larger partition.Couldnt I have skipped the install of Darwin and just copy the temp partition to the permanant one in OSX? The third partition was made using diskpart in windows and is set as primary AF.After I moved copied the temp partiton, I rebooted and tested all 3 partitions and they all booted, WinXP, OSX Temp, and OSX Perm. So O boot back to windows and delete the 2nd temp partition and then make a fat32 partiton with the unallocated space Is this supposed to be primary or extended?

    [Andrew writes franticly: Primaries only! Extended bad!]

    Well I then attemp to reboot and at the OS selection screen, I select OSX and I get Chain Boot Error

    How do I correct this and mack the bootloader point to the 3rd permenant partition?


    Also, Andrew said in #86

    The latest patch is about 600mb in size, updating the OS to 10.4.3 Its in standard package (.pkg) so it installs quite simply. Keep your eyes open fot it.

    Not to sound stupid, but is .pkg like .exe in windows? If not, how exactly do I install the update?

    [Andrew writes: The update can be found at various places. Maybe under the mac section. Packages (.pkg) are packages of files used for updates or installs. When you open a .pkg file the Installer app opens and takes care of everything.]


  87. 89 lu0s3r322
    i love this tutorial but it seems i cant even get past step 2!!!!i tried resizing a 160GB EIDE hard drive and i rebooted like u said and its been loading for 2 hours with no progress. I dont hear anything going on in the computer. How long should it take? and if something went wrong, what do i do??help!!!
  88. 90 DavidFalling
    Okay, so im on STEP 5 and i need some help.Im trying to boot mac osx, so i can download and burn darwin to a cd. BUT i keep getting an error message after i choose to boot Mac OSX.
    It says:
    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
    Please re-install a copy of the above fileIve followed all of the steps perfectly, and i dont know why it would be saying this.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
  89. 91 lu0s3r322
    i got the exact same problem as ryan c in response #23 and he never said how he fixed it. its says dd is not recognized as an interal or external command, operable problem or batch fileemail:
  90. 92 Saraba
    I am having the same problem as Randy on comment 82..
    I can boot to mac os x but it just hangs on the grey apple logo screen.
    anyone have a solution?
  91. 93 Andrew

    Comments section set to close.

    I have decided to close comments off when they reach 99. In the final stretch of this comment section, I will try and answer a few more basic quesion. For the more involved and technical ones though, help can be found in the OSx86 Project forum.

    If you have valuable comment you would like to add, email me.

  92. 94 murze
    Im having problems with dd.When I type

    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\.\PYSICALDRIVE0\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1 bs=512 skip=63

    the result is:

    error opening output file: 31 A device attached to the system is not functioning

    When I type

    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1 bs=512 skip=63

    the result is

    Error opering output file:123 The filename, directory name, of volume label syntax is incorrect

    What did I do wrong?

  93. 95 murze
    ok – its solved now:

    dd if=c:tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1 bs=512 skip=63
  94. 96 Ja_Red85
    Hey Jess. I am having the same problem as you what did you do to fix it?
  95. 97 Fin
    Finally got the image and got around to trying it out. First, Id to get rid of my extended partition (which got completely erased – 100gb of stuff – thanks to Partition Magic, luckily, Ive got a three week old backup), and then the create partition command worked.
    However, the create partition primary id=af refused to work the second time (to create the permanent partition). Im not too pushed about it at the moment (copying Tiger using dd at the moment), Id just like to get OSX working first, but does anyone have any ideas?
  96. 98 hans
    Im trying to install mac os x86 but I have 2 fysical disks in my computer, one of 10 GB (master with windows XP and my school data) and onother 20 GB (secondary disk, split in 2 partitions like you told) but now is the problem, I see the darwin boot menu I can choose mac os X, I see the grey apple sign but then it says: you must restart (in several languages). I think the problem is that the .img file is placed on antoher fysical disk.
    I hope you can help me
  97. 99 Fin
    Finally got everything working (turns out you can only have four primary partitions per drive, hence why I couldnt create another partition, I think Ill be ok with 6gb for a while though). Everything runs ok (not perfect), various graphical things are slow even though I re-enabled CoreGraphics and QuartzExtreme. I dunno, Ill check up on the forum now.
    Thanks for the great guide Andrew 🙂
  98. 100 Asbed
    I have done your instructions precisley and when i try to boot Mac OS X for the first time the Apple logo shows and it has the loading circle but there is no activity on my hard drive. after about 5 min. there is abox with a slash in it on the top of the apple. When i burned darwin using Nero and booted Mac OS X with the CD inside, the OS screen went blank and a continues messege kept on coming ont the screen. can someone please help me?
  99. 101 laptopjunkie
    Hi I followed all steps just as you laid out my laptop is Toshiba Satellite
    1100-S101 not sure if the hardware is correct for this install but I keep rebooting to a Apple logo screen which says to restart..tried options -s,-v-x, without any luck at getting to boot same grey logo apple restart Satellite 1100-S101 / PS110V-000xx
    Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) 1.33GHz
    Memory(MAX) 256MB/1024MB
    HDD 20GB
    Display Display 14.1 TFT 1024768
    Display controller Intel 830MG
    Video RAM 8MB (UMA)
    Sound Realtek ALC202A Codec Chip
    PC Card controller TypeIIx2 or TypeIIIx1
    IrDA (none)
    USB 3 ports
    Modem Integrated V.90/56K
    LAN Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LANcan anyone help i really would like to get this to run Tiger i can boot to xp perfect but will not boot Tiger
  100. 102 Andrius
    boot from the disc and then I hit enter and select the only drive it shows. and then I get a bunch if errors, like ps2 errors, like: ps/2 keyboard timed out, PS/2 mouse timed out. and then finally after al that, it waits for a while and comes up with “still searching for root device” and then i wait and like 2 minutes goes by and comes again “still searching for root device”
  101. 103 Logic
    Thanks a lot for your guide ! Its very simple, clearly and It works and really works !!!
    I wanted this OS to use Logic Audio. I did not install it yet (i needed two nights to install Mac OS in my computer, so tonight, it will be three !!!!).But i have two questions to go on part 3.
    1 – I have an AZERTY keyboard and Mac OS X find it as a QWERTY one. How can i make it change ?2 – My CPU does not included SSE3 and i used tiger-x86-flat.img to install Mac OS : do i need to put back the original kernel and/or Core Graphics files.Thanks a lot for your answer, i will need it tonight !!!

    Go on guys, try this guide !!!!! Moses is alive, and his name is Andrew !!!!!!

  102. 104 Paul
    I have 2 accounts running on XP now. Can I use the Mac OS X version on one and still run Windows XP on the other account? Id rather not have any traces of Microsoft on the computer, but the rest of my family arent familiar with Mac OS X, nor obsessed with Apple.