Fix WordPress Permalinks in MAMP

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Setting up a blog with a design and interface youre happy with takes allot of time to develop –at least in my case. I chose develope offline and locally on my PowerBook. While Mac OS 10.4 comes with Apache to serve your site locally, PHP and MySQL are not included and are required by WordPress. The solution was to install MAMP, which provides a self-contained and easy-to-manage local server environment on macs.

While MAMP is incredibly simpler to configure than a system-wide installations of PHP and MySQL, I had one issue that needed to be resolved: broken permalinks. For permalinks to work it seems you need an Apache2 module, mod_rewrite, which MAMPs Apache2 dosnt include. Here is how to get permalinks to work:

  • Install Server Logistics’ Apache2 temporarily.
  • Copy its file /Library/Apache2/modules/ to /Applications/MAMP/bin/apache2/modules/
  • Edit the file /Applications/MAMP/conf/httpd.conf to add this line in the LoadModule section:
    LoadModule rewrite\_module modules/mod\
  • Stop and then Start MAMP’s servers

You can also avoid installing Logistics Apache and download from this site (it may or may not work). Mod_rewrite will then do its thing, and your clean and elegant URLs will work.

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  1. 1Mikulla
    Hello. I am using textpattern with mamp and someone has used the same technique you use to get clean urls at .Can I just move the file to correct directory or do I have to copy it there using something like file buddy?After all said and done, do I have to alter anything else? I am a total layman and this is all new to me?
    MAMP – The Mac Apache, MySQL and PHP installationId previously used a couple of LAMP for Windows installations for local web development on my main machine, so my first thought was to search for a similar prepackaged development environment for the Mac. My prayers were answered by MAMP – the Mac Apache MySQL and PHP package. The version I first installed did not come with an installed copy of modrewrite though, and as you can imagine that was a pretty big deal for me! After a little bit of googling, I came across Andrew Escobars MAMP modrewrite solution which fixed things up nicely for me.
  3. 3Frazer
    Thanks Andrew – saved me heaps of time tracking that one down for my Mambo installation, and no need to install Logistics Apache.Didnt need the s in the httpd.conf file entry, though.
  4. 4Ruben Rojas
    hello, i like this wordpress theme, i will know if you say to me what theme is this, excuse me for this english, i´m venezuelan. thanks.
  5. 5Holger Meyer (devoloper of MAMP)
    The new version of MAMP has mod_rewrite included.
    Have fun with it.Cheers,
  6. 6Andrew
    Thats great news. Ive verified MAMP now include the mod_rewrite module.Maybe now this post will drop out of the top 10 when googling for mamp. ; )
  7. 7thomas
    so how do i configure it because its not working here
    do i need to switch something on for the mod_rewrite to work ?